Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tis the end...and the beginning of the end

Tis the end...and the beginning of the end

By Katleah Ulrike

"The Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, having tried Renato C. Corona, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, upon three Articles of Impeachment charged against him by the House of Representatives, by a guilty vote of 20 senators found him guilty of the charge under Article II of the said Articles of Impeachment,"
-Juan Ponce Enrile 
in  declaring Renato Corona "Guilty" 

After 43 trial days, the case hath been settled.

As 20 Senator-Judges voted nay and 3 as no, Chief Justice Renato Corona end up impeached, stripped off his title, and hence guilty of a crime involving money, power and perhaps vengeance.

At first, people would say that Corona simply accept the post of the Chief Justice out of a mere practical reason that "Lawyers had a dream of that said post in the Supreme Court", obviously the sense of delicadeza hath been disregarded in favor of that said practical alibi, that made Corona be called "Arroyo's stooge" and his court as "Arroyo's court."

But then, the courts rather focused entirely on financial matters that affected Corona's prestige as the head of the Judiciary. Everyone all heard "Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth" over and over again while Corona tried to act like Pontius Pilate or denying this and that despite having such property, wealth in his and his family's name; the Basas, his wife's family took opportunity in pointing against him especially in regards to the Basa-Guidote property in Manila. All eyes are pointing to his accountability that he himself ought to deny over and over-thinking that the matter are rather purely political yet the evidences stated are far from politically-inclined alibis such as a penthouse suite, Dollars, and assets far from his denials such as he as a simpleton and without any housekeeper.

As according to David Michael San Juan, said:

"Bravo! A man who betrayed public trust by deliberately excluding some of his assets in the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) is on the verge of being ousted from his post. What’s next then? Expect business as usual. This is all for show. What’s the proof that this is just all for show? Remember the day congressmen and congresswomen who instantly endorsed and signed the impeachment complaint started clamoring for Chief Justice Corona to sign a waiver that will allow them to scrutinize all his bank accounts?"

Well, such events within the session hall were too focused on financial matters. Corona seems that he's trying to convey that "Economics are for donkeys" yet having a degree related to Business Administration such as in Ateneo de Manila and Harvard. To convey that "Economics are for donkeys" yet having amassed properties such as $10 to $12 million dollar accounts in 82 banks or even 4 dollar accounts in 4 banks as what Corona said  would say that "how come a simpleton who denies having housekeepers had an account such as a million dollar one?" A simpleton who had the guts not to believe in Asset-Debit would rather not to have a bank account or if he has, be purely based on his salaries and savings alike; after all being a Government official meant a degree of easy money that is tempting, and treating "Economics are for donkeys" may meant spending a hard earned money for basics such as food and utilities what a responsible simpleton ought to be.

This writer doesn't say something directly against Corona, such issues like these are rather involve certain officials whose amassed wealth are far from what is registered in their SALNs; obviously the latter may ought to deny this and justify that their relatives control those share such as Corona's statement involving his daughter controlling one of his properties including some of his dollars. 

That made San Juan again stated:

Theoretically, there are hundreds of Coronas out there: public officials who are afraid to disclose everything that they have (yes, they rightly think that being so rich in a very poor country is somewhat wrong). It’s just that they’re yet to be caught. And since the waiver issue is fast fading in the people’s consciousness, there’s very little chance that we would see more of them caught and punished.

After all, as Congressmen, Senators, even the President himself and his retinue been compelled to show transparency through showing their SALNs, most are rather afraid to show or even play like Pontius Pilate to justify their denial. Corona may've denied this and that, while at the same time acknowledging his "mistakes" as if very minor to his; but as expected he failed to sort out which property came from clean, modest means and the dirty ones as what other Government officials failed to do so. Obviously they don't like to act like former Congressman Way Kurat whose only vehicle is his Bicycle, but they also deny having properties or wealth coming to this and that or even passing theirs to someone else and appear as if nothing happened.

This writer even ridicule why Corona hath to sold his property to his daughter? Why not have it as a present instead? Business matters so to see in these that is supposedly personal ones such as property and that includes transferring names.

Using Hacienda Luisita as its counterpunch
...and a joyride of  "populists" using the Hacienda for supporting Corona

Upon days assessing the entire event, this writer somehow felt that the tiral involving CJ Corona is also a matter of revenge.

Yes, he was appointed by Arroyo, whom today's Aquino and the rest ostracised her followed by scrutinizing his accounts and properties not registered in his SALN, only to be respond with a mere  "counterpunch" that includes the distribution of lands such as Hacienda Luisita; but still not enough to consider the counterpunch enough to gain support from the majority who knows Aquino and Arroyo are both sides of the same coin- as evidenced by the massacre years ago.

