Thursday, 7 June 2012



Well, this writeup is made supposedly last May, but then this writer hath been preoccupied with other works as well as trying to have a series of brainstorming for this kind of work. In fact, this work is made also in response to an ad made by a prestigious clothing apparel that seemed to treat women as dog breeders. As it says:

"This is just all about Mixing and Matching...Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class."

Obviously, those words treating Filipinas for fucking is the most stupid of all ideas to be written for an advertisment all for the sake of calling a Filipina "world class." 

...that made this writer think about a woman whose beauty is far from the stereotype what that ad stated.

In fact, it is kinda strange for this writer to revisit someone who haven't met in person, but then this so-called "revisit" perhaps recalls someone who also made him inspired for quite some time.

...especially in this few days of the sizzling sun yet this time carrying rain.

In fact, this writer consider Kristine as a vixen in this blog other than Jella, like in the earlier writeup she corresponds to the tropical setting as fresh that made others think of as exotic, submissive and seductive, but this writer think that she's not like any other third world girl that oftentimes see in porn or in the mindsets of the white men as rice dolls.

After all, she's one of the writer's muses when it comes to artwork.

Again, with a description such as having a beauty bronzed by the sun, with tattoos on her body, Kristine remained slim different from what comes today. And based on the pictures similar to last time's post, she still loves the sea and white sand to step in, whether it is Boracay, Pagudpud, Puerto Galera, perhaps this writer thinks that Kristine really loves to endure the heat and swam in the deep blue sea and be described by others whether as a "last virgin on earth" or "the most beautiful maiden in this world".

And perhaps since she's is a maiden of sun, sand, and sea, she may also love to sail, crusin' till night if she loves walking in the sand and swim. But then, regardless of her image, not all times Kristine ought to go to Boracay or Puerto Galera only to take pictures of her's with tattoos, with the overtly inspired may describe her as a "nymph" and thinking about her as similar to those with curvaceous bodies engaging in drinking liquor and parties.

But then, this writer rather think that yes, she's a "nymph" like any other girl whom he end up inspired, and yet Kristine somehow personifies the wild rose blooming somewhere and picked by someone to be placed in the altar of thine favorite avatar. The wild beauty of Kristine, like any other maiden that is molded by the presence of people is worthy of inspiring to those becoming free and rebellious as she personifies the molten steel that is to be forged into a weapon of life and death.

Quite admirable, lovable isn't she? That perhaps recalls one of this writer's sketches.

In fact, this writer, during those times he sought Kristine's pictures, was listening to some ethnic rock that made him drew that kind of artwork. Describing as a "Warrior", he thinks that her wild beauty, signified by her skin kissed by the sun, slim physique, and love of adventure also mirrors a warrior's endurance-remember Xena the warrior princess? The Valkyries that carried the slain for Valhalla? This writer made think that Kristine is more of a warlike beauty than a mere courtesan whose life is for show-offs.

...and not to forget the tattoos, especially the one in her private part that reminds of wildfire. Once, in an interview, Kristine said that her's as trimmed contrary to others who done shaved, well, quite natural so to think of that is well aligned with the tattoos that reminds of wildfire over the bushes. Sorry to those who may read upon and ridicule over this kind of matter, for sure artists would dare to sketch a maiden with a tattoo surrounding that maiden's vagina as part of their artwork.

That reminds of one writer in the Philippine Collegian being expelled for saying that the breasts of whom he end inspired "is like a coconut." Haha.

Perhaps, to be inspired more, next time better to see her in person and hear the music that eases the barren soul of the desperate.  Quite years to dealt with her via online chatting, but through these descriptions foster new wave of ideas, understanding and perhaps rapport between peoples regardless of different circles and understandings since this writer loves punk rock and winter, while Kristine loves rap and summer, it is no hindrance for both hates the flow that made everyone desensitized, stupid, nonsense than fun, free, and rebellious.

That made people think about mixing and matching the impure and what is not. Kristine can be a concoction of different races but still she is pure enough to be a Filipina. She doesn't need to become a model just to say "world class", but nevertheless, she's a vixen that made men harden, a rebel that made people rage, an image of a maiden of the tropic that made everyone inspire.

By the way, is this a comeback for Kristine as a "Vixen" in this site?