Monday, 26 September 2011

"Yummy?" I don't know.

"Yummy?" I don't know.

An assessment-criticism
regarding the present-day Narcissuses of the present generation,
their "art" works, and the society that tolerated them

By: Paul Smirnoff

Girls wearing lingerie, men exposing their abs and muscles, all scantily-clad youngsters to focus on the lens of the cam they carried or on the mirror to unveil their pride, trying to create an "art" that would fill every pages of albums in every social networking site; but to some people viewing around, what's the true meaning behind all of these works?

At first, you conclude them as "sexy" and "full of machismo" as they themselves are proud of their bodies, admiring their own virility and seductiveness as they pause, took some, and end up filling the pages of their own profiles; while in its captions they describe themselves as "delicious", "yummy", while others may think as if proud of being "f*ckable" beings and willing to become centerfolds of magazines cater to men, women, or gays.

"Beautiful" as admirers (especially males and to some degree, females) may see, as these Narcissus wannabes (sorry for the term) expose their grandeur and seduction to the extent of girls slightly unveil their aereola from their nipples that made male lookers erect and afterwards masturbating out of them.

But, using an other person's perspective, do they satisfy themselves to take proud on doing it and describing themselves and their works enough as "yummy" and "delicious", enticing more to do so and thinking of it as a fad? To others it call "sucks" or a showcase of people cater to perverted old men also flourishing online, as well as unveiling decadence as contemporary culture nowadays became patterned after-especially those from the west as everybody expects.
And as Seeing those scantily-clad pictures sometimes made people arouse enough especially in regards to their sexual desire, although it seems that most of them are minor enough to pause and be dubbed themselves as sexy or any other title to satisfy their own pride and appearance. It somehow likely to say yes, that nice enough to see their bodies whether they are girl, boy, queer or shemale, looking at the mirror and took some pictures of themselves in it or focusing themselves on a webcam just to press click in it all for sake of pride and appearance as they wished for.

But on the other hand would think of it as meaningless by others since what's the idea of it behind those pictures? just plain beauty as they feature their bodies and their seductive appearances? Of breasts and buttocks being shown in it? Isn't it just plain beauty, seduction, or for a "just" sake of being posted on social networking sites like fillers in a magazine? Crap as others may see, a Crap created out of narcissism.

Upon looking at the former pics, it made me recall some of the artworks that often includes nudity, as well as focusing on topics such as youth, virility and womanhood. Beautiful indeed using other people's perspective, but to dig deeper it was an art being encouraged by the Nazis before and during World War 2; that every painting or sculpture invokes the "soul" of the Volk (people) and of the Vaterland (Fatherland) mirroring the ones all from mind and sinew trying to create a Reich what Adolf Hitler envisioned: a thousand year greater than the ancient Germanic empires from Kaisers Rudolf, and Friedrich Wilhelm.

Well, these somehow "pleases" to the eyes as other art critics and individuals ought to look at those paintings made in Germany, same goes in sculpture especially the one made by Italy's Michelangelo and Germany's Arno Bekker:

Or perhaps in the Philippines the well known works of Guillermo Tolentino, Fernando Amorsolo, and other artists from UP Diliman:

Sorry to say so, but comparing to the pictures posted earlier to these works, it is clear how the "true German art" made during the Nazi regime tries to represent the concept of an “Aryan beauty” same to those willing to create a Renaissance of arts and crafts like Arno Bekker or Filipino ones like Guillermo Tolentino and Fernando Amorsolo did in their "romanticized" realisms, especially in regards in featuring Filipino/Filipina beauty as serene, joyful and majestic in its appearance. No doubt it bears Ancient Greek, Roman, Asiatic connotations extensively as it based much on ancient statues and figurines, but how about the pictures acted as filler for social networking sites? Few are good enough to unveil some skin artistically, but most of it are rather made exaggerated all for their satisfaction yet far from art nor reality except trying to represent as faces of the third world, a trying light for the suffering or as Imelda Marcos said: "the true, good, and beautiful".

