Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ostrakons surrounding the Decepticon: Regarding Arroyo's arrest and Hospital incarceration

Ostrakons surrounding the Decepticon:
Regarding Arroyo's arrest and Hospital incarceration

Sorry for the title, but because of her picture that everybody called her a decepticon (from Transformers), this time facing the people with broken pottery with her name on their hands thrown directly at her. It somehow showed a degree of a victor's justice as expected. That as the news quickly spread out throughout the world all about the former President's arrest and incarceration after her failed departure. That according to the Inquirer:  

The Pampanga representative, once dubbed the “Iron Lady of Asia,” was in bed at a 16th-floor suite of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City, wearing a hospital gown and a neck brace. The serving of the warrant capped a day of swift and unexpected developments.
This somehow made everybody seemed to be whether happy or sad regarding the news involving the former President's arrest in the airport after her failed escape abroad. That as her neck continues to grew worse, followed by alleged "sickness", be compelled to be confined in St. Lukes in Taguig all despite the earlier Supreme Court's decision in order for her to travel for medication; as well as to face arrest with a nonbailable offence. 

But speaking of the court,  their order for approval was been countered by a motion for reconsideration by the Justice Department, all followed by the latter's arrest under the Pasay City court due to election related case since 2004;  that obviously, these cases are being unearthed too late to justify the earlier ostracisms thrown against her.

The events somehow showed the ups and downs of a person being vilified, ostracised by many. Remembering that the Ancient Greeks once wrote names of persons in a broken pottery and be used for deciding whether to banish that person or not, but in the Philippines it is the media and the halls of congress, senate done the way Greeks do, both by the voice and by the pen, and to an extent, a physical move just to justify Arroyo's incarceration regardless of defence or what, just like what Estrada had endured and even today's Noynoy Aquino. 

But then, there are still those who remained loyal to the longest serving female head of state after Marcos. One of them even afford to tell to the Armed Forces for a Coup d'Etat  due to the "Constitutional Crisis" happened after the calls for arrest and incarceration of Gloria despite SC's approval for travel; by saying this: 

I would say that person is very much loyal to a corrupt, power-hungry President as he wanted a coup and "shoot down" an ambitious one like Noynoy. Obviously, I am either of the two, for I would say "me ne frego" to a rotten, backward system covered in modern-day clothes, of new roads and bridges with old faces of trying hard benefactors taking pride in their contribution. Yes, this nation is indeed a nation of laws as what the person said so, but who creates the laws by the way? And whose perspective do they carry upon to justify their so-called 'laws'? 

And speaking of laws, Arroyo even had offenses ought to be faced upon. Not just the charges related to the 2004 electoral fraud, but as well as corruption and human rights violations done during her regime as the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces; and how come she preferred at St. Lukes and why not at Veterans or V. Luna, Government hospitals so to speak; as according to the news:  

"A hospital arrest for Arroyo should be at a government hospital and not at SLMC, Senate President Pro-Tempore Jinggoy Estrada said yesterday.
“If they will ask me, the court must detain her in a government facility or hospital such as the Veterans or V. Luna,” Estrada said.
He said that an accused “who has committed grave misdeeds” should not be allowed to dictate where he or she wants to be detained."
Estrada is somehow right in stating that Arroyo should be detained in a government hospital than in a private one. Arroyo seemed to be forgetting that she's a former president, a government employee (sorry for the term) and be confined in V.Luna, Veterans, even Philippine General Hospital or a lying-in and endure the  physical negligence of the hospitals made out of corruption? Sorry for that, but let's say an ordeal. The government should be the one to issue directly to the convicted a place to detain not her's; to the extent of placing her at Muntinlupa or at Bagong Diwa.  

Anyway, that's the problem of a bipolar system itself. That Leslie Bocobo even afford to say "If Gloria Arroyo is in St. Lukes, Noynoy had Insane Looks" as I agreed upon. Both of them belonged to the same coin, that despite their differences they still belonged to a repressive order posing hard as the advocator of change.