Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"Accept Deregulated oil industry? Tuition and Other Fee Increase??" A SLAP IN THE MASSES FACE!

"Accept Deregulated oil industry? Tuition and Other fee Increase?" 

by Katleah Ulrike

"Insisting the government is already taking all steps to minimize the impact of rising fuel prices, Malacañang appealed to transport groups Saturday to “accept” the deregulated nature of the oil industry."

These are the opening words stated by GMA news about Malacanang's stand in midst of the growing oil prices in the country.

At first, the system seemingly acting pessimistically, or in a retreating manner as it gave up trying to keep oil prices low; otherwise, it is more likely to state such words as this: "That's Life, accept it."-that somehow also meant greater opposition despite justification as most are struggling to survive especially the hard-earned.

In fact,  it is quite weird and stupid to think of a Government giving way to the wishes of private interest while calling for people power  as a means to improve stability and attaining superficial progress in it. As prices of commodities gone high same as oil, yet the laboring masses kept on struggling overnight to have a good increase, such minimal moves taken by the national government were simply a slap on the faces of the masses as it treats everything a charity such as "Pantawid Pasada" subsidy-an alms in other words in midst of the growing oil prices.

This writer somehow would think that since the government "accepts" the so-called "fact" of having a deregulated oil industry, why not also help the consumer as well by rising its salary and abolish VAT on oil, or to the maximum extent, renationalize Petron for the benefit of Public Utility Vehicles seeking for a cheaper oil and gas?

For sure how wonder why people are in discontent about this serious matter especially rising prices of goods and commodities. This matter is not about calling for a doleout as those who justify accepting it think of. As most government officials seemingly questioning this and that, that and this in the halls of the senate and house of representatives, it end up rather as empty phrases or lucky if it end up as law that obviously few would tend to obey with; worse, within the facade of superficial "progress" is a rampant, obvious poverty prevailing in the metro and in the countryside.

The rise of Oil increases due to having a deregulated oil industry and predominancy of cartels such as Petron, Shell and Caltex showed the slowness of the system in regards to this matter. One commentator even said:

"What is not accepted and is not acceptable is that this current admin makes a big fat excuses out of it. The laziness is prevalent. And it is obvious that the government doesnt have any mitigating measures to cushion its impact...he's so focus on matters of wrong politics, that is, to get that vengeance to the perceived obvious enemies."

Quite personal to say so about the comment, that the current administration makes some excuses but the fact lies in having a system of elitists dominating everything in every sphere such as the Oil industry. However, some tend to aggravate the matter by telling "Foreign companies" to come further and tap oil and natural gas in every national reserve!-That means giving up sovereignity for pieces of silver then!

As another commentator said:

"If we want to encourage foreign oil companies to tap our petroleum reserves while the local oil companies gets latest technology on how to drill the petroleum reserves and also encourages more foreign oil companies to operate and compete with the existing oil companies for domestic consumption:Abolish the 60/40 Filipino-Foreign equity restriction on setting-up domestic corporations especially in tapping natural resources like petroleum and natural gas from the 1987 Constitution and allow foreign multi-national corporations and individuals to provide jobs to our millions of unemployed Filipinos, to improve our infrastructure, compete the inefficient and low-paying existing local companies, and to compete with the global market like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia."

The commentator seemingly speaks of "providing jobs, improving infrastructure, being globally competitive" by having foreign entities controlling in all spheres in lieu of the elitists as against with. In fact, more foreign oil companies like what? British Petroleum? Gulf Oil? Esso? Most of them rather tend to monopolize as its main objective rather than to compete with other oil companies such as what we see nowadays. Otherwise, it shows the acceptance of Filipinos are unfit to develop themselves as the commentator preferred multinational companies dominate in the economy and perhaps in the country as well.

And using Malaysia as one of its examples as the quote said so, the writer would say again that most of it are state-owned or private companies supported by the state; Proton is state-controlled so is Petronas. And despite having foreign companies in countries like what he said, as well as Singapore's, the state had a right to intervene ensuring "Common good" despite allowing private enterprise while the Philippines literally preferring foreign institutions, whether through domestic dummies or not, dominate the economy. Quite weird to think of why such countries that commentator tend to look examples are the countries whose states having intervening powers? He may not notice also as well that Malaysia's Article 153 said:

It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

...Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, but subject to the provisions of Article 40 and of this Article, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall exercise his functions under this Constitution and federal law in such manner as may be necessary to safeguard the special provision of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and to ensure the reservation for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of such proportion as he may deem reasonable of positions in the public service (other than the public service of a State) and of scholarships, exhibitions and other similar educational or training privileges or special facilities given or accorded by the Federal Government and, when any permit or licence for the operation of any trade or business is required by federal law, then, subject to the provisions of that law and this Article, of such permits and licences.

There may be foreign companies in Malaysia, BUT the law speaks of MALAYS as SOVEREIGN and PRIORITY OF THE STATE TO ENSURE WELFARE AND ADVANCEMENT.

Well, such decree is really contrary to what the Philippines' "Laissez Faire" attitude enjoyed by foreign entities, oligarchs, and the corrupt. To think that the Government itself said that "Better to accept Deregulated Oil Industry?" A SLAP ON THE MASSES FACE!

Same goes in Tuition and Other Fee Increases.

Last friday, students from different universities in Metro Manila marched towards Mendiola protesting against attempts for having tuition and other fee increase. As according to the National Union of Students of the Philippines, most Universities tend to increase their fees this 2012, here are the Universities shown:

National Teachers' College: Php 40/unit
DLSU: 3.5%
TUP: Php 1000
UST: 6% old student, 19% incoming freshmen
UE: 5%
FEU: 4.3%

Again, what do most expect in having an increase that is, yearly? For sure the administrators of those institutions tend to justify this and that as a "Policy" despite having bigger chunks last year-that most end up in its "Return of Investment" and some, if not few end up in the basics such as utilities and salaries of Professors and Employees.

Worse, there are "Student Councils" tend to Justify ToFIs as they brag their so-called "Projects."

Like in the University of the East, for example, one group tend to brag like traditional politicians as said:

Separation of LFR and LFIR
UE Botanical Garden
Festive UE Foundation Week
Blue Chairs
White Boards
Automated Student Council Elections
CCTV Cameras at UE gates
Tri-colored trash bins
Comprehensive Committee System
Manila Week
UE Printing Station

Nice to hear such "Achievements" but on the other hand, are these projects really made by the Council or simply made by the Administration? Tangible projects like Blue Chairs and White Boards are obligations set forth by the University in general, and not of the Council as it tends to "Improve" the University's appearance-so is the practical notion of "Having its own money produced by ToFI be allocated to": Another Bragging Right then!

As Alec Mandrilla of the University Student Council of UE said:

"the TOFI will continue to pursue and as students, we can demand for a justification of the increase..."

Sounds ridiculous as that USC President, whilst saying "NO", also agrees, accepts the said 'truth' the way Malacanang did in regards to having a deregulated oil industry and its effects such as oil price hikes. Otherwise, what is the purpose of having ToFI in UE? Another bragging right for the ruling puppets? 
Quite desperate to see people joining the joyride, while at the same time justifying the increase by bragging such projects and make-up reforms. And yet, those bragging rights said so by the council aren't really made by the party who dominates in it, as according to Jade Valenzuela:

"Those projects were done upon the consensus of the council."

Quite stupid to see "Yellow" student councils bragging their short-term projects as if theirs not noticing that the money being used came from the University's budget; worse, unveiling their bipolar attitude as noticed by most students of the University of the East.

Then telling everyone that the "Youth is the hope of the homeland?", of extorting everyone to move "Forward" yet most are stopped from studying in college because of having a Tuition Fee Increase? The issue became a "Hot topic" during Student Council Elections like in UE. Valenzuela, as she consistently opposed the moves of the rival group dominating the USC, also tend not to limit the issue of ToFI during Election campaigns and instead be consistently opposed in midst of the current social crisis, as said:

"The reality of Tuition and Other Fee Increases should not be made or taken as an electoral campaign. This is an issue that should be well learned and fought against all throughout the year. Annually we face this and for the longest time in the university, it is only now that the council(s) are taking stands. The students should be critical about this. We should keep in mind that real leaders do not only take action when it is beneficiary for them given that they are aware of this issue, real leaders take action even though they are not in any position or office. Real leaders do not treat the issue of student rights and welfare as a seasonal thing. Real leaders are well versed and well prepared to take action upon this, not only when they are pressed for time, but the whole year round."

The bipolar tendencies of those currying popular support unveiled its rottenness like accepting the "fact" of having a deregulated oil industry, increasing oil prices, prices of commodities and services, including tuition and other fees. For sure some would think that how come in spite of having "progress" via increasing GNP and GDP rates these problems prevail?

This writeup is not even about urging the system to have doleouts as what critics may think of most of the time why there are rallies outside. Most of them are staying in their condominiums all the time anyway...but the next time they'll complain about having increasing rates in electricity, water, cellphone, telephone, cable, and other shit their money throw upon. What's the use of being apathetic if they themselves wanting refunds the way the poor as they think of "wanting doleouts" while obviously "wanting housing and livelihood"?

In times like these, such issues IS A SLAP IN THE MASSES FACE!