But are the pictures featuring women and men in skimpy clothing or nearly in skin being posted for a just sake indicates the true, good, and beautiful? A guiding light for the oppressed peoples and developing nations such as these?

Well, to the admirers and narcissus wannabes, sorry to say so if this person ought to assess and criticize objectively and constructively the pictures taken, or to others who as if writing in a near-blaming manner (as they are also victims of a society that is, backward); but this person is not like those of hardcore moralists thinking this and that as devilish, but the pictures being shown are somehow showing the near-degeneracy of a society as most of them tried to emulate figures such as Casta, Crawford, Hi-C, or any figure and be dubbed themselves as "eye candy"; yes, that even affects a genre such as Hip-hop with its rap often laced with sexual themes to the extent of sponsoring porn like Snoop Dogg in his Doggystyle (with a dismay from the people of course to hear heavily censored lyrics and buttock-shaking women!).
Admittingly speaking, this person may hath admire ladies in bikinis, with nice smile and stylish pauses, but is that enough? Pausing without any meaning except just beautiful? It's like most people taking time telling their "favorite" motto "time is gold" for nothing so is in pausing themselves in swimwear or near nude for sake. Some would even afford to call to that person as "Inday" (commonly used for housekeepers or province maidens especially in Visayas) due to her faces despite herself wearing lingerie; otherwise be themselves prone to harassment as some end up victims of sexual-related cases including cybersex and prostitution. For sure we all know that foreigners like Filipinas for they're "exotic" like any other Asians they acquainted with. And, they can't even be like those of UP Babaylan (one of the groups behind gay pride parades in UP Diliman) or any cause-oriented models no matter they show their skin yet less or no cause at all; that UP Babaylan, Lesbond, Pro-Gay and Ang Ladlad spoke for gender sensitivity, respect and recognition for the LGBT sector; that Janice Cambri, although she did some modeling, wearing lingerie for example, didn't model all for goddamn sake nor took some time out of it-she even had spend time meaningful organizing women for their rights same as for Nationalism and Democracy.

Otherwise, the pictures acted as filler for social networking sites be dubbed thee as "mr. and miss Third World Crap" and unveil the degradancy of individuals indulged in decadent culture, or using Marxist parlance: Bourgeois. It even reminds this person of getting reprimanded for calling a list of friends as "Bourgeoisie" just because they are decadent in their appearances-especially of near exposure of cleavages. I even think that if they ought to pose nude, what would be its meaning? Youth?
If nothing then what's the use of pausing nude then? Just to say that they are "delicious" in the eyes of a looker? And speaking of the "Third World", how come they afford to do so, yet living in a country with ups-and-downs of malnutrition rates, repression, sexism and poverty?

Well, this person would say that looking at some daring pictures doesn't make a person green minded, just think it rationally; otherwise break its narrow mindedness in their interpretation of their pause and appearances whether nude or not. After all, a meaningless art for art sake is a bourgeois foil for the obviously art for profit and filler for pages such as those of Facebook, or earlier, Friendster (being notorious back then for being bombarded with pictures heavily edited with Adobe Photoshop of course!).

After all, they are the Narcissus of the present generation; but living in a cultural degeneration as the current society prevailed nowadays.

And by the way, what makes them "Yummy?"
"I don't know."

But for sure everyone expect this in times like these:

Giving up total narcissism and near-meaningless desire in favor of defending one's self, life and honour for a meaningful future.

Again, apologies for the offended,
thank you.

Friday, 23 September 2011

"Of Crass statements and Apathy amongst us"

"Of Crass statements and Apathy amongst us"

Regarding apathetic people and hecklers regarding protests and protesters.

Lately, this writer was reading in an online newspaper regarding the latest protest in Mendiola, and at the bottom, there are comments written about it; and most of it are rather negative in its standing, especially from its phrases showing off its discontent or rather apathy towards direct action being stated in the report.

For sure activists would think of it nothing or be called as narrow minded as people, especially those who commented online found ridicule over the continuous actions of students especially strikes. From giving name calls such as hindrance to progress and traffic to telling to stop forcing the government to be a god who can provide all of your needs, these people somehow rather not to understood the meaning of these actions laid upon by them-that some who did some ridiculous comments also come from the same institution; otherwise, some would say that most students especially those from the University of the Philippines are rich people and be forced to pay bigger fees in it.

Good to say that suggestion but are most car-driving people from UP be directly dubbed thee as rich people? In midst of the oil price hikes for sure most end up commuting.

In addition to that, isn't it enough for their parents, or even themselves to pay their taxes, that even a taho or fishball vendor ought to pay taxes same as those from the underground economy through its stickers that costs some few coins in it; for sure some would think that it would be allocated to something beneficial such as health care, education and infrastructure, but most of it end up rather in defence and debt servicing rather than of the former two especially education through state subsidy and improvement of facilities. UP, PUP and other SUCs tried to become an institution for the laboring people, but through policies detrimental to it and up likely to do the same as Private Schools do-regardless of the growing crisis as expected.

Speaking of the growing crisis, most middle-class people are likely to become lower-middle to lower class due to its effect: the growing prices of commodities reduces the value of every hard earned peso regardless of long hours of work every week, so much for the laboring people especially those who dealt with contractualization as one of main causes workers ought to ridicule; most of them wanted their children to study in SUCs such as UP and PUP to pursue their ambition, but how come they end up studying in private schools although they find it hard to pay for it? Especially to those with courses such as HRM and other courses as if can easily land a job? It would be stupid enough to see someone work in a call center rather than according to its own profession, even facing job mismatches all as a result of policies that instead of alleviating, rather keeping crisis further.

And since they ridicule direct action such as protest, do they have alternatives to offer? Again, some would say lobbying and negotiations, other say contentment, the former two may be good enough although likely to be short than long in its term; but the latter seemed to be a slap on a face since why everyone should get contented in a policy detrimental to their goals? Working hard, earning much, doing little things for bigger goals and good discipline? good indeed but is that enough to end the crisis? No matter how people are disciplined, working hard and earning, yet the prices and fees increasing makes disorder disorder; otherwise why should everyone just contented all of their lives rather than advance further? Especially to a crisis striken nation like the Philippines? For sure to a person who endures all the time working to face increasing prices everytime would likely to open its eyes and rage for its own sake.

And somehow these makes protests justifiable despite the hecklings from the apathetics. Yes, protests such as strikes made traffic out of it, but at first did they join even once? Heed its message? Acknowledge struggle? If not then it shows nothing but complete ignorance, inutile as they insist apathy for themselves. Studying in school, whether it is State-supported or Private shouldn't be limited in the four corners of the room; it includes the society as well-through its realities such as poverty, social crisis and related issues, as Lean Alejandro stated:

"Don't let your schooling interfere your education"

Thus, why not accept the reality that the Philippines is and still under crisis despite paper reforms and measures in a way apathetics say most people studying in UP are rich people? The protests around the World are just example of reffects not of causes people compelled to.

SUCs Strike against budget cuts, Malacanang issues budget "insufficient" accdg. SUCs

SUCs Strike against budget cuts,
Malacanang issues budget "insufficient" accdg. to SUCs

About 8.000 students from different State Colleges and Universities marched hand in hand to Mendiola last Friday fighting for greater state subsidy as well as against budget cuts.

Known as "The March for Education", the University of the Philippines, as well as member schools of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges marched from Diliman, Sta. Mesa, and others directly to Mendiola all against the policies laid by the government especially those of cutting its budget on education.

