Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reflections after the events in Quiapo

Reflections after the events in Quiapo

It was Monday when some of the major streets situated in Quiapo Manila were in a bit disarray.

Some are empty, full of people, and traffic jams around, the scene seemed to be justified as the maroon clad people rejoiced over for their beloved Black Nazarene.

Whether they are pulling the ropes or wanting to have their towels wipe the statue of thy blessed Lord, these people obviously vent the fires of faith from their hearts, pulling the ropes of the carriage or having their towels wiped in the promise of a miracle or having their sins atoned, yet most of them could be drunkards or thieves.

Sorry to say so about it, but it's true enough to see that some religious aren't really religious at all due to their acts that undermine their faith and sincerity to thy Lord's command. For sure in the streets some pro-life people gone angry after seeing contraceptives vended near the church, or policemen seeing beggars or solvent sniffing people in the sidewalks of Quiapo. These scenes would think somehow tend to tarnish the image of their Quiapo as their fortress of faith aside from Rome, but how about themselves whose reason is to have a miracle yet they also have more sins to atone not just though pulling the strings and walk barefoot? While at the same time venting vulgar words and acting disrespectfully towards others?

This writer somehow tend to say realistically based on the backgrounds of people trying to get closer to God and strengthening their faith by pulling the ropes or with their towels wiped by the Black Nazarene. Some can be religious as they emphasise oneness with God, while others may fanatical in the way they move and thinking of it as a part of their faith- remembering the day they pushed a fire truck paving the way different from the official path approved by the City government and of the church itself; since they do so, then is this the so-called faith?

Secondly, as noticing every scene during that solemn day, some rather treated it as a festival so to say. Some tend to make a party out, others tend to make it an opportunity for students situated in that district to treat as a minor holiday of rest and recreation, or even posing as religious especially those in a relationship that they also wear maroon for that event. This writer would somehow think that one's solemnity is another's party to enjoy with-especially those of the young.

These people who carried on in their devotions shouldn't act too far, or rather say, fanatically. Yes, they prayed and worked hard all just to atone their sins as humans, to the extent of becoming scapegoats following the example of Christ, literally by crucifying themselves or what, even pulling the ropes of the carriage all just to feel being blessed or what, including those of having a miracle or something that would make a worshiper satisfy. And as looking at these people trying to bring themselves closer to God, might as well to say that there are more things to come but need to keep thy faith burning in their barren hearts and not to prioritize the idea of being religious to have something far from what their faith ought to be.