Wednesday, 29 February 2012



made by Pavel Smirnov (as Ingvard Schnitzelton)
Music based on "Sankt Peterburg" by Roman Svetkov

I remember the time when I was young
I met a girl that seemed pretty
Her oak-brown hair
Her olive green eyes
Skin kissed by the sun and quite merry
I felt so admired and I don't know why
Quite shy as I asked her name
And she told me that "Gia is her name"
Then she left in the midst of night

Oh Gia, моей любви
until death, you are part of me
Oh Gia, my work of art
For you are the girl I love

I tried not to cry yet tears flow from my eyes
Silent yet felt the pain and sorrow
And looking at night the stars shining bright
Thinking a coming tomorrow
Someday if I met Gia, I'll let my sketchbook bring
And draw her and thus worth remembring
And thus I realize, the beauty that mermerize
Whilst my heart will forver sing:

And as I see you dance, I feel the rage inside
and yet I don't know what comes happening
Perhaps it came from my barren mind
Des'prate as loneone for years nothing
As the music plays, your moves fills the space
Giving life like the tales of old days
And it ends with a kiss, that gives tender bliss
That no one may never miss

Whether it is the past, or it is today
She held the key to my 'lone heart
Whether she's in paint, in sketch or in clay
She is the a one of a kind art
And thus I thank god like no lover done
For my prayers fulfilled as she come
Just like from the start, Till death to us part
I swore to you in my life you've been

Monday, 27 February 2012

Her beauty remains enchanted

Her beauty remains enchanted

(partly based from Jose Maria Sison's The forest is still enchanted)


This poem was made long after been reading one of the poems made by Professor and Left-wing writer Jose Maria Sison.

Upon reading the poem, the writer was quite inspired by the message given by the work and that at the same time quite concerned in  regards to the present-day women tainted by the prevailing culture such as lavishness (that despite its grandeur corrupts the essence of beauty itself). Obviously, he was simply admired by the beauty of the women whom he end up being inspired. And with Sison's poem serving as its basis for the work itself.

The make-up and the jewelries
Are left away in the wooden chests
The lavishly woven dresses
And the imported accessories
Have lost its lustrous power

The mere beauty of the past ages
Had changed for many years
As the chains once bound a someone's body
End up rot and broke easily
Leaving her alone once more to be free

And yet her beauty remains enchanted
And there's a new tune from her mind
A new magic from a loving face
To be inspired by amongst people to be as friends
To be loved by someone whom both cherished over
As they fought for freedom and to astonish the intruders

The passiveness and of the differences
Had been fade away as it lasts
As the age old disciplines
And of the unfair practises
Have closed its chapters

The differences of the past ages
No longer to be heard and seen again
The words saying "I am taken"
Hath disappeared in the mouths once being spoken
As a new and meaningful love hath risen

And yet her beauty remains enchanted
And there's a new tune from her mind
A new magic from a loving face
To be inspired by amongst people to be as friends
To be loved by someone whom both cherished love
As they fought for freedom and to astonish the intruders

The writer was quite inspired though in making that poem the way he loves to draw, sculpt and even write stories out of reality and imagination. The poem is also somehow reminds of one of Mao Zedong's poems as it said:

How bright and brave they look, 
Shouldering five-foot rifles,
On the parade ground lit up by the
First gleams of day
China's daughters have high aspiring minds,
They love their battle array, not silks and satins.

To others, it is quite weird to think of writing poetry yet they listen to music, Rap is even an example involving a degree of spoken poetry, however few would understand every word despite singing it, especially the ones what goes played nowadays.

So are the others that obviously, being made and played for sake.
Love songs without the thrust, Vengeance music without the reason, how come writers tend to create just to sell, or worse, putting less its own "heart" unto it the way those who sung with high decibels that made popular in mainstream radio?

The poem made is for those who are beautiful deep inside without what is being shown too much.
For sure we are tired of bitches around as examples.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Black and Red Roses for Kristine who also made the writer's works 'enchanted'"

"Black and Red Roses for Kristine 
who also made the writer's works 'enchanted'"

Supposedly this work is to be done last 14, but this writer spent most of the time in the fair watching at the band singing about love and spending (one lyrics said about he wants to go on a date with his girl yet the price of gasoline ran high).

But this writeup doesn't speak much entirely about love most people think of. As this writer, so to speak, in fact admires women that inspires him to write poetry or to draw, in other words, muses that brings some "colour" and "enchantment." 

Yet still he don't know why.

Anyways, Kristine, one of the writer's inspirations, is one example.

long haired, skin kissed by the sun, slim, quite merry in her appearance, Kristine, born in the tropical isles ravaged by corrupt order and its silent destruction carries a wild beauty far from the so-called "rice dolls" the west use to think of Filipinas so to speak; but within her beauty lies a burning passion to destroy the rotten order despite walking in the sand and staring at the blue waters of Boracay. 

And despite having different musical genres usually heard (she loves rap and rnb much while this writer is addicted to rock and classics), it rather remains a matter not to be think of since respecting views is a must so to speak; and speaking of rap and rnb Kristine love most, this writer thinks that, different from any other girls who just simply 'join the flow', perhaps chooses which is pleasing to the ears and perhaps the message as well. For sure few girls do so as most, especially everyone else just simply grab and grab till they drown themselves in the 'flow' they join to.
Been there, been that as this writer would say, been a victim too.

As for the writer's view using his sketches, Kristine would be this:

Since she likes Latino culture most, perhaps this writer drew a sandinista or a Cuban version of her's. 

Warlike beauty staring over the wild roses growing whilst carrying the FAL rifle means staring at the coming promise that is, been sworn being against the system. Remember Arlen Siu Bermúdez? Comrade Tania? Perhaps just been compelled to draw after making a politically-tainted writeup. Anyway, she's against the system though, a "Rose of war" to think of despite enjoying the cool summer breeze and warmth of the afternoon sun.

Otherwise, the other pic would be fit for a female warrior-in an ethnic style similar to the Aztecs (what Kristine wanted) and her Kapangpangan heritage:

In fact, Kristine, like any other girl whom I inspired in making works, carries a wild beauty not because of being "brown", but carries what is, admirable and inspiring-the way Amorsolo, Tolentino, or Botong Francisco tends to create their masterpieces feat. Filipinas wearing Balintawak or Kamison; this writer also thinks that speaking of being "brown", "morena", how come most tend to think of Filipino women carrying such beauty as "rice dolls", "whores" in the eyes of those who slander? Just because they're "exotic" in their very own appearance? For sure we see everything, from the media to the street exploits, degrades the beauty that is the brown-skinned Filipina (like Kristine, Gia,)  like those who just pose their bodies, especially in lingerie or shyly exposing their areolas in their nipples whilst looking at the mirror for sake or just to be called 'delicious.' 

Sadly to say, most people are desensitized about these things happened all the time such as describing as 'delicious' (and nothing else) in the eyes of a pervert whilst posing.  By the way, this topic is about Kristine but why about 'delicious' again? Oh god!

Anyways, quite weird for this writer who made this writeup about a girl in a page full of art history, architecture, literature and...politics. But on the other hand, the tan-coloured girl who loved summer, beach and cool breeze, like a wild-grown rose, wants to be free from an unknown past, whether it is from an old relationship with a someone, or from the system she tries to resist.

As one poem says:

"And yet her beauty remains enchanted
And there's a new tune from her mind
A new magic from a loving face
To be inspired by amongst people to be as friends
To be loved by someone whom both cherished love
As they fought for freedom and to astonish the intruders."

And if so, then black and red roses to Kristine! 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

"SILO" Writeup on Pasig's Flour Silos and the failed Industrialization experience

Writeup on Pasig's Flour Silos 
and the failed Industrialization experience

It was last week when this writer went to Pasig for some pictorial. 

He simply took some pics of these edifices not as a mere objects of curiosity but rather to reflect how Pasig before was one of the industrial components of the country, especially that these edifices are serving as monuments, if not rotting graves with a purpose such as storing wheat and flour and likely to be demolished in favor of building condominiums and commercial complexes in that city.

Sadly to say, one silo, owned by General Milling Corporation, end up demolished and paved way to a condominium owned by Rockwell, a Lopez affiliate. And according to one source:

The company is launching this year a 5.5-hectare themed development in C5 which was the former General Milling Property in Pasig City to be called “The Grove". The project will take about five to seven years to complete.

The Grove will have five towers and will also have retail and commercial spaces and will have a total development cost of P12 billion.

“With this project, we are aiming to make Rockwell Land more affordable," Cordero said, adding that the units will be old at 20 percent to 25 percent lower than Rockwell Center’s condominiums in Makati City.

Well, to others, it is nice indeed to have new edifices to be build such as "The Grove" that replaced the familiar Silo in Pasig. For sure some would reminisce the scent of wheat and seeing trucks full of sacks waiting to be delivered and distributed all over so to speak. Yes, some companies tend to sell their lands for developers thinking that there's nothing to gain nor loss in having properties once they benefited from it.

And to think that as one building being demolished in favor of building a new complex geared by commercialization, this writer thinks that yes, commercialization includes deindustrialize everything the way the Philippines failed to achieve industrialization thanks to the policies stunting efforts to create a self reliant economy and society.

However, despite seeing the examples of a vision that the rotten system tend to fail. There were grain and flour silos, owned by Wellington Flour Mills, Universal Robina, and Morning Star Milling remained standing as  the landmarks of industrialization specialized in the production of Flour and its by-products made unto it. Some even tend to put advertising billboards to the extent of having its silo, such as from Morning Star be put ads unto it. To others, seemed to be nice to see an industrial edifice got a "makeover" by placing ads, an examplar of "Advertecture" so to speak (paraphrasing Afoyren Paulo Alacazaren).

But still, despite these efforts in creating means in supporting the economy, the system's aloof in self improvement and contentment in foreign imports made progress as "hopeless."
And thinking that most people blamed the presence of  industry over the city as those who made Pasig river dirty, this writer would see that yes, some companies failed to stress sanitation and being reluctant to develop in averting the problem such as making the river clean as possible despite increasing profits in it.  Lucky that Pasig river nowadays is still in the process of getting cleaned from its murky past thanks to some institutions and companies getting concerned over the matter.

Yet most rather treated it as charity or a corporate social responsibility, in other words a Public Relations (PR) act to do so.

Truth hurts as this writer may've say.

But despite contradictions, dreams of massive National development continues to inspire everyone's mindset, in other words creeping over despite system's means to reinterpret (like favoring tourism over industrialization) the idea of it. But also to think that efforts in undermining Industrialization continues to prevail, this writer would say that it underestimates total National Development through Agricultural and Economic reforms such as these edifices of progress that would utilize labour and material to provide everyone's need. 

Hilarion "Larry" Henares, former Government official and advocator of Domestic-centred National Development, said:

"We welcome foreign assistance, primarily as foreign loans, secondarily as joint ventures, as partners not masters, to supplement not to supplant Filipino capital, to stimulate not to overwhelm Filipino businessmen, and only in areas where Filipinos are unable or unwilling to invest".

Henares's words simply fell into deaf ears as the policy, even until today tied under agreements sponsored by the west regardless of what the constitution stated (such as 70-30 and other similar matters involving foreign companies and Filipino representatives.).

And still, this writer would say that there is still a need for self improvement the way this nation needs to recover its identity and modernize it. These edifices served as examples the way we see churches and old houses in Intramuros.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well...What made me compel to write poetry and lyrics using existingmusic?

Well, What made him compel to write poetry 
and lyrics using existing music?

"Every jeep taxi bus playing novelties
And pissing minds in shitty jokes
Making me annoying as common tunes been played
wanna have a walk out to my home where I stayed...

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!"

-from "Stop the Cali Swag"

"Gia my Gia

My shining red star Katleah
I hope I'll see you back as I returning
In the night when the red star is shining"

-from "Gia's Theme"

"I've been dreaming of you when I see you in red
Then my eyes turned red till it bled
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!"

-from "Charmel"

These poems made by this writer are accompanied by the songs and thus made it singable. The former two used the melodies of Russian songs "Stop the Rolling Stones" and "Polyushko Pole", the latter was from a Turkish theme named "Gafil ne Bilir." The writer somewhat kinda isnpired by the music that made some of his poems "singable" using melodies oftentimes heard. And to think that using other melodies is somewhat awkward, that "why not create your own" instead of using other person's melodies? After all, he's not even a songwriter.

Obviously, it seemed to be strange enough as a writer specialized in making critiques, essays, everything in a near journalistic experience to write poetry and oftentimes end up singable using someone else's melody; for sure others would likely to say that this writer is doing plagiarism for not having permission from the artist who have made it; but obviously despite all these subjective responses such as that, this writer would say that it is  kinda compelling enough though as you listen strange tunes like The late Egor Letov and make words out of it unintentionally simply because of getting inspired or what, as what the poem "Stop the Cali Swag" made it singable enough out of using the melody of  "Stop the Rolling Stones" by the late Letov himself.

For sure some used to make songs using exisiting tunes like Weird Al who made parodies of popular tunes coming from singers such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. The Philippines' very own Michael V even created some music for quite some time using the songs of Spice Girls or Jon Bon Jovi despite using Filipino as its medium. Pete Seeger, known for his "If I had a hammer" also made a protest music using the melody of  the "Ballad of the Green Beret" in midst of the protest against the war in Vietnam.

So is this writer who perhaps tried for quite some time the way these people once did in their part time whether just to gain popularity or just to convey their feeling as an individual. For sure some, if they dared to do so, perhaps because they want to convey something by any means no matter what it is as they do so. But on the other hand, it seems that this writer also wanted to revisit music as he himself was once playing the piano and today he tries to play it again, although with flaws he tried to correct though.

Anyway, this writeup is made in memoriam to the person whom the writer inspired to write more: Gia Hilado.

Friday, 3 February 2012



by Paul Smirnoff

melody based from the song 'STOP THE ROLLING STONES' by Egor Letov 

Every day every night in the radio
"Teach me how to Dougie" until signing off
Otherwise someone singing "Hari ng Tondo"
That some people making them Freaking on

Then after the music comes in the news
Like tabloids i say full of rape as cues
Then followed by jokes no laughs full of shit
And music again with a nonsense beat...

Every jeep taxi bus playing novelties
And pissing minds in shitty jokes
Making me annoying as common tunes been played
wanna have a walk out to my home where I stayed...

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

Next day black and yellow as the common tune
No Lito Camo, Ely, Bamboo
And looking at ladies wearing short shorts
less dignities full of make up worn

Then at the store full of clients went
Looking for a varsity jacket
They want "swagger" written at their back
Fucking mainstream culture-fuck....

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!...

ALEXEYEV Russian landscape and imagination

Russian landscape and imagination

A View from the Palace Embankment of the Petropavlovsk Fortress in St Petersburg. 1794

It was yesterday when this person looked at a painting made by a Russian artist named Feodor Alexeyev, an it is romantically classical as it visualises a century Russia hath passed to.

Red Square in Moscow

A view of the Moscow Kremlin and the Kamenny Bridge, Undated

As inspired by the works of famous French and Italian landscape painters, of studying both in Sankt Peterburg and in Europe, Alexeyev created a series of landscape paintings all based on Russian scenes and further developed fusion of Western and Slavic tastes, as all scenes shown are romantic, slavic and realistic as it based on its century Alexeyev hath lived.

A View from the Ressurection Gates in Moscow, 1811

A view of the Mikhailovsky Palace and Konnetablya Square in Petersburg. circa 1800

So nice to see such works as it catches the viewer's imagination.  To a writer, these works meant something that perhaps also compels to write and draw, since some of my works are somewhat based on these settings such as from Red Square or Sankt Peterburg, Alexeyev's romanticism creates an idea that people would call it as "imagination", the way how directors or writers tend to create an image, idea of a classical setting was.

Personally, he just "stumbled" in a site showing paintings made by him. The works are rather common into my eyes whilst others think of Russian art either the Icons bearing the blessed virgin, Churches with onion shaped domes,  to AgitProp and Stalinist architecture. But in these works show how classical Russia was: "Wintry," "Formal," "Sacred" and perhaps "Serene," while others may tend to call it "Dirty" as cities during those times somehow tend to call it "unsanitary"-such as horse poop in the streets and unpaved roads contrary to the paintings Alexeyev hath done.

Cathedral Square in Moscow Kremlin, Undated
Quite weird so to think in seeing such paintings nowadays. Few for sure appreciated Alexeyev or Jacques-Louis David as it features classical or romanticised settings and individuals extolling the greatness of the past. This writer obviously quite inspired though to continue writing and drawing scenes somewhat similar to these, that perhaps made "as a reaction" to the norms that others think of as "degenerated." Most tend to be against the system, but within it, few dared to counter the system creatively as most used these merely as an outlet, or a means to escape as this writer once tend to.

Sorry to say about this writer's snippet of his life, but yes, like Alexeyev or Lewis Caroll, got indulged with imagination and outburst of feeling as it writes and draws providing outlets from the outside world to the world of ceaseless imagination, that in other words, Escapism out of reality.

Anyways, he's just getting inspired though as to see the works to create another. That's all.