The protest even featured a mass planking of students in Mendola, that according to the organizers, a "record" as protesters converged and planked altogether as a form of protest. That, according to Raymond Palatino of the Kabataan Partylist, 20,000 students, teachers, and SUC officials took part in mass planking, walkouts and marches in nationwide protests.

"The nationwide strike embodies the outrage of our SUCs against the inaction of the Aquino administration to reverse the cuts and provide sufficient funding for our public universities," he said in a press statement Friday.

However, according to Malacanang, it has proposed a P5.54-billion budget for UP in 2012, higher than this year’s P1.39 billion but not enough as it goes far from the estimate P18 billion UP needed for its campuses according to student groups. The budget cut even likely to justify increase in tuition and other fees in SUCs same goes in Private schools who oppose yearly increases. The policy Malacanang made rather realizes its side effect as President Aquino in his budget statement last year stated that there were indeed cuts in SUC spending:

“We allocated P23.4 billion to 112 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in 2011. This is 1.7 percent lower than the P23.8 billion budget for 2010. We are gradually reducing the subsidy to SUCs to push them toward becoming self-sufficient and financially independent..”

Student groups meanwhile also said the budget “contains an overall cut of P569.8 million” for some 50 state schools. Some 220 SUCs will share the budget as enrollment increases in public tertiary schools amid rising tuition in private schools. Self sufficiency had limits, as it negates the essence of being a State-supported institution such as a university, that even other State supported entities such as hospitals also faced problems such as lack of medicine and supplies like those of Fabella Hospital in Sta.Cruz Manila according to Einstein Recedes in his speech.

Students who joined this week’s protest came from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, UP Manila, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Rizal Technological University, Bulacan State University, Philippine Normal University as well as Private schools such as University of the East and University of Sto. Tomas.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Recalling the "New Society" and its long term contradictions

Recalling the "New Society" and its long term contradictions

Yesterday, I've been in a rally in commemoration of Martial Rule in the Philippines. The event, as expected was full of grievance and indignation as the protesters, both old and young reaffirm their stand against repressions laid by the state-especially the atrocities made during Martial Rule in 1972 to the present conditions that, as others may expect, a rehash of our pasts.

Obviously, this writer consider Martial Rule as developmentally oppressive in character, due to the bipolar feature of the state perhaps, that most people sought its streets, bridges, highways, markets and other facades being built, at the same time the growing dissent as well as oppression being made during that time-that to others may call it as "national discipline" to create a "new society."

But, was there really change happened, despite having disciplined people, peace and order, good infrastructure and the like? The infamous "Smokey Mountain" and the Squatters in Tondo became one of the top "hotspots" by photographers same goes as Kapitbahayan housing project in Dagat-Dagatan, that made Navotas and other areas prone to floods after draining a natural flood control and reservoir (that makes Dagat-Dagatan really Dagat Dagatan.) Or Children getting dismayed after Voltes V and Daimos being banned due to Violence or rather say its subversive messages as what Voltes V showed off. The antiquated feudal system under the landlords, despite the Land Reform Code and other related statutes even further catered much to foreigners as Dole, Del Monte, BF Goodrich and others controlled properties for Bananas, Pineapple and Rubber ready for export, further intensifying reliance to imports all for cash crop economy with limited approach to industries focusing on assembly line and handicrafts. Do we have TV and Washing Machines? Yes, but the spare parts come from Japan as we see while our shoes, made in the USA are having soles made in Marikina and in Bataan. All of these are products of Martial Law and earlier ones making the Philippines contented in Foreign goods while Exporting what supposedly ought to consume with. Too bad to see a kid eating "rejected" Bananas from Dole being sold in the market don't they?

And this writer even thinks that despite the contributions laid by Marcos and his decades-long rule, these are mostly catering for foreign investment rather than for the benefit of everyone. Naming names after this and that, of Imelda Madera and the Great Profile, of describing the first family as a Royal Family and the like, are features of a state trying to get modernized yet its features remained antiquated and feudal. For sure big names in the high society are using foreign entities to enrich themselves being "Oligarchs" using Marcos's very own parlance; that made Communists and other radicals grow further despite denials made by the government regarding topics such as torture-even to the extent of Marcos calling Amnesty International as Communist.

