Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Swagger? Manele? Chav? Wearing this and that such as jackets and hoodies doesn't make this person a somebody!

Swagger? Manele? Chav? 
 Wearing this and that such as jackets and hoodies 
doesn't make a person somebody!

The problem about apparel, of trend over purpose, stereotypes,
and its relation to a society gone deteriorating

It seems that people nowadays are enjoying jackets or any other attire all for the sake of being famous. Yes, that most teenyboppers, ranging from students to trying hard urban professionals and bystanders, all saving their money just to buy what they often see and admire.

That made this writer's past job had good flow of money in it, and somehow at first impression, especially to the nicely fitting and in good appearance it all means nice.

However, this writer, who once working on that establishment had a good pay after working as its designer, it doesn't mean that he ought to join the flow by wearing a jacket and act like a trying hard someone else such as a Swagger. Yes, he sought people who, joined by the flow simply end up as trying hard Swagger or any other crap prtending to be famous; and made him seemingly think that are all they saving money just to buy that goddamn jacket or cap after buying last year's sneakers and skinny pants?

Evolution of the scene, from being accepted to being degenerated

Being a Swagger, whether in the outskirts of California's San Francisco to Manila's Tondo reminds of last year's Chavs in London's subrubs and Maneles in the outskirts of Bucharest. To think that they tend to follow western designs whether original or imitation, they simply buy it on the pretext of personal fetish and popularity from both radio and TV, few ought to think deeply and instead, rather spend just to buy, wear and eventually display it; quite strange isn't it that they tend to act so without any interpretation, simply because they joined the flow for sake.

To think that due to the popularity of musicians such as Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, Micki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, or even the loveteam Jamich, most tend to emulate these people whether in music, dance moves and fashion, however most, if not all go to the third one and making a fashion statement that is worth to be described as famous regardless of some contradictions to be considered upon; and obviously, for the sake of popularity it is necessary for media outlets to popularize something that is catchy: 1980s swank paved way to 1990s grunge, followed by the popularity of Spice Girls, Emo, Jejemon, Chicano Ese and this, a rehash of pasts what others may deem as craps.

Speaking of Manele and Chav, those genres popular in UK and Romania are quite similar to what goes on nowadays. Filipinos nearly transcend their Jejemon culture to become Swaggers upon observation, exchanging their "JejeCaps" for Jackets and caps made by Obey or YMCMB; obviously they are like Chavs in UK wearing faux burberries and Maneles with their silver.
In fact, this writer, upon looking at those Maneles, reminds of Contemporary RnB Icons in Manila who tries to emulate their African-American idols, as according to Wikipedia:

"Manelists have created a distinct image on the Romanian music scene, by showing their own fashion style. Many of the manelists use luxurious and casual, even underground styles combined altogether to form the specific manele fashion. Typical manele apparel includes flashy jewelry and affordable luxury clothing brands (such as Versace, Armani or Dolce & Gabbana) or certain sport brands (especially Nike). Such brands are an important part of manele culture, and they are even featured sometimes in lyrics."

So is in England's very own Chavs.
According to a BBC TV documentary it suggested that "chav" culture is an evolution of previous working-class youth subcultures associated with particular commercial clothing styles, such as mods, skinheads and casuals. However, it seemed that they are likewise different, that a stereotype of a Chav includes wearing branded designer sportswear and might be accompanied by some form of gold jewelery; in other words similar to those from the Ghettoes in New York and in San Francisco.

...that made people ridicule over them as white niggers especially Justin Bieber. Considering working-class backgrounds, perhaps not really came from the working-class, worse, coming from the wretched of the earth, the lumpenproletariat as others ought to say such as those who afford having silver yet with empty stomachs (using an ordinary man's perspective).

Anyways, such cultures lead to fetish over popular getups such as those from Burberry, Versace, Armani, or good quality varsity jackets made in Recto. The popularity of the current scenes made these products popular to the extent thinking that trend is above purpose over these things bought by today's generation. Obviously they rather join the trend over going to the alternative all for the sake of being cool so to see.

That made rather look strange that people cater much in what comes popular only to shed for another next year. Few would had been committed over, or others tend to say as "die hard" adherents of a certain genre. Some tend to say that Pick-Up lines are made as a humorous substitute for Rap Battles in Philippines' own GMA 7, and made this writer think that which really is popular: rap battles of BLKD, Batas, Loonie or that Pick-Up lines of Boy Pick Up?

