Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Italian begging in Espana

Italian begging in Espana

It was last month when this writer was walking straight to his place of work when sought a foreigner begging in the footbridge in Espana near Morayta in Manila. He was so weary, in need of money for food and perhaps, to go home, he was sitting in a concrete floor, with his bag and a cardboard, with writing in English begging for money in order to survive.

Weird as others may think of that a foreigner begging instead of living comfortably in Metro Manila, that instead of enjoying fond memories of sun, sand in Boracay and Puerto Galera, of shopping in Makati, he end up having a cardboard urging people to give coins or bills to him in pursuit of having a ticket to go home. Again, it is weird, but true.

But aside from taking some pictures of him, This writer asked him where was he came from. Giuseppe (not his real name) said that he came from Italy, and he went to the Philippines as a tourist since last August. However, his life of enjoyment changed as someone stole his money, thus making him impossible to travel despite having passport and the like. And thus he end up like those of the beggars begging in the streets of Manila for survival.

One vendor even asked yours truly where he came from, some even looked at the writer talking to that person out of concern. Yes, although it is weird to talk to a strange person, that person needs help, unless he wanted to stay for long and get contented in begging or scavenging like those of the Americans in Olongapo. He even asked me why I knew the song "Bandiera Rossa" as I sampled the song directly to him. 

And before parted ways, this writer asked him if he plans to go to the Italian Embassy for help. Obviously, he said "Yes", but this writer don't know if he seriously undertook of going to the Embassy as an Italian citizen although that said interview made him abit thinking, or rather say worrying that how come there are also foreigners begging in the streets if not scavenging or wandering aimlessly out of drunkenness. That, obviously contrary to the common perception of foreigners as having much money to squander especially those of going to the country as investors, or for convenience. 

Worse, that the Italy where he lived is also stricken by the crisis affecting Europe. Sadly to say to that person, but to those who sought him begging or wandering in the streets of Manila, or in any other cities in the metro, may as well help him go to the Embassy in order for him to go home.