Once, this writer even found ridicule especially regarding Marcos's acknowledgement of imperialism as benefactor and modernizer of societies, Isn't it absurd for a patriot to give thanks to Imperialism as he said (via his book, Today's Revolution: Democracy):

"The Nationalism of the Third World is new in that it departs radically from the Western or the old, Nationalism. The impact of Western Nationalism on Asia, Africa, and Latin America was Imperialism; the impact of the new Nationalism on the West is Decolonization. The old Nationalism colonized and exploited other people in order to develop its own societies. That is why Marxist hopes for a World Proletarian Revolution were grossly disappointed: The condition of the working classes of the Metropolitan Cities vastly improved because of the benefits of Imperialism."

Well, Imperialism may have paved way to full scale modernization of things, but its impact are rather negative than positive that people, rather than things hath judged it-that they experienced having 400.000 artillery shells being bombarded resulting to 8.000 to 10.000 deaths just to impose foreign-style peace and order in a Third World country. And despite the so-called development that improved around us, did it really improve us enough? Metropolitan Cities are rather improved not entirely because of Imperialism alone, but because of utilization of things around it-that Singapore became improved due to its policies involving development and utilization of assets especially those once being used by the British Navy as its naval base. People would rather create its own modern identity further by using its own intellect and brawn (despite using modern-day equipment and ideas) rather than relying on things entirely foreign, In Thailand, the late Prime Minister and Dictator Sarit Thanarat felt that democracy had failed in Thailand and intended to rule according to "Thai ideologies", rather than imported Western political theories, and choosing as his model the supposedly benevolent despots of his country's past. Marcos did so as he himself being proud of calling his land Maharlika and himself as if a living embodiment of Malakas as well as other mythological and historical personalities; yet how come despite creating a new Filipino also recognize an entity that was, and is an exploiter? Well, Marcos and other leaders rather putting people in contentment laid upon by influx of foreign goods and be called as "improvement" and "development." Yes, his words justify acceptance that the Philippines as a neo-colonial entity out of Spain and America. For sure to a common man, would think that "are there any improvements made by Colonialism here in the Philippines aside from buildings and technology? How come there are people that are still poor despite working well? Did the increase in the prices of commodities, having peso pegged on the dollar, and dependent of foreign goods and capital improved our lives because of Colonialism?"

Well, in an assessment of things and events happened during the New Society, it was entirely consist of contradictions kept on growing. That despite the infrastructure and development, dependence on things foreign remained still-to the extent of nearly having no Philippine-made steel as we get contented in imports from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China; that despite having disciplined people, the rotten stench of a repressive, corrupt feudal-colonial past still creates monsters-that until today people tries its very own best enough to resist.

After all, as what Marcos said:

"Democracy is today's Revolution,"

And the people itself will make it advance and radicalize further to another phase that is for our time.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

"Let the Philippines be the Philippines again!"

"Let the Philippines be the Philippines again!"

by David Michael San Juan

with the introduction and the final part by Paul Smirnoff

Poem inspired by a poem of Langston Hughes and another by Rafael Zulueta da Costa. It was made in commemoration of the 20th year of the Philippine Senate's rejection of the extension of the US Bases Agreement, leading to the eviction of US forces in Clark Pampanga and in Subic Zambales.

The latter was a version made by yours truly. patterned after the "hail Mary" prayer.

Rise up Rizal, rise up
from your concrete grave,
turn asunder the ivory tower
where the gods
have enthroned you away
from the soiled hands
of the motherland's

Let the Philippines
the Philippines

Doctor dearest,
patriot most high,
come down from the heavens
and resuscitate the faint,
dying pulse of the wretched land,
drowning in an ocean of tears,
suffocating in the putrid air of urban decay,
twisted beyond recognition
by the diamond chains
of the blue Yankees
and the "red" Yellows,

the lamp of Simoun
to light the path
of the vanguards.

