Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Expecting this as the Crisis worsens...

Expecting this as the Crisis worsens...

The world nowadays
Despite media's messages remained in a state of crisis
As people marched to every way and street
Chanting rage against the vested few.

All despite the truncheons and swagger sticks,
Tear gas and police trucks
Prison cells and perhaps graveyards
Everyone willing to join
Despite working for few coins
Yet feeling hunger and pain

The few somehow simply respond with apathy
Aside from stated from above
Or perhaps responded with counter-rallies
Calling it freedom to accumulate what comes from many
The shit spoken in every media outlet
From newspaper to the internet
Urging people to Escape
Escape from the rage...face the Utopian stage
Whose behind is open pit-graves.

For sure most would misunderstood these verses
And some dare to oppose
The apathy that drives their veins
Made their minds narrow without gain
Of blaming direct action and favoring contentment
And willing themselves to escape than to face
Yes, escape from the rage
To the extent of firing revolvers into their barren heads

To the few, it is best described as "Democracy" and "Freedom"
In the form of modern goods and fastfood chains
Of modern day slave labour and skyscrapers
Towering over the illegal settlers
Whose labor is benefited the few and its coffers
Treating the latter's contributions as charity
Giving them what others think as corporate social responsibility
Or rather say a Public Relations policy
That is, not coming from the heart
That responds from the call of needy.

Yes, making the world entirely weird and crazy
Since more and more people feeling the pain
Urging themselves to march and occupy Wall Street
London, or perhaps to the square at Mendiola 
Wherein the swagger-stick and truncheon carrying men
Whose justification calling Mendiola as "Seat of Government"
Instead of the almighty Malacanang.

And this time around 

after the feud between the golden thread and of the judicial crown
A flood struck over the south
With few living abound
The head of state enjoying its parties
While disagreeing on funds out of austerities
As if the damned Nero fiddles as his Rome burns
Blaming then on the Christians 
As this time the golden thread blames the shanties of Isla de Oro.

Badly this time around as we see
Crisis, tragedy, infamy rising over the rotten stench
Created by the wretched few and its minions trying to dominate every sphere
Including the internet as they spoke rage and intrigue
Of "Blaming the Oligarchs" while lying prostrate to the greater ones
Living in the palaces in New York or in D.C.
Kinda weird as others see
To the extent of the blond-haired kid speak:
"Countrymen now? What happened to Monkey?"
Yes, they speak "Countrymen" this time 
All after calling them as "Idiots" 
And accommodating a greater shit "Idiots" afford to despise. 
-Fuck the system indeed! Fuck their crap!

Well, as the crisis worsens around the world,
Expect despite attempts to ease the anger and hate,
As more and more people felt
The hunger pangs
And endless pain;
For sure the few hath recognize this catastrophe,
And respond further with charity
That is far from the goal of making everyone happy
Yes, as what Marie Antoinette said:
"Let them eat Cake"
Only to end up her head
Put into a stake.