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"His step for mankind is eternal."

"His step for mankind is eternal."

Earthlings are now in a state of mourning as Neil Armstrong, one of the Pilots who stepped in the soil of the moon had died in the age of 82. After his family announced the death in a statement Saturday but did not disclose when or where he died.

His death attributed it to “complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.”

Famous for his quote "One small step for man is a one giant leap for mankind" as well as his salute over the flag raised in the moon, Neil Armstrong became well known as a contributor of space exploration. 

However, despite his popularity, Armstrong preferred to live simple and private, that he eventually shied from the public and avoided the popular media as "the man on the moon."

But still, his adventure remained one of the most remarkable part in the history of the space race. His step for mankind is eternal. 

Glory to the man on the moon! He is not dead!

Marina: A writer's joy and an artist's delight

Marina: A writer's joy and an artist's delight
(originally entitled: "Mu Marina, mu õnn ja rõõm")

Sorry for the original Estonian title (that originally meant My Marina, my joy, delight), since this writer is greatly inspired by someone whom made him happy after getting depressed for months being left by a someone else during those times. Quite strange isn't it so make a description of her's but true.

In fact, it all started when this writer sought a brown haired maiden in the inn; quite enchanting though yet shyness overcame this person at first and even apologized after she approached in the table this writer sat over.

But thine shyness passed out on the next day, this time as she approached and looked at this writer's sketches, quite amused, asked this writer's name and announceth her's as "Marina Kuroshima" along with a handshake.

Well, that first meeting be described as a joy and delight on the writer's side: a maiden who is nice, well refined, pretty that perhaps men would fall over and be describe as "beloved."

Describing Marina as this writer's "Yna"

Coming from a Japanese father and a Filipina mother, "Yna", as this writer simply called her, is a sweet, jolly girl who loves to dance, play volleyball, admire sporty men and to create cocktails out of vodka and perhaps soda. In fact, this writer felt so amazed that from the first time he've met in the galley seems that she carries a somewhat semblance to his works but quite doubtful if she carries the ideals (using the view of others so to speak).

But then, despite these descriptions this writer saidth, especially that she admire sporty men, she preferred to remain single (being separated from her boyfriend rather), focused in her career, and perhaps in her craft as a model all after the pictures indicating that she's a model in every car show she've involved. That, somehow this writer who also draws a lot perhaps ought her beauty and charm meant like "holy water for with which the priest consecrates the heart-burnings of the aristocrat." (sorry Marx.)

And as this writer continuously writing and perhaps sketching, this lovable Yna inspired him that somehow made lighten up from his depression; to think that every time this writer and Yna meet,whether in the Galley or outside, people would describe something yet on this writer's behalf yes, he is inspired, he felt the charm and affection that somehow remind of a valkyrie siring over a dying warrior; quite strange.

Getting inspired, both sketch and poem

Sorry again for the title, since being an artist, this writer tend to revisit back sketching after getting depressed for months; he may've draw yet becoming much seldom, more of doodling so to speak, yet Yna made him compel to drew more and perhaps experiment further in other works such as poetry.

Obviously, during lunchtime, this writer carries his sketchpad and while waiting for his favorite meal, he raised his pencil then sketched what comes from his mind; that, perhaps releases all of his creativity, passion, and of being inspired, especially after seeing Yna, her friends, or even customers especially the professor's son who often stays at the galley during lunch.

And since he loves to sketch Yna, here are samples:

In this sketch for instance featured a girl similar to Yna as well as one of her clients with his favorite Pesto and Mushroom.

This sketch, partly based from Alexandr Pushkin's statue, featured a man staring at a girl wearing the signature attire this writer often drew. 

Quite strange, but in fact, this writer, since he's inspired though, does not limit his (near) affection to Yna to the sketchpad. In fact he revisits his poetry work, made a sample and even made it singable to the tune of "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau".

"Marina's theme"

The woman that I love is so dear to me
The maiden whom ministrels called honored and free
Thy maiden like risen from the deep blue sea
Enchanted whose love all meant "we"

Love, love, true am I to my love
With your voice thy call, thus never befall
Marina, thy art, love, and all.

The maiden, Marina, thy dearest and nice
Whose lips like red cherries and skin rosy white
Whose charm worth appaling, and so is her love
That thrusts mind, heart soul all and all

Enchanted, appealing, thy maiden of bards
Your beauty eternal, that ease lonesome's heart
To you o my patron just like from the start
I promise till death us do part

With your voice all turned tales and so thus I keep
That end up like this poem with love meant to speak
You muse may've eluded the hate to the knives
With your harp our love will survive

The woman that I love is so dear to me
Forever our love all meant "we."

