Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Black and Red Roses for Kristine who also made the writer's works 'enchanted'"

"Black and Red Roses for Kristine 
who also made the writer's works 'enchanted'"

Supposedly this work is to be done last 14, but this writer spent most of the time in the fair watching at the band singing about love and spending (one lyrics said about he wants to go on a date with his girl yet the price of gasoline ran high).

But this writeup doesn't speak much entirely about love most people think of. As this writer, so to speak, in fact admires women that inspires him to write poetry or to draw, in other words, muses that brings some "colour" and "enchantment." 

Yet still he don't know why.

Anyways, Kristine, one of the writer's inspirations, is one example.

long haired, skin kissed by the sun, slim, quite merry in her appearance, Kristine, born in the tropical isles ravaged by corrupt order and its silent destruction carries a wild beauty far from the so-called "rice dolls" the west use to think of Filipinas so to speak; but within her beauty lies a burning passion to destroy the rotten order despite walking in the sand and staring at the blue waters of Boracay. 

And despite having different musical genres usually heard (she loves rap and rnb much while this writer is addicted to rock and classics), it rather remains a matter not to be think of since respecting views is a must so to speak; and speaking of rap and rnb Kristine love most, this writer thinks that, different from any other girls who just simply 'join the flow', perhaps chooses which is pleasing to the ears and perhaps the message as well. For sure few girls do so as most, especially everyone else just simply grab and grab till they drown themselves in the 'flow' they join to.
Been there, been that as this writer would say, been a victim too.

As for the writer's view using his sketches, Kristine would be this:

Since she likes Latino culture most, perhaps this writer drew a sandinista or a Cuban version of her's. 

Warlike beauty staring over the wild roses growing whilst carrying the FAL rifle means staring at the coming promise that is, been sworn being against the system. Remember Arlen Siu Berm├║dez? Comrade Tania? Perhaps just been compelled to draw after making a politically-tainted writeup. Anyway, she's against the system though, a "Rose of war" to think of despite enjoying the cool summer breeze and warmth of the afternoon sun.

Otherwise, the other pic would be fit for a female warrior-in an ethnic style similar to the Aztecs (what Kristine wanted) and her Kapangpangan heritage:

In fact, Kristine, like any other girl whom I inspired in making works, carries a wild beauty not because of being "brown", but carries what is, admirable and inspiring-the way Amorsolo, Tolentino, or Botong Francisco tends to create their masterpieces feat. Filipinas wearing Balintawak or Kamison; this writer also thinks that speaking of being "brown", "morena", how come most tend to think of Filipino women carrying such beauty as "rice dolls", "whores" in the eyes of those who slander? Just because they're "exotic" in their very own appearance? For sure we see everything, from the media to the street exploits, degrades the beauty that is the brown-skinned Filipina (like Kristine, Gia,)  like those who just pose their bodies, especially in lingerie or shyly exposing their areolas in their nipples whilst looking at the mirror for sake or just to be called 'delicious.' 

Sadly to say, most people are desensitized about these things happened all the time such as describing as 'delicious' (and nothing else) in the eyes of a pervert whilst posing.  By the way, this topic is about Kristine but why about 'delicious' again? Oh god!

Anyways, quite weird for this writer who made this writeup about a girl in a page full of art history, architecture, literature and...politics. But on the other hand, the tan-coloured girl who loved summer, beach and cool breeze, like a wild-grown rose, wants to be free from an unknown past, whether it is from an old relationship with a someone, or from the system she tries to resist.

As one poem says:

"And yet her beauty remains enchanted
And there's a new tune from her mind
A new magic from a loving face
To be inspired by amongst people to be as friends
To be loved by someone whom both cherished love
As they fought for freedom and to astonish the intruders."

And if so, then black and red roses to Kristine!