Friday, 11 May 2012

MORY: The "Dystopic" world of BongBong Gising and its relation to the desperate minds of today

The "Dystopic" world of BongBong Gising
and its relation to the desperate minds of today

Supposedly this should be made a year ago only because of some preoccupations this writer had to prioritize on. However, in revisiting his rants, feelings and wordplay, BongBong Gising rather gives a dystopic view of a world that perhaps few would ever imagine and most would think of him as a stoner.

...that made this writer write about a dystopic world that is a trying hard rival to today's "Hunger Games" and other sorts of dystopic novels young adults craved upon nowadays.

In fact, BongBong Gising, known for his rant in the LRT last 2010, became popular in Youtube with his wordplay had been transcribed as well as given subtitles in his first video. He was even widely watched and even had a fanpage made in honor of him.

However, due to that said popularity, that incident happened in the LRT wasn't noticed nor he was apprehended by the guards as that once metamphetamine addict had a "speech" with someone dared to record a video over in it; and perhaps that video somehow made the authorities given a strong security measure not just in every station but also on every LRT or MRT train itself.

It is quite strange to see that person speaking aloud yet few dared to listen simply because he as a drug addict, yet as for the video taken 2 years ago, and with the subtitles based from the transcription, it showed rather a sentiment, a "dystopic" world coming from a mind with strains of methamphetamine crawled over in it.

In his first video, at first he was simply giving a dystopic description of the Philippines as similar "Israel" and "Germany", as well as full of sophisticated weaponry and a state of the art computer known as the "Magnafanta", however it turned into a series of threats and rants as he urged someone to have a fistfight with him and called a "Gosling", even reminding to have some respect while he's talking.

Quite weird isn't it? Having a drug laced mindset gives "colours" and other dreamish features that would end up as words to be spoken, obviously, it's like similar to those who took Marijuana everyday just to write more what comes from a writer's once-barren mind; that perhaps made BongBong Gising even said himself being experimented by a "Demon" from Vietnam named "Noynoy Aquino", with his nose put in his heart and head with his pubic hair! "It change easy!" BongBong Gising said in that strange dystopic statement.

Obviously, in reading the entire statement BongBong Gising hath stated, it is sort of a science fiction made by a stoner. Yes, his words carry too much imagination fueled by snorting meth that gives a message that is unbelievable, or rather few to dare making a story out of it; based from his words such as "Magnafanta computer" and Carriedo (misspelt as Camiedo).

Here are the said "transcription" from the video taken 2 years before, those said in Filipino are italicized:

If you know this country,
this is a Israel
and this is also the germany ha,
Ha, I have a seven magnificent here

In this a hundred feet ground in the fault find
this country you know every station I know a copy

In R. Popeye Station,
I have 27 canyons
7 granites
and 27 full web disc nets
of PULL! Tanks!
Of negative 77 part of night shadow,
the fixer.

When I open the Malacañang sheety
in St. Jude hospital,
I have a seven grounds
of magnificent 7 treasure
of National golds of Columbia
and that is a pearl gold than buddha.

I know this City.

In this whole world,
I have many missiles in this kari,
I have 37 missiles under the ground of Camiedo (Carriedo)
and it was instant to look find because the 400 feet
was insent by my knuckled hotdog
of my shadow...

tha pain that hose...
of that Tingle...
of The Last Fogging of the Full Sea.
That is the magnafanta computer.

And I have peace in my mind
because Noynoy Aquino was fix that demon
define my three CHARRRACTER of a two hearts ♥ ♥
and shadow it and put in the pire
and I recover...

And I use drugs so top shabu.
So when I use drugs,
I pour remember my mory

aye Bongbong is your afoyren?
If you remember monster,
ti señore se teñore ha,
te goodmorning po,
pasensya na po.

That was the time I know,ha.
You better know the day.
I better for all, ah.

And you know this country
is a city kind of... god,
that is Jerusalem.

(Intermission, 5th Ave. Station)

Now for all of you!
If you contact Mrs. Marcos
or anybody who is in Marcos Family,
you told them:

"Hey batter!
His father you rrrespect my mind boy!
It's just an innocent time!
You give me a shit of mind!"

Better respect somebody's talking!
If you don't like my dialogue you go out in the city!
I'm a Police also!

