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"Writer" Revisited

"Writer" Revisited

As Lopez criticized Marcos directly, so is Tucay.
Indeed they are both from U.P.

"Every normal person has the capacity to express his thoughts and feelings in consecutive speech if not in language that is touched in fire..."

These are the words writer and former University of the Philippines President Salvador Lopez said in his writeup "The making of a Writer". And it somehow showed the person having the will to vent what goes on no matter what it says whether in fire or not. These are also the words that may have correspond to today how case is justified regardless of narrow interpretations of others...

...Such as those of Marjohara Tucay and his opposition to America's policy regardless of being a Journalist; chanting, shouting anti-American slogans and carrying a statement in front of the audience and even Hillary Clinton during an interview. To others, somehow would justify his actions as voicing his sentiment as an individual, not much in a manner how an Iraqi threw a shoe on George Bush back then; while there are others who subjectively calling him "unethical" or unpleasant to hear his rants especially from a Journalist like him.

But still, despite all the criticisms, Tucay is a Journalist as what everyone, whether from U.P. or not sees of him. Writers can't be writers without expressing their idea through their craft, their art, that despite the so-called objectivity lies messages that putting extra fire to an existing one, that how come people would agree to an article about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's arrest and detainment in St.Luke's Hostpital? Yes. others tend to become "Concerned" over her plight, whilst there are others who consistently agreeing to detain the former President, not in St. Lukes but to V.Luna, Veterans, or even Muntinlupa and Bagong Diwa; like Tucay, these people, although they are readers, are also expressing their ideas, emotions enough whether in frozen speech or a rant calling the former President a "Sonofabitch."

I simply tend to revisit Lopez's work and heed the writer's emotion that made him/her putting it to the pen no matter what comes along in the mind. And speaking of the mind "is primed for though in a variety of ways" as Lopez stated. It can't be out of mere Idealism as dreamers tried to insist; that through observing, conversing, reflecting and reviewing lies the materials of thought stocked and become words written or videos shown. In a way that a good Engineer or a Scientist would become better if it engage in direct production to gain information and analysis regarding their work as he/she endures, experience the labor of a common worker, same as the Journalist, the Artist, who make his/her thought fortified with realities with evidences, as they ought to make their craft well enough in propagating the gospel based on truth. Yet obviously the system tend to reduce, edit, or omit any kind of sentiment all in the name of "Objectivity" and "Correctedness" as everyone sees of; that Tucay ought to disregard it in favor of his beliefs and endure the criticisms.

But, the problem lies in how to be cautious as writers, full of bravado and willingness to vent out the truth in a courigable way, who think that the former two as hindrance to objectivism. 

Once in a discussion with Howie Severino, Tucay seemed to be given a "sermon" by Severino just because of his beliefs being vented despite of being a Journalist, that he insisted that Journalists are entitled to ask than to protest, and even took pride of himself as a person who covers events. Yes, Severino is right but isn't that negating Lopez's? Lopez was even a Journalist in the Philippine Collegian same as Tucay's, but his works justified enough his belief such as to vent his own belief the way Tucay did-just like "Literature and Society" and "The making of the Writer." Yes, there may be some ought to say that Lopez's work is an essay, but does it mean it is limited to essays and literary works? Not noticing that Journalism is also a literary work aiming for exposing truth for everyone-no matter how nasty it is, all despite limitations Severino insisted-in the guise of "ethics", "objectivity", and the like.

There are even critics supporting Severino as well, how wonder why these people, obviously apathetic ones tend to criticize Tucay without understanding it? Sadly to say but they are narrow minded just because they are contented persons with self-interest. As one of them said: 

"The best journalists that I have encountered in 23 years in journalism,[…]would not use a forum or presscon to shout slogans—not because they have no personal beliefs (we all do) but for very practical reasons: no one would invite us or allow us to gain access to any event where we can ask questions and gain information that the public needs to know. And if other “journalists” use those occasions not to gain information but instead push a political agenda or be disruptive it creates a cloud of doubt about the motivations about the motivations of other professionals.”" 

 That person speaking seemed to be taking pride at encountering Journalists, but at first, is a forum a place JUST to ask questions? Is voicing out beliefs prohibited? Seemed that in a guise of "objectivity" lies "subjectivity" as well. Subjectivity in a garb of rationality as we see like those of Ayn Rand and her fanatics venting out self-gratification and pleasure. They even afford to say to Tucay "Just don’t call yourself a journalist." yet obviously they aren't interested in those fora for they are "intelligent" enough to think about it. 

And since people tend to insist negatively about the events, yes, Tucay’s act is unbecoming of a journalist, but then at least he voiced his belief, emotion long enough than to limit its own by the barriers. Remembering that most professors tend to tell students to think out of the box meant also to act deviant in pursuit of justification of an idea such those of opposing foreign intervention including those of language that is touched in fire as what Lopez stated. Obviously, that made Sarah Raymundo said this regarding Severino:

"He even cites pragmatic reasons for discouraging journalists from activism. That protesting journalists might not get invited to the next important media event betrays Severino’s very own careerism and opportunism which he misrepresents as ethics for the younger generation of journalists."

If so, how come some writers are also activists and social critics? Saturnino "Satur" Ocampo is an activist but he's also a Journalist (writing business in Manila Times), same as Armando Malay and  Lopez himself; that Mark Twain also did a journalistic stint but his works became a tool for the anti-Imperialist sentiment especially those of his satire. How wonder why the system tend to limit expression, or worse, censor personal beliefs; why not Severino also tell it to opinion writers like Randy David? David is also a Journalist and a Social Democrat under BISIG, that his writeups in Inquirer also involved his beliefs. Same as the pro-Arroyo Cunanan in her "Political Tidbits" back then in the same paper as David's.

Or perhaps like those of the Tulfo brothers. Yes, they are being criticized nastily because of their rudeness especially those of their actions and its un-Journalistic tendencies as others tend to think of, but then some tend to look at them as those who expose much despite the vulgarity depicted both in print and in the TV screen. Yes, they expressed much with machismo as others tend as deviant from Journalism especially those that is envelopmental, and obviously envelopmental is detrimental to the goal that is exposing truth wholeheartedly and direct; so are the rackets and obviously un-Journalistic tendencies that put them into bad light. Yet, the lower class tend to look at them as strong enough to expose no matter comes along as what it expresses on TV or Radio; so are others who fell down and die because of their decision to express the truth hard the way they "hard-earned" it.

Well, the realities drive them to do so, as what others tend to think of as "Idealism." That in their constant practise of their craft lies results good enough as works, and others tend to think as profitable upon having their works in the broadsheet justifiable to get paid off by the management; that made me think that there are really some who tend to think Journalism as a profit-profession using the pen than of a devotion wherein idealism and reality be converged through its skill; that made Stalin think of them as "Engineers of the human soul" as we ought to see.

Former UP College of Mass Communications Dean Luis Teodoro even criticized the interview as well, as he said:

"What GMA-7 staged may have been a media event; it was certainly not a journalistic one. In these circumstances, Tucay had every right and indeed the responsibility not only to express himself, but also to demand some sanity in an alleged press conference. By assuming that it was a press conference, Tucay was being too charitable: a press conference that event wasn’t, which means that Severino had no business demanding compliance with the ethics and professional standards of journalism, violations of which GMA-7 could be more justifiably accused than student journalists, most of whom, in the University of the Philippines, for example, know better than to behave like fawning and simpering colonials."

Obviously, despite every television channel, newspaper or radio station voicing out their so-called objectivity it is simply trying to hide the reality that is being coerced by an elite as it tries to control mass communication turning it into a tool for escapism than of exposing truth and an initiative for action. Tucay, in voicing out his belief are simply based much on reality: how come the U.S. still intervening domestic affairs as evidenced by the Visiting Forces Agreement? Isn't it his right to voice out the reality far from the common? Isn't it also obvious that despite calling it un-journalistic it is still communication regardless of its vulgarity as what Lopez said? Severino might as well tell it to the Tulfos too!

Teodoro even voiced out his opinion especially in regards to the event about Hillary Clinton. I even think that yes, there's someone to put a real colour such those of protest against the unequal treaties between the Philippines and the U.S., but as Severino insisted what is his to Tucay, is what Teodoro said in the same critique:

"Apparently their idea of “objective” journalism is to stage and script what could have been a meaningful interview by planting in the audience brain-dead actors and actresses charged with asking the most asinine questions ever asked of anyone, in a too obvious attempt to shield Clinton from being asked the hard questions that journalists not only can ask, but should be asking."

Cheers for Professor Tolentino for justifying Tucay's right to voice out the reality.

And if Tucay did the same as what others did will Clinton answer it? or be end up being said "Please change the question" in lieu of what the former insisted while the latter answered questions about Pacquiao or whatsoever, playing safe for goddamn sake of publicity? It all reminds of UP Prexy Lopez himself being reprimanded by Marcos because of his beliefs during a discussion, or even one of the student leaders during the First Quarter Storm end up asked by Marcos if he's a Liberal in the middle of a discussion, simply because he's a Nacionalista! To others it may meant a vulgar move driven by apathy worse than what Tucay did in actual, it might as well hurting for a Journalist if the answer would be nothing but mere apathetic silence, being told to ask another question that would please a person like Mrs. Clinton, or be asked if he's a  subversive the way Marcos asked a student leader if he's a Liberal for he's a Nacionalista.

Anyway, I would even say that Tucay is objective enough to say directly that he's against the unequal treaties such as the VFA than those who are "scared" to ask directly about it and instead ask the most asinine questions that obviously far from the reason behind Clinton's visit to the Philippines. And although others tend to think his moves are un-journalistic just  like what Severino said, it is Tucay's right to be deviant despite being a Journalist. It is his freedom to express his own opinion as a citizen of this goddmaned "Democratic" society regardless of what he is same as the words beings said so rather than getting contented on what the status quo insisted on Journalists. If Severino and the rest of the apathetics insisted their very own ideas about their work, it may as well tell it to those who are yearning for justice for the victims of Maguindanao massacre if they also do the way Tucay did. Remember Cerge Remonde being thrown with bottle caps and a plastic filled with Pinakbet? Well, writing as a craft is hard enough despite having a mind full of ideas and proofs.

In fact, this writer is working different from his profession, engaging in marketing so to speak; yet this blog served as its desk in order for his craft to carry on with, but does not mean that the person who made this is not a Journalist since he didn't work in a paper yet he engaged in writing and camera work same as those in the media? Yes. Writing is hard no matter what mind and emotion wanted to flow its idea through the pen, or even the typewriter, keyboard but then that arduous task is a means of communicating with the world as a civilized human being. And despite the odds, of criticisms, it is simple to say that Journalism is Literature, and Literature is Communication. And as it vent out the nastiest truths, it expresses simply the nastiest of all the human experiences creatively, that would make readers or viewers entertain or even reflect on social issues such those of U.S. and of the Philippines; that the devotion being engaged though is a practise of his/her freedom to express its thought, opinion, belied, especially as he/she can in their work as part of the society.

After all,  Tucay was lucky enough to express beyond, or rather say deviant from the usual as he showed his thought against the unequal treaties, no matter what that sentiment is touched by fire by opposing U.S. policies through chanting against Clinton in front of the people. if the people afford to criticize, blame Tucay for his deed, why not as well criticize the system that made Tucay do so? Lopez was right in his word. He's expressing regardless of what he is..even with fire through his actions taken.