Sorry to say so if this writeup becomes offensive, but to think that commercialism and consumerism becomes a way of life nowadays, expecting that so called way of life means exploiting mindsets for the sake of egoistic goals few people carried over in it. Varsity Jackets, imitation Obey headgears, and sneakers from Nike and even the shorts girls wear and sagging pants men tend to do so while listening to Wiz Khalifa nowadays all reminds of people who once wear blingblings, Vans for sneakers, Tribal or Levis for their apparel, as well as listening to Eminem or My Chemical Romance as their music; these same people shed their skins all for another, what's next? If they act Tarzan they will do so? These lay ideas that questions involving trend and utility, illusion and reality.

That somehow made this writer had less idea to have a varsity jacket of his. He may ought to buy so for the sake of protecting from the cold than a mere fashion statement, same as looking on artworks made by that Obey instead of buying a headgear under that same name; no offense but, why should ought to follow the flow if this writer is also an artist and a designer who carries ideas like others tend to vent upon without following standards? This writer knows his line regardless of he once worked in that institution, he loves to create but it doesn't include being obliged to wear and make a mere somebody out of it. For sure others would think and say it is strange to be less or non conform yet surviving the tide of time such as this writer tend to convey in this writeup.
In fact, this writer isn't alone in questioning popularity, utility, and taste, one of his friends even thinks that varsity jackets is unfit for her's as she prefer wearing a good old school hoodie just like Eminem's over Wiz Khalifa's.

...that made him reminds of some writeups such as this:

"Is this the birth of "Homo Filipinus?" A by product of cosmopolitanism?

Yes, as the everyday Filipino, imprisoned 333 years in a convent and 40 years in the American Hollywood including 5 years in a Japanese brothel, that being we deared and loved acquired traits that seemed contrary to our concept of our everyday lives. A manifestation that Filipinos (or rather say Pilipinos) are step by step becoming apathetic about their consciousness as a nation, or having its heritage museumified whist in everyday life becoming puppets of a foreign overseer from politics to the realms of culture.

Like China, the Filipino becomes a victim of wholesale westernization alongside brain and brawn drain and other related sorts that severely affects the country. National consciousness becomes nothing but a fashion statement than those of social action, poverty become a by-word than of a problem, anti-communism becomes terrorist related than ideological, all of these are a by products of cosmopolitanism that the west wanted, that the Filipino, with a "scientific name of "Homo Filipinus" a social by-products of cosmopolitan ghettoized Philippines."

- from Homo Filipinus?
The modern Filipino as a social by-product of cosmopolitanism

Or this:

"the culture prevailing nowadays is a culture of the west and east simply being adored by many to the extent of putting some "Filipino" twist to accommodate more and perhaps in pursuit of making it "Filipino" the way an Italian Spaghetti should be sweet and sour to accommodate the Filipino taste.

Due to the overtly influx of foreign goods, including TV programs and movies, people became totally dependent from it; and as from the earlier statement, putting some "Filipino" twist to accommodate more, thus generating profits to those who tried to insist through; no matter what response from the people would say so about it.

That, we sought a massive trend prevailing and making near-carbon copies of it such as drug-sex-brag laced "mainstream" Hip-Hop culture whether it is from the Ghettoes controlled by African-Americans or Chicanos (that some old-school Hip Hop fans as well as Progressive ones would dare to oppose it), Movies and TV programs from the Far East (especially those from Korea) and last but not the least the prevailing culture from the U.S.-a legacy what Filipinos tried to break away entirely ...or not.

...These experiences, whether music or not, yet affected the minds of the people made these a tactic of the ruling class to use the masses, from mind to persona for their own benefit although controversial-as Ceca, known for singing erotic-laced Turbo Folk married to a gun-toting politico-criminal Arkan; or Mar Roxas used Willie Revilliame's show back then in ABS-CBN proposing marriage to Korina Sanchez. Sorry to say so, but it unveils the system raping popular culture, of using the feelings of the masses for their very own benefit-making some people criticize the culture they sought much for celebrating the external symbols of easy acquisition of wealth, being too eroticized, promoting violence, escapism and exaggeration of feelings."

-From Expecting "Patriotism" and "Life"
written by "Harlots" and "Merchants" 

Well, as expected this topic isn't about dresses with labels or those who tend to popularize and gain adherents of scenes growing and then dying. Been a writer for years, and seeing such popularity rather shows an exaggeration of feelings, aspirations that instead turned into escapism and wild imaginations.