I'm an NBI! I'm FBI!
You better talk to... Mr. Crame, ha!


D'you remember Rango?!!!
We retek atak nina?!!!
D'you know Vincent Dangko?

I know you Bangki,
Ipsiao apecqiao tiaps!
No money allowed for me
but I'm innocent


I lucky into you mind ha.
You better me mouse good ha.

Ngayon kung may kakilala kayo...
Kung kilala nyo mama ko,
kumalabit kayo kay mama,
sabihin nyo:

Kamp@t@nginang Channel 7 
Channel 2 ayaw papasukin,
pano takot sila!

P@tanang tong Nonoy Aquinong ito,
pupugutan ko ng ulo sa harapan nyo
yan ang laki ng atraso sa akin nyan.

Yung pinaka itlog ko
tsaka pinaka muscles ko
nilagay nya sa ilalim.

Istomach ko nilagay nya rito,
ang headfeet ko kita nyo wala nang kuko.
Eh pare pichick my three eyes, ha

My nose was put in the heart Men!
And my head put in my pubic hair,
it change easy.

And I cannot fix that, yah.
That's the demon from Vietnam ha.
Now he's a President?
Pu+@ng!n@ yan

Whatever I say ha,
a filipino is my friend... ;)

His words are somehow a hodge-podge of moods sewn together according to this writer. The first introductory statements showed that he's seriously doing a storytelling while on the latter goes angry-statements such as "Hey Batter!..." showed that he was reminding those who know the Marcoses whom, according to BongBong, gave him a "Shit of mind".

Weird isn't it for this writer to made this writeup as few dared to interpret what he was saying in the LRT station. His drug-laced story somehow showed a dystopic world he was trying to convey to everyone (although few listened and most tend to laugh or aloof at him), to hear he speaking about sophisticated weaponries, compared the Philippines to Israel and Germany, Golds over Malacanang, even he himself undergone torture with his head full of pubic hair rather made everyone thinks of him as crazy out of getting drugged many times by meth.

Anyways, that video rather catapulted to a degree of "popularity" aside from the earlier one showed in GMA's "Inbestigador"; that, through his wordplay showed a hodgepodge of illusions, dreams, ideas and stupidities that, out of getting drugged so many times, everyone thinks "how come he spoke english nearly well with the help of drugs?" least he admit that he himself took drugs (meth) with his memory (mory, as what BongBong said in that video) "poured over", or rather say his mind got "fried" by drugs that made him crazy.

But then, to interpret his words meant a world that is dystopic and strange to everybody's imagination to think; except that most widely accepted that President Aquino as a "Demon", but how about the Magnafanta Computer? Someone googled over that "Magnafanta" only to see a computer game and a computer shop named after what BongBong Gising stated. Carriedo (or Camiedo) had even no missiles underground nor Malacanang had golds from Colombia;  and to think that channels 7 and 2 didn't mind him in what he was saying, he was even shown in the former's program "Inbestigador" as a drug user, for sure everyone would say that "he had a taste of media from channel 7, so how come he said that channels 7 (and 2) didn't mind him?"

Well, this writer would say that in this strange world, one or some would create a dystopic one that is strange,  impossible, or as others may think of, crazy.

Jack London's Iron Heel, Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games, Harry Harrison's Make Room! Make Room! and others are the by-products of what everyone sees of nowadays-the predominance of the liesure class, the rampant use of technology, intense competition, overpopulation and production tied for a specific class or trade paved way for intense exploitation  that perhaps resorted to someone else's means of revolt against the modern world.

It's not their fault why there are "crazy people" who are making fan-fictions of dystopia out of reality. Yes, people may have admired Jack London and Suzanne Collins, yet BongBong Gising's statement seemed to be given both hilarity and scorn as it shows a mockery of an overtly interpreted "future" that is, laced with drugs and personal problems and interests. It perhaps rather inappropriate for him to speak all aloud in front of the public, especially in a train rather than to write it instead and make it into a book; it is also a mockery of sentiments that perhaps trying to convey an uncertain future...will it be similar to what that person said? Will it be like a conclusion similar to "Solyent Green" as "People"?

Anyways, let others tend to interpret what he was saying in the LRT station the way most tend to read Suzanne Collins and others that is unusual in a Filipino psyche.

At least everyone would admit also that "Noynoy Aquino" is a "Demon".