Let the Philippines
the Philippines

Let Tasio throwhis cloak of old age,
let him rise from his sickbed
to be the soul of every teacher
from the farthest barrios at the foot of Sierra Madre
to the madrasahs of the South
and the gated universities of the capital,
to nurture a new generation
of Isaganis and Crisostomos
minus the seasonal blindness
caused by one-way loves.

Let the strength of Elias the immortal,
surge in the blood of toilers,
smashing their way to end
the rule of fat thieves
wearing coats and ties,
and woven pineapple fibers,
opening the doors
of all banks wide
to feed hungry mouths,
clothe the naked,
house the homeless,
burning all hacienda titles to ashes
so that the peasants
can once and for all
own the land.

Let the bells
of Padre Florentino's churches
toll to summon
every patriot
from the humble hut,
the suburban village,
the slums,
the cardboard houses,
the streets,
the fields,
the mountaintops.
the plateaus,
the mansions,
in a grand assembly
to elect Don Filipo Lino
as president
to right all wrongs.

Let the Philippines be the Philippines

A country
where the Lord God
and not
god Greed,
where the green-gold fields
of fragrant rice and corn
blossom for everyone,
where the land is free
from filthy hands
that don't toil,
where no one cries
of imposed misery,
a land of shared joys
and halved sorrows,
a land where all humans
are brothers and sisters,
caring, sharing, working, daring to struggle
together forever...



Friday, 16 September 2011

"One night in Quiapo, Manila"

"One night in Quiapo, Manila"

It was last night when yours truly was walking down the road and raised off my camera just to take some pictures about the daily life in Manila.

And as usual, ranging from the streets full of automobiles to the plastic full of waste placed illegally near the sidewalks, Manila is a place wherein life is entirely both lively and sad to the eyes of everyone cuddled in Manila's bosom.

But, one place in Manila seemed to be a good example of a livelier scene despite rampant poverty: Quiapo.

Commonly known for its very famous Quiapo Church and its Black Nazarene, -Quiapo became well known, or others may think of as infamous, for its vendors selling pirated DVDs and even gagetry (like cellphone chargers from China). And as expected for a sightseer, he just raised off his cam and had some photographs of it-and of course, having it discreet and careful in order to prevent being snatched away!

For sure as an individual living in a third world country would think that despite the rampant poverty prevailing, of increase in oil prices and commodities while decreasing our monetary value, having this kind of life makes us both immerse into our realities and also to escape from it-that we ought to look every vendor desperately selling to earn, beggars to beg, even seeing garbage around while at the same time offering us an escape through its DVDs being sold before reaching an ire of an enforcer resorting it to shutting every store down and its discs confiscated.

And speaking of the DVDs, whether it is porn or not, it's like having an alternative "film center" in the metro: Ramones' "Rock and Roll High School" everyone?
"Silip" feat. Maria Isabel Lopez?
"Snake Sisters"?
Old movies of Tito, Vic and Joey?
"John and Marsha"?
"Sisa" feat. Anita Linda?
For sure most of people, whether rich or poor obviously would choose buying a cheaper one, 20-25 pesos each or 3 for 100 and even plead for a bargain rather than buying a DVD that costs 250 0r 450 per disc! Otherwise, in regards to the DVDs featuring very old movies (Like "Sisa" and "King Khayyam and I"), where will someone who took interest in those movies afford to buy it? For sure he/she couldn't know how to buy it online or thinking it twice in spending 450 pesos just to buy it!

