Saturday, 24 December 2011

Reflections on the tragedy at Cagayan de Oro

Reflections on the tragedy at Cagayan de Oro this coming Christmas

It was last week when we are deeply saddened by the events before Christmas eve.

That as everyone felt being safe and sound in midst of cold winds and rain, the people of Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao itself felt the wrath of nature as hundreds living near the banks of the Cagayan de Oro River were killed, with hundreds still missing. 

It is obviously kinda sad that in this coming Christmas everyone is ought to be happy yet in this tragic day is everyone remained happy as hundreds were killed by floods or missing? 

For sure we are also annoyed that President Noynoy Aquino acted like Nero as he enjoyed a company of his clique during a Christmas party in his palace, fiddling while a nearby town suffered in floods and mudslides, that obviously a product of mining operations in a mineral-filled land of promise. It is somehow another blow of mistrust over mining and logging companies that, aside from getting destroyed by Rebels last last month, this time likely to have someone else's wrath as they themselves mining, logging in every mountain resulting to these tragedies made by nature. 

Well, for sure mining companies, loggers are now washing their dirty hands in the bloody river as the tragedy made everybody but a blame on them. Yes, that most mountains in Mindanao are being mined for minerals only to be exported and hence be called the place prosperous, that Cagayan de Oro is known to be a "Goldmine Capital of the Philippines" but despite these statements, how come the people remained under poverty as everyone sees of it?

We've also even heard that the system even blamed rather on idleness and people living in the city as shanties despite these people really work hard tilling rice into every rich fertile land turned barren. And in dire poverty, be compelled to move in cities such as Cagayan de Oro, build shanties in it, that in the end whose majority end up killed because of flood and mudslides over the city. One person even dared to call it a culling, as it said:

"According to the news, almost all the victims are poor families, so it's better that they all die this early...what's the point of living a life which is full of hunger? At least they are now resting with peace... they are worthless..."

To others, they would agree unto it as they are against the "spoiled brat", the "idiot" as they say. But how about those who had parties around, fiddling while everyone suffered from the flood and mudslide, or in general, suffered from hunger and dire poverty despite working 24 hours 7 days for sake of having a wage and a bonus? They are much "Idiots" and "Spoiled Brats" as everyone sees of them-enjoying the pleasure as everyone tills for it, especially in a poverty stricken land like the Philippines.

That one of them even justified it by saying:

"She didn't mean to offend you, she was actually concerned that they had to suffer, you, do you think that it would be better to live in pain? isn't it better to be with God instead? To end the suffering?

Look at the good side of this post, if you will...she wants them to die. For them to rest in peace."


By the way, these people who commented same as that people also end up donating-one of them even had "HELP CDO" as its profile picture. What a bipolar attitude as this writer would say to-calling them idiots (and perhaps supporting the message of leaving them dying) yet donating out of "spirit of Christmas"? For sure they are being compelled to donate while reading Ayn Rand, and the virtue of selfishness so to say. It even rather made this writer think of it weird as they speak "they shouldn't be cared by the state", "leave it to charity" or "it's better that they all die this early" yet having a profile picture saying "HELP CDO" or "HELP ILIGAN." If they are really committed to their ideals, why not justify Acut's message of leaving them dead than living them suffering?

This made Bhadra Engkantador thinks of that Christmas had lost its message, as it reduced to a sentiment and appeal by the entity that brought gold-foiled shit to the world. Good Lord, are they really doing good work or acting good in this tragic days surrounding your birthday?