Obviously, this writer isn't really a totally non conform the way people always think about in regards to Activists, in fact wearing Vans or Dr. Martens is enough for a footgear nor Levis as its pants same as wearing hoodies or biker jackets the band Ramones and the ones protesting in Germany popularized it, and last but not the least, a good flatcap, maroon beret, and a polo or a tshirt that suits this writer's common attire. Admittingly speaking, Sometimes it is necessary to conform for a sometime but it doesn't mean that person is a conformist, to think that wearing Dr. Martens but does it mean that person wear it out of watching this is England? Nor wearing jackets because he admire the Ramones? Sheesh. He wear Dr. Martens for he wore it in his work, same as wearing Jackets for he rides in an air conditioned bus going to work, even a flatcap for he prefers it over the usual Baseball caps worn by everyone.

And again, it is strangely stupid to condemn activists simply because some wear branded ones, in fact these so called goods people had interest are at first as clothes, papers, shoes, apparel before given brands; they wear only to wear than merely showing isn't it? Well, here lies questioning free will, and also somehow made this writer think will people assail Yuri Gagarin as a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union or appreciate as the first man who piloted a spaceship that contributed further creations of modern technology such as satellites and the like.

Seems that the topic hath gone too far isn't it? But tis topic lies contradictions such as using art, technology for cultivating ideas or merely for the sake of popularity. This writer know that people had dreams that are lasting that left being stacked by short term ones such as buying this and that, few dared to recover some and renew committments in it such as having a good career depending on which sphere, savings for a lifetime, even filial duties to be done that is different from buying that ends up describing as useless for new ones thanks to those who utilize mass media and resources to achieve their egoistic goal of controlling mindsets through contemporary culture with escapism and consumerism as its primary emphasis.

After all, this writeup may say that nicer to be an anti-norm and less conform than merely joining the flow with the idea of being cool as its pretext. It makes no sense to think dogmatically in interpreting ideas, or rather say words especially those from Marx's, Mao's, Jiang Qing's, Sprengler's, even Constantin von Hoffmeister's; one writeup assailed activists who are at Pizza Hut and Starbucks, does it mean there should be a policy for an activist that includes not to have a free choice in eating whether it is posh or not? Its like telling the late Claro M. Recto not to speak Spanish for it is foreign for a patriot like him; so is a guy who should not wear Crocs for it is made in China instead of wearing Rambo sandals, all not thinking that these people are keen enough whether in speaking Spanish as one of his languages of his interest despite being patriotic or wearing a sandal regardless of its brand as long as it is a sandal!

And speaking of Sandals, otherwise reminds of this, comparing the popular Brazilian footwear Havianas to a lowly Filipino made Rambo, the former is popular with stalls from every department store, yet the latter rather end up in a lowly market. In fact according to a Brazilian friend, Havianas is their own Rambo, been sold in a market instead of a posh stall in a department store!

According to that Filipino-made picture comparing Havianas and Rambo, it said that Rambo had a variety of uses over the Brazilian-made sandal; to think that Rambo is used as a toy for a "tumbang preso" game, for  killing cockroaches, a hammer, with its descriptions such as durable and long lasting and cheap; while Havianas is merely for fashion and to brag that a posh one ought to buy that sandal. Sheesh, both of them are sandals!

Anyways, despite nearly elaborating this and that in this writeup, let's say this writer have no interest in describing this and that, obviously they are clothes and apparel at first before someone else given tags, names and urging people people to buy and have a hype unto it regardless of everyone who rather think about buying those as a minor matter and not to be prioritized upon. In fact, if purpose is to be prioritized over popularity, then wearing a jacket or any other apparel doesn't make this person or any other person a "swagger" or any other descriptions institutions tend to say so for popularity's sake.

After all, as what Hoffmeister said: grey pants are grey pants.

So are the Jackets, the hoodies, the caps, they are all apparel before given names. Only the one who exaggerates had made it something that creates something gone too far from its purpose. For sure others would tell that this writer who made this post is an antimodern kind of guy, yes; this writer is an antimodern kind of individual who speaks about a repressive future with boxed up mindsets and dominating profiteers and the like; but what makes this writer antimodern is your rotten system and not the computer that he is using; and to think that antimodern does not mean traditionalist, the way an antihero is not a villain; its just that you are against the flow what they ought to entice everyone to join in it.

Being antimodern does not mean you ought not to use this and that, but rather to use this to counter that the way people wear hoodies during protest marches, songs with realistic meanings, and perhaps using an expensive fertilizer for making bombs (like what Anders Breivik did)! Sorry to say so if that last part is offensive.

...And by the way, since people are clamoring to read and watch Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay will the swagger age die away? Anyways, Love to see a girl in a Katniss getup haha.