Well, no matter how the stench we tried to resist, the valuables trying hard to keep, and the people ought to deal, going to a place like Quiapo or any part of Manila summarizes in two sentences: "how to be a street smart" and "want to know the reality behind the curtain." For sure some of the people around may have tired of Makati and Mandaluyong and instead going to Quiapo, Binondo and Divisoria both for curiosity and a round of adventure. But at first try to act like a common person for the sake of not getting targeted by those thinking everything as an opportunity to grab valuables.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Myths amongst the Mountainlore

Myths amongst the Mountainlore

A writeup regarding revolutionary and other progressive related literature

By Paul S.

Yesterday, this writer read a book about the superstitious acts of the Pagan Revival in Europe and in America. These acts somehow became synonymous with the far right as well as mirror their heritage as myths are becoming basis of their supposed redemption of their nation.

But then, not all myths are becoming basis of both faith and action, but instead it becomes vice versa. The acts made by Timothy McVeigh mirror the works being made by Turner in Andrew McDonald's the Turner Diaries or the acts of Dong Cunrui that became stories for Chinese children. These acts, despite mirroring the ideas based on books and events lies different purposes.

And so is in the "mythologies" made by the left, which is deeply rooted on realities, events, and of course heroes and martyrs like Dong Cunrui. Different from the pagan ones propagated by the right, the "mythology" of the left, through its literary works, creates a realistic scene different from the overtly "metaphysical" appearance like those of the pagans as the left drew much on the contemporary age, as well as on the past-like the ones from the Peking Revolutionary Opera and the Proletkult. These works are becoming "myths" as time goes by passing from generation to generation.

Like the works of Jose Maria Sison, Some of his works are as if like myths drawn from realities like the poems "The Giant Oak," "The Guerrilla is like a Poet," and "The forest is still enchanted," those works bear slightly mysticism as it mirrors every fact given-the Guerrillero as a freedom fighter, the Forest as its haven, as well as its words becoming a source of inspiration to the liberation movement.

Like David Lane, Jose Maria Sison was and is somewhat inspired much by every tale, as Lane took much from the myths being read in the books, featuring Thor and Odin, Sison, before becoming famous as a left, was fascinated by the stories about the Hukbalahaps while having a haircut during his childhood. These somewhat gives basis on their literary works, and so is in their writings related to the struggle.

And as the late Jung spoke of Odin's return, the left somehow awaits an "Odin-like" being to unite the entire Proletariat, alongside the Peasantry and the progressive-leaning individuals a vanguard as this writer may say and it is a hidden unconscious force behind every activist, rebel synonymous with the liberation movements of the world. Like Monkey Kings as what Mao Zedong said, willing to turn the world upside down, smashing the heaven as it may say. All though an epidemic of socially-related violence fueled by class consciousness, discontent, realism, and a yearning for change and the future being curtailed by the reactionaries around the world. Or as what the sociologist Dennis Duclos think of:

"A mad warrior of northern myth embodied by the god Odin as the shadowy inspiration for the epidemic of violence."

True, for the Proletariat, along with the Peasantry and the progressive-leaning allies of the revolution, united, are the ones willing to fulfill the myth of the 21st century through a continuous struggle as the books hath expected. The Eddas spoke of Ragnarok, the Bible though Armageddon, all of these becoming basis of a coming people's war-that is in fact a "myth" willing to be fulfilled by the toiling people-true to the fact that the spectre of communism, as the great Marx said wanders around the world, haunting the reactionaries about the coming fate.

Somehow the wingnuts are scared of and this time trying to curtail the known fact. All from the hollow minded groups like ANAD, whose messages are a smattering of fabricated truths coming from traitors to the murders made by the fascists like those of Palparan. Their words somehow are too complicated to become myths but compatible to become tragedies that may fuel the cause of peoples struggle than to demoralize. All of these also can't escape from the coming wrath as every wingnut and its ally try to curtail or worse escape from the past.

True, for every upcoming event lies those dreadful occurances made by these hollow minded individuals to fuel the fact that the murderers are indeed the murderers who create a living hell without any justification at all! And these becoming myths, stories of a new folklore based on realism and of the revolution.

For further reading, read: