Thursday, 5 April 2012

Christ has died, but he paid our debts...

Christ has died, but he paid our debts...

People as of this day fell silent as they celebrate the day of the execution of the Lord Jesus Christ. To others, that crucifixion, an act of capital punishment served to subversives, also served as a sacrifice as he himself, being a son of god ought to take away the sins of the world and an upbringer of hope among the people.

But we usually think of it as "nothing", especially to the crucifix, the face of the suffering Christ as an idol to be worshiped, a memory to be remembered, yet there are still longer debts to be paid by the people, not spiritually but socially. As the people, suffered by the growing socio-political and economic crisis ought to carry the cross and to suffer the consequences very much whilst those with enough everything just simply watch and see and took pity on them. To the extent that His death reminds of the plight of suffering people.

Once, someone recalled in a rally, dubbed "the poor man's calvary" shown how the toiling masses, both rural and urban marched to the city in the middle of the lent in pursuit of venting their grievances against a system who is playing deaf. The church may have both ridiculed and sympathized with that action as it was made in the season of lent, but then on the other hand it showed how the toilers, in carrying their cross and marching despite the strong heat till noon reminding of their sacrifices that is not enough to provide their daily needs. Of doing such actions not just to vent rage against those who oppress but to speak of realistic change-like a real land reform program, industrialization for employment, a progressive fiscal social policy, and everything that a toiler speaks of based on its experiences as individuals the way he also tries to repent for his mistakes, shortcomings, sins what he have done all of his life.

Quite weird to think that is Christ simply died for our sins? Or also died trying to purify the faith of his forefathers, and the society he and his people lived from corruption, repression and degradation? Taking a bitter cup of sacrifice is necessary for everyone, not just those who seriously profess the faith in order to liberate themselves from the cycle and the society they belong to; it is not enough to think that everything is based on individual's intention but these are socially related such as why they are enticed to do stealing nor taking illegal substance. It can't be entirely because of self-gratification and be resolved through imprisonment and mere "rehabilitation".

Otherwise, to the ones on high, including the Church as well, it is obvious that some trying to act beyond simply because they are "on high". One writeup even said this:

"We tend to be beyond everything upon understanding things in life, we wanted a better world yet the conditions, relations of everything (especially production) failed us to do so. Yes, we tried to become Ubermensch as Nietzsche said so but only to be fulfill through collective action and consensus. Contrary indeed to what Nietzsche said but in actual it takes too long time for an individual, alone to succeed in creating a realization. Otherwise we are merely creating sand castles than of concrete ones.

Sorry for taking Nietzsche as an example but obviously most people unconsciously wanted to be "above normal" so to speak and create a model that is perfect and appealing to the senses and minds of others. But will that last long? Like the time famed quest for immortality?

Well...this is really man's very own foundations of faith other than from his creator's."

Quite right to say that acting collectively in every sphere of production, of being one in heart and praxis lies the foundations of the future, but others tend to think as a mere sand castle effort and reducing the idea of the future into an individualistic wishful thinking. Yet they themselves are trying above normal whose objective is to be immortalized, how about those who really worked for it? Yes, this is really man's very own foundations of faith, to become immortal and supreme other than from his creator's, but still not enough as the rotting stench of the society continues to sweep and prevail in everyone else. 

Well, To sum all these, It is for the system to pay their debts to the people not the other way around since most are paying taxes, direct or indirect; national or city-centred ones everyone paying for. And to think that not all poor people are like hobos or solvent kids sniffing solvent nor thieves living on thievery. The people are sick and tired of repression and poverty that continues to prevail nowadays. And since Christ also died resisting the order, it is for us to continue the struggle-to repent, follow his footsteps and serve the people, not just a simple forgiveness of sins that usually vent upon to us.