Quite strange isn't it that regardless of prayers, rallies, all end up nothing especially using the issue involving Hacienda Luisita. Some tend to connect it, of course because Corona simply implement the law giving away those land, but obviously few farmers from the Hacienda supported him, and the rest are rather merely supporters of Arroyo who vent rage against Aquino for hatred towards their dear leader and her retinue! How come?
They simply assail Aquino for his incompetence, contented in his circle of PR men and certain "Leftists" such as Hontiveros, Llamas et al. but did they assess the shortcomings of the Arroyo regime such as its (near) militarist stance and its policies? Of justifying Charter Change or even putting patriotic shit to justify policies deemed as "antipeople"?

Perhaps, this writer would say that they are all in the system that made Marlene Aguilar assailed over for having her son Jason Ivler imprisoned, or even BongBong Gising for calling Aquino "Demon from Vietnam" and the Marcoses "for giving him a shit in his mind", sorry to say so stating them as their examples; but in an assessment, personalities within the order such as Corona, Arroyo, Aquino belong to a same rotten order of things people dared to oppose over by ballot box or by pillbox bomb. And Aquino's alibi of Corona as Arroyo's stooge and Corona's Hacienda Luisita are rather punches to justify people's discontent on both sides. To think that yes, Corona did good in issuing order for the Hacienda be distributed, but does it mean would made him give a good image to a person appointed in the middle of the election period from a person hated by many? 

Perhaps few remember then Chief Justice Felix Makasiar being assailed for being a Marcos stooge (especially when he ruled in favor of the defendants in the pending murder trial of Benigno Aquino, Jr.), same as Corona (for overturning the truth commission against the Arroyo regime). They may've done good but does not mean can absolve from being related to past regimes gated by the people. Corona may have assailed the left the way Arroyo's loyalists and militarists do, they've even also cheered over in regards to the Hacienda given to the peasants aside from having a joyride clamoring against the oligarchs and such, but they do also have oligarchs and landords amongst themselves isn't it? Or even foreign investors as its allies thinking about possible plans for making the Hacienda as an example for a possible market? 
Anyways, farmers tilling the Hacienda's very own soil would think rather that they may have the land given but still they're yearning for justice such as Arroyo, then commander in chief and Aquino, the landlord in their Massacre-in other words, assailing the two as part of defending their newly acquired land, they're left by nature so to speak-given that Central Luzon was and is a bulwark of the left that made every leader from the ruling class a headache.

...and the ones who are against Aquino, as well as the Leftists simply joined the joyride against the Oligarchs such as Lopez yet preaching about the market anot not social justice. Did they oppose Henry Sy? Danding Cojuangco? Ayalas? Tantocos? Manny Pangilinan? This made Marcos's rebellion of the poor useless nor its democratic revolution from the center for having a rotten system intact and given a modern facade similar to the walls that hid the eyesore from the eyes of foreign diplomats in Pasay.

...that somehow includes distributing Hacienda Luisita to the farmers yet assailing the ones who have defending their homes in Silverio Compound. The latter even paid peso by peso to have it "theirs" as possible yet demolished for a project made by Henry Sy's SM, thus is their so-called social justice encompasses everyone? Or simply choosy in the pretext of people should support this and that and other pseudo-welfare state concepts? This means hypocrisy as mere populists bannering democracy, anti-elitism yet wanting a new class such as theirs on the top. You may be against oligarchs, but opening the country totally to foreigners all in the guise of "development" and "progress"? Hypocrites to the trying hard Nouveau Riche!

After all, the system remains rotten as everyone sees of it. Good to hear Corona's order in giving distributing the Hacienda, but does not mean supporting him; the farmers are delighted to have their land but does not mean they'll forget both Arroyo and Aquino for their injustices laid against them and that includes assailing a stubling block to their aspirations of justice they way they ought to defend their right to till, so are the Flight  Attendants from FASAP demanding justice after Corona's action reversing their victory over PAL.

Miriam Santiago acting like Torquemada in her pulpit.
Seems that she treats the court as if like in the middle ages.

Tis the end...and the beginning of the end

But regardless of these, people would rather create discontent on both sides justifying their shit as if their grandpa as intelligent as other grandpas; Corona's fall does not mean the end but the beginning of certain issues and incidents that perhaps hasten discontent, and perhaps the end of a system that made El Filibusterismo's Simoun be bombed by his nitroglycerin. Sorry to say so but it is the people against the system not Left vs. Right as what this writer sees this time.

If this writer were Corona, he would have also tend to unleash exposes involving Government officials (like Assange's Wikileaks and Lt. Bradley Manning's expose involving Soldiers in Iraq) to everyone as good punches also need good counterpunches too the way he uses Hacienda Luisita as his alibi for attacking the Aquinos; after all he would have said that he'll "see everyone in Hell" so to speak.

That somehow realize what militarist right-wingers guised as "Democrats" usually said:

"Using Democracy to destroy Democracy"

Indeed, it is the people who had the right to destroy the system's "Democracy" for their "Democracy". Lucky that these people are restrained by compassion and faith, but if not then expect a bloody purge somewhere out there -justifying that the only law in this world is the law of the jungle.

...that makes the beginning of the end justifiable. Sorry to say so, Life is a HUNGER GAME!