Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Of "Allegorical Sketches" and its (trying hard to put) meanings

Of "Allegorical Sketches" and its (trying hard to put) meanings

Self portrait of the writer writing something, and getting inspired by someone.
This may meant seeking knowledge by reading and understanding.

Well, since this writer also use to sketch for a half-time, he tries to create allegorical sketches of life, freedom and future as it feature people, places, and events in it. But most of it are quite in-near abstract as much of it are crude enough to see some meanings in it.

As according to Wikipedia, allegorical works, such as those shown in sculpture, painting or even sketches refers to works of art that symbolize and particularly personify abstract idea as it demonstrates form of representation explaining meaning other than the words that are spoken as Allegory communicates its message by means of symbolic figures, actions or symbolic representation.

But then few would tend to understand every work being made.

Breast-bearing women for example, some would think of it too erotically whilst others tend to look at it as personifying a wet nurse or a mother willing to give milk to an infant child of hers; weird isn't it? Sometimes, would think that how come pictures featuring women in-near bare or in bikinis, lingerie looking at the mirror to take some pictures are for? Some would say it is an act of charm, of describing themselves as "delicious" or what, but to others it personifies how cheap their barren soul is as they show their pictures showing near-bareness without any meaning at all except near-meaningless eroticism.

Kinda weird isn't it? It even reminds of the other blog that featured people in near-nakedness yet without any idea except those of seduction (like being "Delicious") comparing to the works of art that somehow unleash its bear-nakedness with meanings such as "youth", "womanhood" and "Virility."

But not all allegorical works can't be consists of people creating a promising future. Buildings, machinery, everything that personifies faith and technology are also a part of every work, the way how Stalin's architects tend to built the seven sisters in Moscow or the Chinese in their forbidden city, also serve something that not just pleases to everybody's eyes or even invoking fear, but to convey a message that would mean a fruit of hardship, a promising future, a sign of sacredness and nobility, the way how everyone tend to forge something to put an end to a centuries-old shit that slanders the community both in essence and existence.

Why not take a look at these sketches instead?

allegory of past and present:
of running machines, forging an advancing society

The unity of intellect and industry

Liberty enlightening the world? Kinda,
but this sketch rather meant  Liberty leading the red flags

"Athena" personifying modern wisdom through technology, industry

However, there are also allegories pertaining to the system and its angst from the people.

This would meant popular mistrust over the system that controls everything.
The system is personified by heads with buildings, money and gadgetry over their heads
...and the people trying to smash those who control those things.

Similar to the earlier pic, but it features the current society itself .
Likewise it meant the society as both heaven and hell.

But there are also some that seemed quite emphasising beauty as it feature women, but beauty is not enough  for there's idea embedded in the work itself.

A female rebel with a soldadera as its background.
This meant a continuation of a legacy, inheriting the valour and courage of a female warrior.

This may somehow meant a writer, inspired, writes about  "life, passion, rebellion...
and perhaps love as well."

And there are some nude ones, but sketching some does not mean thinking "erotic" the way others tend to think of immediately. Again, to a rational minded person, lies deeper meanings to be uncovered far from the stereotypical descriptions of "erotic", "delicious", or simply "eye candy" for a perverted mind. Classical works feat. nude or semi-nude may meant virility and youth, strength and femininity, or personifying a "noble savage" as what Rousseau thinks of during the age of enlightenment; weird isn't it but true enough for an artist to create so only to be reinterpreted, oops...perverted by others.

Sorry to say so, to others it may meant simply nudity,
but then this meant virility, youth and passion. It may somehow inspired enough
from some classical sculpture and paintings to create that kind of work.

Same as the earlier picture, but it showed the nude maiden
encouraged by  those personifying "plenty" and "creativity."
this may meant paving the way to  a "path" of "righteousness"
(yet there's no drawing of a path in there.)

Well, to a trying sketch artist who tend to create allegories through sketches, it is somehow a result of ideas and realities. It is somehow difficult to do so despite having a mind full of ideas gathered from every part of this hell of a kind world, whether in the book or outside and end up created works trying to explain something as possible.

Anyway, this meant the culture this writer tried to align with.
But this also meant the youth trying to resist the wave and the tide.