Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Love to eat Pasta at Captain's Galley!

Love to eat Pasta at Captain's Galley!

The writer's signature meal
However not all times this writer ought to eat pasta alla carbonara...he also eats spaghetti Bolognese!

Well, this is the first time this writer writes about food in this blog.

Since he is an avid eater of Pasta alla Carbonara in a restaurant somewhere in Recto, he end up visiting that said site every noon, especially lunchtime. Quite different since its ambiance  reminds of the restaurants in cruise ships with its crew serving dishes nearly "in style." after all it's a training restaurant though, as most of them are HRM students of San Sebastian College-Recollectos.

Too bad, next time I'll eat that sweet treat.

However, as this writer usually eats pasta every noon, the crew somehow recognize me to the extent of knowing the meal I am eating for, although sometimes I tend to stop Carbonara for Spaghetti Bolognese or even breaded porkchop. And during lunchtime, kids afford to eat too-for sure most of them are rich as others may think of, eating breaded porkchops, hotdogs, even banana splits and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce flowing. One of the crew even told me that one of them became their "mascot" and somehow I tend to drew a kid wearing a sailor's costume during one of my pasta sessions in the galley.

Quite pretty isn't she? 

Well, if I'm not mistaken, according to the manager (I don't know but perhaps the one who gave info to me acts as its manager I think), Captain's Galley was founded last 2007 after a batch of Hotel and Restaurant Management students of San Sebastian College had an On the Job Training in WG&A Superferry. It somehow meant working in a Galley (ship kitchen) as part of the curriculum. Kinda nice to hear that start-setting up a good training restaurant not only for the students of "Baste", but also for everyone around the University belt, as the in-charge said to me that even those studying from UE or UST also ate for quite some time in a training restaurant that is, different from others whose HRM students served food for faculty members and administrators. 

Kinda weird isn't it that since most HRM students in other schools served their labour of love only to faculty members and administrators in other schools that offered such course, why not to everyone as well the way this writer loved to eat Pasta alla Carbonara and to see a pretty waitress (oops!) in Captain's Galley? Sorry to say so in comparing as a critic. 

They also do catering services according to this writer's discussion with the "manager." Quite nice that Baste's very own HRM students working in Capitain's Galley also engage in catering as part of advancing their training and practise. So if there's any event, such as weddings and birthdays, why not try to visit the Galley at San Sebastian College in Recto for some inquiries? I bet some ought to try a good meal that this writer thinks as affordable and satisfying, after all the actual galley experience served as an inspiration to create a different galley in the metro. 

And as a writer who loved Carbonara as one of his lunch meal, I simply love to eat pasta before blogwork. Just like this kid, he ate fish fillet with mustard as its dip for lunch while thinking about afternoon classes after lunchtime.

By the way, for a visit, Captain's Galley operates six days a week (Monday to Saturday) from 8:30am to 6:00 pm. For sure everyone is invited to savor deliciously cooked food and enjoy the ambiance inspired by haute cusine and sailing ships.

Bon appetit un advance!
(along with lifting a glass of imaginary soda ^-^)