Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Is that No "No shoot policy" in Rizal Park, Intramuros enough to put an end to that policy?

Is that No "No shoot policy" in Rizal Park, Intramuros
enough to put an end to that policy?

Last November 15, the Department of Tourism issued a press release concerning the said policy opposed by the photographers days ago, this time being clarified, if not reiterated that there's no "No shoot policy" in tourist destinations especially those of  Rizal Park, and Intramuros.

As according to Juliet H. Villegas of the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), the agency behind maintaining parks in the Philippines:

“We wish to inform the general public that there is no ‘no shoot policy’ in Rizal Park and Intramuros. In fact, we encourage the public and all the visitors to take as much of photos of themselves, document their visits, to talk about it and share it with their families and friends all over the world,”

Well, nice to hear the government's stand on that cause reiterating or clarifying to everyone that said policy, however will this also be seriously said to the guards who guarded those vicinities?

Obviously, there are still narrow-minded people who thinks much of photographers as people taking for commercial ones, and might as well thinking that is "profitable" due to the permits then set upon to them. And If Policemen insist on extorting may as well as the guards using that cause of those cameramen as doing their job for commercial purposes by telling not to take pictures or issue a permit for that cause; by the way, speaking of these security guards in Rizal Park, is the people paid their taxes for these guards to guard upon? Why not a tourist police or a small detachment of the PNP to guard upon parks such as Intramuros and Luneta, UP had even a UPDP (UP Department of Police) for ensuring safety whilst the agency guards in their respective buildings given (like Quezon Hall, Palma Hall, etc.); but it would be better to keep the public parks purely public enough with Policemen or Tanods also guarding it right? Sounds idealistic though.

But as for the guards, since they are just doing their job enough during that time, may as well seriously take what the tourism department said in order to prevent another issue that made them getting criticized. It's not even a commercial establishment to think upon this and that to justify a certain cause such as prohibiting; for at first they are guarding a public place being maintained by taxes, or rather say their taxes.

Anyway, as what the statement said:

"At present, the NPDC and the IA are working hard to bring back the glory of Old Manila, so that visitors and tourists will have a memorable and enjoyable experience of the parks and historical landmarks.”  

but as much as possible, it is better to keep vigilant; photography is a good hobby for everyone, there are just simply people thinking of people carrying DSLRs as if making commercialism out of it, worse, with their hands itchy enough to insist their desires.