Thursday, 25 August 2011



An old post from my another blog. It was made long long long ago, and this writeup is a critique regarding current contemporary culture in the Philippines, these describes the modern culture as overtly bombarded by western culture despite parroting "patriotic" statement through clothing, music and the like. Obviously, I call Pilipino contemporary culture nowadays much of a "mongrel culture", and in near devoid of meaning and idea all except what the system said so as controllers of an everydayman's mindset.
Here it is:

Last sunday, this person was watching a noontime show both 2 and in 7. And as he continues watching, he noticed that these two channels seemingly bannering their mongrelness in culture-of having 2's ASAP influencing people with their ghetto-like black-inspired Fil-Am culture (courtesy of Billy Crawford) while the other channel's SOP tried every viewer to get Korean, Chinese, Japanese or whatsoever.

And it seems that these two channels, as they continue competing for viewers are also trying to do their best in enslaving the viewer's mindset with the wishes of the elite class while bannering it as for the masses-of making them conditioned thinking of it as common, part of our society. But then, what kind of culture they advocate? A mongrel culture?

Well, In a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society, its a fact that the ruling class, accepting the wishes of the imperialists, advocates much of a foreign culture-whether it is American, European, Japanese, Korean, and even Chinese. They tried much to lessen native influences to a museum type, a cultural zoo in which every viewer-especially a foreigner, stereotypically sees and thinks of it as that, worse as all Filipinos became desensitized, reificated and thinking of it anything as common, a part of our society, not noticing that they, or rather say we are being decieved by their wishes-of joining the "flow" not noticing that we are getting drowned.
And again, According to Lu Xun's Diary of a madman, he said:

"In ancient times, as I recollect, people often ate human beings, but I am rather hazy about it. I tried to look this up but my history book has no chronology, and scrawled all over each page are the words 'virtue' and 'morality.' Since I could not sleep anyway, I read hard half the night, until I began to see words between the lines, the whole book being filled with the two words--'Eat People.'"

And somehow, that what Lu Xun said also shows how the imperialists advocated this kind of thing, including cultural affairs towards its subjects. Of advocating a mongrel culture in a cloak called "contemporary culture", of stressing every people to get in with the "trend" to the point of forgetting the problems of the society-that the imperialists, through the rotten system in itself engaged in a cannibalistic orgy and end up becoming cannibals themselves! But people, especially who remained apathetic at all times didn't know much they, or rahter say our value for ourselves, our culture as we value "democracy" and "independence"!

And since this person spoke of independence, he even thinks that despite independence, the rotten system, instead of encouraging individuals to unite and revive native culture and making it modernised and mass based, it end up being franchised by their cohorts, of using mass media to create instant culture that carries apathy to the people rather than making culture closer and aligned to social realities, all despite their dashes of patriotism like those of Francis Magalona, or even the Black Eyed Peas and of Jabbawockeez-just because of having a Filipino in it. But then, despite making closer to the people, it remains much aligned to the culture wherein different from the real culture of the masses, or in an insulting phrase (sorry for that) of encouraging a mongrel culture-of making Filipinos act like Blacks than to act as Filipinos!

Well,  if you love your country, why not redeem your culture and modernise it to be more accomodating rather than succumb to the wishes of the ruling class? Of having things foreign really serve to the people and to enrich the culture without the rotten system being controlled into it? Somehow most Filipinos are tired of "acting nigger while loving a white" or "acting Korean but loving a Jap or a Chink," Juans and Marias, you are first and foremost a Tao and a Pilipino, and you have a culture to preserve-starting with cleaning, modernising your room with Sweat and blood!