Friday, 25 November 2011

"Never too Old"

"Never too Old"

When  this writer was in High School, he listened to the songs played by "White Power" bands in the internet. And despite being left in inclination, the songs seemed to be radical enough in its tone and words unless if you dig deeper and know its very meaning as a racist theme speaking about racial consciousness, identity, and survival. 

One of which is the song entitled Never too Old by Nemesis.

And despite his political views, he likes the song much since it all reminds of listening to the bands comparing to my classmates who listened much to mainstream music that was full of novelty and dance; and well, I am different from these people whom they used to think of me as an underdog, liable to be bullied yet still resisting although with tears flowing sometimes.

But then, despite listening to the song made by a Neo-Nazi band, whether by Nemesis or what, it somehow made me think that the song speaks of a social rather than racial struggle, of resistance against the system as it direct much to those who are aloof, apathetic towards a struggle; especially to those who are satisfied yet feeling the pangs of an imminent crisis affecting everyone in a rotten society.

After all, he is not a wingnut, but he likes the music enough to be revised.


I know what you are thinking when I look into your eyes!
I know what is really going on in your mind!
You think you are too old to carry on this fight-
You think you are too old to do what you know is right!

You are never too old for this fight!
The people, the nation is depending on you!
Don’t run away and hide!
Come on now get back involved in the war for your family!
Come on now get back involved join the fight with me!

You see protests, you read issues yet you're in apathy
Going to school then go to work, then to bar before you sleep
Then you say "I don't care the issue for it doesn't affect me"
Yet you see the hungry masses for you saw it on TV

repeat Chorus

You say you have grown up Now you’ve got a family-
A brand new house, a good salary and a bonus every year!
But what’s the use in all these things, when you live your life on your knees?
What’s the use in all these things,when you’re nothing but a sheep?

 repeat Chorus

Prices are high, crisis are realized, rampant is the poverty
Yet you still contented to life as if nothing and as it is
Whilst your money, its value go down with expenses are now rising
Then you end up getting fired for you're old and you're nothing

 repeat Chorus

What are you gonna tell your kids as you face the poverty?
When they turn around and ask what you did for your country?
You can tell them you were a coward who hid behind his family!
You left the fighting to the real men- those from the PKP!

repeat Chorus (2x)