Quite weird though in making this singable poem, using a Welsh song as its sound, that perhaps this writer felt the beauty of the sound that made him compel to do so out of admiring Yna.

After all, he's into the arts, and being an artist needs an inspiration, a variety of inspirations so to speak; but as expected, Yna carries the warmth in a way that she also loves summer, beaches, and vodka laced sodas that quench the thirst of a desperate guy "seeking for love and adventure entwined" yet this writer prefers to convey it through art and perhaps a good old simple amicable understanding with his quite sometime subject.

"Not to lose hope!"
-a concerned maiden despite parties and cocktails,
an answer to this writer's despair

Yna may be like any other girl most men used to see always in the streets of Recto and Morayta in Manila's "University Belt": having a long brown hair, carrying oriental features such as chinky eyed and white skinned, most likely to be loved by many as expected (especially semi bald guys who loved basketball and doing bragging rights crap), but then despite her appearance, her fond for parties and alcohol-laced cocktail mixes, this writer rather felt instead a woman with passion, concern and understanding that one of her friends often told this writer coming from the lady herself "not to lose hope"; obviously felt quite nice for a crew in the galleys whom became this writer's  close friend other than his inspiration.

Sorry to say so, but true to think that Marina Kuroshima, or her friends called her "Marina", "Marins", or this writer simply called "Yna" eases the heart-burnings and showered it with love the way geishas pour sake to her client with care.

Indeed, Never lose hope. For Marina, (god willing) thine unending grace also personifies Hope!

In fact, being inspired and to hear coming from a friend telling "never to lose hope" lays concern, or a degree of amicable love (contrary to the usual erotic love) that others may find it strange, to think that from the day Yna and this writer met in the restaurant, of looking at his sketches, and this time assisting at her thesis, of enjoying thine company, how come both came closer as friends regardless of the differences? Quite strange to to speak using the perspective of others, but at least she contributes a significant part of this writer's life: of raising him from the days of being in despair.

This writer knows that yes, despite the differences amity prevail. She may enjoy her clubbing and mixing cocktails, and this writer engaging in his writeups, going and watching political rallies and listening to bossa, but then amity prevails.

For now, she continues to serve in Captain's Galley in San Sebastian College as part of her practicum. This writer still continues to be one of its clients, and because of that he enjoys company with the professor, her kids, the chef, the crew, and of õnn ja rõõm: Yna.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012




Well, this poem was made impromptu by this writer after sketching and drawing something and listening to a Radetzky swing made by a gypsy band. Quite strange though to create but then this writer perhaps oted to revisit his love for poetry that somehow made himself chill enough along with a cup of coffee and a soothing music that eases this person's mind.

In fact, this writer chose the name Schey all after a girl whom he met months ago in a coffeeshop. Like one of the girls whom this writer cherished in his sketches, Schey seemingly quite "artlike" in her appearance, simple beauty that this writer perhaps thinking there's something from her innate soul that carries a beauty similar to Marie Antoinette the way her friend Marina (whom this writer admire and nearly cherish) carries a sophisticated beauty of a Spanish Maja.

Sorry to say so, but then despite admiring, Schey has a guy to be with while this writer rather content himself with a cup of coffee while thinking another story or sketch to be done.

Anyways, here's the poem done an hour ago.

Quite silent as I see
So nice like a French born lady
Staring at the jacket clad guys
Gals that perhaps made this writer think will be she?

Beauty such bittersweet
Like brandy or any other wine
Lucious like red cherries
Soaked in sweet honey brine

Then she stared and gave me a smile
Quite amazed like sketches i done for awhile
Clad in jacket, reading civil law
Eating pasta, then i don't know?

And as she served me a cup of coffee
I gave a smile and so was she
Then the Chef came and ask "what do you think is Schey?"
"Well," I replied "Here's the description I ought to say:"

Well, her appearance remininding of the sans coulottes
Against the crown decades ago
Or a respected lady Bonaparte
In an empire silhouette thus I bow

Well, strange description though
For a history bluff am I
But nevermind, she has a guy
Whom she cherished Than despised.

-Paul Strauss Smirnoff

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Observing the people blaming disposessed, of uncontrolled development, and ...floods.

Observing the people blaming disposessed,
of uncontrolled development,
and ...floods.

Concerning the hypocrisies of the "feeling good" by Katleah Ulrike

It was yesterday when a picture concerning poor people complaining about government not noticing abour garbage and shantytowns as the primary cause of floods making them liable became viral and a cause of numerous negative comments on social media like Facebook.

Describing the picture, as this writer would say as more of a sheer nonsense that yes, people complain government due to massive unemployment, increase in prices of commodities and oil, rampant corruption in the bureaucracy, peasant problem and education issues such as tuition increases, in fact what is the connection of people complaining to garbage strewn rivers, roads, it makes some would think is the urban poor to be blamed simply because they are the scum of the earth?

