Thursday, 15 December 2011



Regarding the events surrounding the distribution of other campus papers 
...and responses from Security Guards

Sorry for some blurry images since  this writer hurriedly took some pictures of that event. And as noticed, it seems that the University of the East prevails its repressive policies especially to those who dare to oppose their very own moves.

For earlier, in response to the administration-controlled university student council’s attempt to shut down the university paper, due to a lampoon that made a satire towards the UE administration, and only to be respond by a repressive action,  members of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines went to the University in Recto to distribute newspapers of other CEGP schools to UE students.

The newspapers being distributed are consists of the University of the Philippines’s Philippine Collegian, Ateneo de Manila University’s Guidon, San Beda College’s the Bedan, Polytechnic University of the Philippines’s Catalyst and Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology’s Technozette.

however, in response to the distribution of campus papers, the Guards unveiled its narrow mindedness by not entering students carrying campus papers, worse, these were confiscated upon entering the premises and inspection of bags and the students themselves. 

And according to one student writer, one guard said that the papers are not allowed since it came from other schools, as well as an order from the administration prohibiting such materials "inimical to the University."

Quite weird so to speak to prohibit such entering publications from other schools the way they ought to close a campus paper due to a lampoon. They didn't even order to issue an apology from the writers as well,  and somehow it makes this writer think that how come other student publications in that University are allowable-some are even stayed in the University Library, being archieved or what; also even think that how come Ateneo's the Guidon is not even allowed to be read inside? For sure the late Francisco Dalupan would roll in his grave thinking that he's an Atenean, a PUPian, before he co-founded FEU (with UP's Nicanor Reyes) and finally UE, same as Santiago de la Cruz for he's from UP.

Well, this writer personally took pictures of those events,  But he ought to walk briskly as one of the guards sought me taking pictures of their actions; as well as going back to my work. And by the way, what’s wrong in reading other publications such as UP’s Kule and Ateneo’s Guidon? Or rather say is Academic freedom, especially those of freedom of criticism and press prevail in Private Schools?

Anyway, better to listen to Romeo Lee's "Wild Thing" for today.