Thursday, 8 December 2011

But how about this kind of future awaits us as of this day?

But how about this kind of future awaits us as of this day?
(In response to the Postcards showing the Future by Hildebrands Chocolate)

After looking at the "Dreams" of yesteryears, why not look at the "futures" that awaited us this time around? This time full of technology, innovation, outmost changes that may affect our lives and our well-being. This kind of future also fulfills us, the dreams of your yesteryears that usually seen in comicbooks, novels, even drawings laid to us, blueprints for the coming utopia that awaits us.

"Prefabricated furniture" thanks to IKEA


Buildings feat. "Modern Day" Architecture

Waiting in a terminal or an airport

Pushing a "Space-Age" Vehicle after getting overheated

But despite these, there are also consequences of that kind of "Future" bringing upon to us. Why? Every aloof tolerated by the system towards humanity, nature, is resulted to these "Truths" that also awaited us if not to be opposed and insist on calling for a real change in this world. Yes, that despite the modern day living, the space-age buildings, tools, furniture and equipment, all these are made by those who till, forge, reap, exploit things around us just to satisfy needs that in fact, not really most of us have.

And thus,
This also kind of future is simple: A nightmare for us.

A Plastic turtle everyone?

Looking at corals yet no more fishes nor vegetation, 
thanks to overexploitation of nature and misconservation, 
neglecting our environment for profit


More and more cars and emission of carbons further destroys
the Earth's atmosphere and the planet itself.

Same as from above, tolerating the use of Coal, Oil as a primary source of fuel for power plants, foundries, factories creating everything to satisfy those who have money, the rest? Are doomed to work with less or no pay.

Again, another factory emitting gases

Of Dimitry Medvedev apologizing for not seriously thinking about climate change
and other environmental issues during the Copenhagen summit

So did Angela Merkel

And Barack Obama

Of seeing a chav, an MTV-generated artist, gangster dominating the culture
and mindsets of the young, compelling them to join the flow despite the risks taken,

Ghettoes of course! Calling it perhaps by the elite as "Low Cost Housing",
Housing for sake of nothing.

Rampant malnutrition especially in the developing countries
and depressed, repressed areas,

And death of a culture all thanks to this person who started this mess around us.
The benefactor of the rotten systems around the world,
happy are those who called to his "Supper"
I mean who called to us and SUFFER.

That makes us sense...less.

This kind of future, regardless of the benefits, are mere stages, toppings for repression to be laid against us in the future. The world nowadays witnessed the rampant repression laid to us by benefactors of rotten systems here and around the world, from the Philippines to Libya, or even America, the crisis that made us suffer these days will compel us to choose a single option: