Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"In commemoration of Bonifacio's Day"

In commemoration of Bonifacio's Day

People are now celebrating a day of a Militant, Revolutionary tradition and valor of the Filipino youth and of the masses. As from the start, people are greatly inspired by the valor given by Gat Andres Bonifacio and those who fought under the Katipunan whose struggle for National Liberation and Democracy continues until today.

For today is the 148th birth anniversary of this great hero of the masses who is Gat Andres Bonifacio. From his poor upbringings to being a middle-class intellectual yet still immersed with the masses, Andres Bonifacio led the Katipunan and mobilized the masses for the 1896 Philippine Revolution. It was Bonifcio who further spark the fires of armed struggle all against the Spanish colonizer and slanderers of his race.

It is Bonifacio also who became a role model for the Militant and Revolutionary traditions of the Filipino youth and masses as the standard bearer of Nationalism and Democracy, post-war groups such as Movement for the Advancement of Nationalism, Kabataang Makabayan were greatly inspired by his; that the latter was even founded in the same date as his births, 1964; carrying a mission to advance the Militant, Patriotic and Revolutionary traditions of 1896.

And with continuing the Revolutionary tradition meant facing risks in midst of an oppressive system that continues to prevail throughout the years all despite opposition from ruling classes that resulted to such sacrifices all in pursuit of advancing the struggle. That, from the First Quarter Storm of the 1970s, integration with the laboring people, to the oppressive Martial Law and its succeeding regimes the struggle for genuine Nationalism and Democracy continues to prevail-that the system, regardless of the facade of change remained fundamentally unchanged, making it the cause of poverty, unemployment, loss of arable land, illiteracy, rising of mortality rate and human rights abuses; and the unfinished revolution ought to end this to achieve genuine Freedom, Justice and Democracy.

It should be the primary role of the masses, especially the youth to continue the aspirations Andres Bonifacio and other heroes ought to say upon to everyone, the Revolution isn't been finished yet, that as the stooges of Imperialism, especially those of Bureaucrat Capitalists and Feudalists prevail it should be destroyed as part of advancing a progressive society. 

Today, the need for Patriotic, Progressive, and Popular education and culture; advancement of women's rights; genuine agrarian reform and domestic-based Industrialization; independent foreign policy based on mutual respect; and even progressive fiscal social policy, being examples of what the people need of still fell on deaf ears of the ruling class while Its stooges chanted massive opening to foreign trade and acquisition of assets and even clothed with a sheet of Democracy and dubbed it as will of the people. 

And if the ruling class, despite parroting populist sentiment such as today, yet willing to sell its country to Imperialism as its stooges, describing themselves as idealists wanted, Never! it is not the will of the people to sell its country to vested interests!

As efforts to continue the unfinished Revolution made by Bonifacio be derailed by these stooges, puppets, moochers to Imperialism and the rotten order, the oppressed masses, all suffered by hunger, oppression and system-imposed ignorance towards social realities will remain steadfast to continue to fulfill the goals of the unfinished Revolution.

That, from the mountains, fields, towns, cities all over the archipelago the masses ought to emancipate the Philippines from the wrath what the system prevailed of. That, in midst of the worsening socio-economic crisis, more and more will continue to oppose and fight against the sytem and to advance a society that everyone get a fair share in its progress. More and more are willing to rise from the martyrs who fought against injustice and advancing a society that is Progressive, Just and Prosperous.

Again, in this day of struggle, bid thee honour to a man who inspired and propelled further the struggle-that continues moving until today and advancing.