Sunday, 18 March 2012

Scenes from Karl Roy's wake

Scenes from Karl Roy's wake

It was Thursday when I went to this kind of event in Mt. Carmel Church in Quezon City.

Full of people from relatives, artists and perhaps fanatics as well, enjoying porridge, coffee, Doner Kebab, Chapchae and listening to elegies and music coming from prominent personalities. That event somehow recalls the past memories left by a one of a kind person: Karl Roy.

He may had been into ashes this time, and now placed in a columbarium in the churchyard, but to everyone who knows him, his music, his antics and any other contributions that somehow outweigh his shortcomings, Karl Roy is not dead.

So many farewells indeed in that corner.

But then, this writer doesn't think of farewells. He wrote this:
Karl Roy...¡Presente!
For he is alive and youthful in everyone's hearts. He is not dead!

Yes, he's not dead. He's present in everybody's hearts. 
Through his music and memories, he remains alive and youthful. 


Here are other pictures on that same day:

For sure more and more artists will follow his talent instead of his vices for his contributive works such as in music outweigh his vices and shortcomings so to say. Critics may have praised him nowadays the way his fanatics vent their sorrows into songs as ever. 

And again, Requiescat in pace Karl! Your music and memories will make your legacy youthful as ever.