Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Homo Filipinus? The modern Filipino as a social by-product of cosmopolitanism

Homo Filipinus?

The modern Filipino as a social by-product of cosmopolitanism

Last time, whilst walking in the streets for a quenching drink of Sago't Gulaman, this person sought people, this time becoming too obsessed with the flow at non stop. Wearing baseball caps inappropriately, girls wearing skimpy clothing, getting addicted much on the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Philippines becoming more of a ghetto than of a promised land in an eyes of a Pilipino.

True, for as this person notice these people, driven much by the flow (that admittingly speaking, he despise and trying to resist) are seemingly forgetting or ridding off all of their consciousness regarding life just to go with the flow-even by "pirated" means like cellphones to nonsense-related music.

And thus, he simply thinks about a simple question from his mind:

"Is this the birth of "Homo Filipinus?" A by product of cosmopolitanism?

Yes, as the everyday Filipino, imprisoned 333 years in a convent and 40 years in the American Hollywood including 5 years in a Japanese brothel, that being we deared and loved acquired traits that seemed contrary to our concept of our everyday lives. A manifestation that Filipinos (or rather say Pilipinos) are step by step becoming apathetic about their consciousness as a nation, or having its heritage museumified whist in everyday life becoming puppets of a foreign overseer from politics to the realms of culture.

Why? Like China, the Filipino becomes a victim of wholesale westernization alongside brain and brawn drain and other related sorts that severely affects the country. National consciousness becomes nothing but a fashion statement than those of social action, poverty become a by-word than of a problem, anti-communism becomes terrorist related than ideological, all of these are a by products of cosmopolitanism that the west wanted, that the Filipino, with a "scientific name of "Homo Filipinus" a social by-products of cosmopolitan ghettoized Philippines.

To those who hath offended, sorry for what this person have said, since this critique is a response to the growing cosmopolitanism that affected most to the point that the Filipino becomes apathetic, asocietal, imbued with wholesale westernization and having less patriotism that the flag from the coulours to the sun and stars museumified and as a fashion statement.

Need some Examples? One basic example is the both "popular" and "infamous" breed of "jejemon" aka the ones trying hard to become gangsters.

Mostly coming from the lower class, these near-lumpenproletariat, these people are greatly victims of social experimentation, of poverty and wholesale westernization to the point that they tried to act much of the west devoid of contradictions.

And as this person look at them? True is the word of their critics as they see them wearing their heads with baseball caps inappropriately, girls wearing skimpy clothing, obsessed with nonsense sounding rap music, addicted much to competition (like face-offs featured in their Friendster accounts), of sexual desire, and typing messages with inappropriately-written words, but then, despite criticizing these people, he also accepted them as people-with a need for consciousness as Filipinos, as members of the working class, and a need for education and reform through labor to join in the struggle against the system that advocates social experimentation, wholesale westernization and social degeneration of a "ghettoized" Pilipino society.

We may consider this difficult to understand as we didn't use our microscopes to look "what's really inside" in regards to the society, or like Zaide, we may look into but using a foreign made microscope that even contradicts the reality itself! True, as the society, being rotten to the core that benefits the imperialist, the fascist, and of the feudo-capitalist had its people, a social by-products of cosmopolitanism, of wholesale westernization, bereft of "life", "dignity", and "social consciousness" hath to wear a "US-made" glasses and join with the flow!

And like Lu Xun, these social by-products of cosmopolitanism, along with the apathetic and of the extravagant, of the right-winger and of the capitalist are, in his vocabulary are known much as cannibals. And again, according to his book "A madman's diary":

"Everything requires careful consideration if one is to understand it. In ancient times, as I recollect, people often ate human beings, but I am rather hazy about it. I tried to look this up, but my history has no chronology, and scrawled all over each page are the words: "Virtue and Morality." Since I could not sleep anyway, I read intently half the night, until I began to see words between the lines, the whole book being filled with the two words—"Eat people." "

True, as Homo Filipinus are becoming more and more cannibalized within the rotten society, for sure some Filipinos who aren't joining the dreaded "flow" and instead resisting it, they really understood much that history, save for Agoncillo and Constantino, are having no chronology and instead "giving thanks" to the colonizers for molding into modern apathetical, asocietal society with the words of "peace", "democracy", "virtue" and "morality" which is in fact doing the contrary! The worst? Advocating "cannibalism" through "cosmopolitanism" and "wholesale westernization." of life.

This person hopes that the people must understand this, as the Homo Filipinus must ought to grab both the machete and of the book to regain its consciousness and start to clean off its society of scoundrels and of stupids, breaking off the museum and destroying the glass case that encloses culture, and lastly breaking off the ties of past to reclaim the concept of future, Filipinos, or rather say Pilipinos are not destined to become social cannibals and bereft of realities, and thus we have a long journey to end this centuries of mess. 

or in case of Lu Xun:

"Perhaps there are still children who have not eaten men? Save the children."