Saturday, 24 December 2011

"The sound of machines is the sound of money."

"The sound of machines is the sound of money."

It was yesterday when this writer listened to this kind of strange music different from the common ones from the radio and MTV. And most would rather say that these sounds are unpleasant to hear with, yet that is the sound of reality.

 But to others, these sounds of forging, hammering, fire and brimstone is the sound of money. How come? 

During the industrial revolution lies these strange sounds. Ranging from the sound of machineries powered by steam, of molten steel and looms making cloth, to the vast mass of people entering the factories, these created sounds of progress that also meant the sound of money running into the coffers.

Kinda weird as this writer would say, but these sounds of continuous labor, of progress creates the impression of creating wealth as every  by-products of it all coming from the machine in every factory meant money at the end. Will every people deny these sounds for they are plain and simple noise? Yet riding in a jeepney, bus, and hearing the whirring of the engines and the (not much) silent whirring of the air conditioners? 

The sound of progress is the sound of money. 

As Russolo, the creator of the Intonarumori, said that:

"At first the art of music sought purity, limpidity and sweetness of sound. Then different sounds were amalgamated, care being taken, however, to caress the ear with gentle harmonies. Today music, as it becomes continually more complicated, strives to amalgamate the most dissonant, strange and harsh sounds. In this way we come ever closer to noise-sound."

True to say so, everyone tend to listen to the gentle sound based on what commonly listens to. Punks listening to punk rock, Hiphoppers listening to Rap and Hiphop, their ears being caressed with every beat and harmony based on what they've used to, but then as societies became complicated, with the rapid advance of progress as this writer would say, includes the dissonant, strange, harsh sounds being played all over in every man's life-yes, the sound of reality all based from the outside-the sound of car engines, the air conditioner, beating of metals, shriek of pigs being slaughtered, shouts of investors in the stock market and crumpling of papers, all these end up as flow of coins and bills being counted, given, stored and locked.

But still,
Few admire despite most usually listen to it.
If one person admire the scent of a newly milled paper money, why not hear the sound that generates money?