An absolute sheer nonsense indeed.

As comments from facebook continues to malign the poor for living in shantytowns and creating garbage that causes floods, people seeming not thinking how their culture, such as a consumerist one and tying themselves into a cycle of work, earn, buy and consume created waste that most tend to throw in a corner and presenting themselves as clean.

Quite strange and stupid to read their comments such as blaming the disposessed for ruining the environment, of garbage, filth and other stuff simoly because of living in an eyesore such as a shantytown. But in this fast-becoming norm of contemporary days, all made out of spontaneous development in the urban areas such as Metro Manila affects culture to the extent of describing a contemporary Filipino as negligent and unclean as well as reactive when it comes to a crisis such as continuous flood and rain.

Speaking of tremendous rains that caused flood, according to Raymond Palatino, in his blog:

"Strong typhoons and other natural calamities will continue to wreak havoc in the country. Situated inside the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is constantly plagued by typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is not financially feasible for the government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every time a disaster hits the country. Instead, the government should focus its efforts in aiming to minimize the disastrous effect of natural calamities. The long term goal should be to reduce the number of lost lives and properties in disaster-prone areas."

Even to think that Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces, one of the flood prone areas in the Philippines were once swamps, that they are lowlands, hence likely to be flooded and not just garbage strewn in rivers, sewers, and other waterforms. The waste may have contributed to worsening serious matter, but come to think that other than efficient waste management and a disciplined populace, why not accepting the fact that they are living in a country situated in a ring of fire and hence need measures such as improving existing infrastructure, deepening of rivers, waterforms and controlled development?

As for garbage, Spanky Enriquez, in his Facebook account stated about:

"there are mountains of garbage all over the city; no garbage collection
since Thursday in the Sta. Cruz district..."

Then most dare to complain about the poor yet there were less efficient waste management that made some dare to throw garbage in waterforms and streets? This writer even sought collection points as entirely "uncovered" that people pass off as Eyesore.
But come to think of it, before the tragic events the urban poor tend to collect those waste and waited for dump trucks to come, but how come those people in trucks gone choosy? Obviously these waste end up in floods that made Enriquez complain about it.

Quite strange isn't it? And since people constantly blaming the poor for the flood, and perhaps the garbage, or even rain itself, brings this writer to the idea according to Gerry Lanuza:

"After Habagat, the state will sequester the “wasted humans” -- the excess, the superfluous and redundant who are not allowed to stay. While we move to separate and exclude this waste from mainstream society, we must devise new methods for its disposal as the lack available relocation sites means that the old method of dumping is no longer viable. Instead we must ensure that the waste is ‘sealed off in tightly closed containers’. The “wasted humans” become the scapegoat for individual insecurities and offers an ‘easy target for unloading our anxieties prompted by the widespread fears of another disaster!"

And even this:

"People cannot blame the torrential rains for the flooding because it's natural. So they turn to scapegoats like the informal settlers, squatters, and indiscriminate garbage disposal. Little do they realize that making these people choose the right options is not that easy: why would they evacuate if their houses will be looted? Why would they leave the creeks if they have no alternative shelter? Why impose "rational" choices on these people when we know very well they're already rational? But necessity overrules their rationality! They don't have the luxury to choose between rationality and survival. Survival is necessity when you are economically marginalized! But that's irrational."

Lanuza seriously made a good response to those hecklers and their comments, that the ones who are entirely victimized are rational that they prefer living in the city since the latter had economic opportunities than contenting in a countryside bereft of development. Most of them had engaged in underground economy, living as semi-proletarians such as drivers, carwashboys, that they sought prices in the city "better" than the increased ones in their once "living space", of their children studying in Metro Manila's public schools, any other reasons these people made them prefer living in the city, right or wrong despite numerous attempts to be evicted and even assailed as criminals and the like, of ruining images yet these people assailing had no solutions in creating real, comprehensive urban development program other than evicting them and living in danger zones or arable areas (and end up complaining about rice shortage).

That made Lanuza said this:

"...Solution? Demolition, penalizing the poor who dump garbage indiscriminately, and population control. Why not sustainable employment, better education, and mass housing? Because it is better to believe in common sense myths against the poor than confront the real problem. For it will expose the blatant discrimination and neglect of the urban squatters!"

His suggestion brings this writer recall about Gottfreied Feder and his ideas over self sufficiency as part of urban development wherein employment and real economic opportunities are to be found same as calls for the passing of reproductive health bill (more of women's health NOT population control) that is still currently under debate. These matters really involved the disposessed so to speak, with the latter wanted to hop in and join into the discussion just to create suggestions and ideas, but from the clothes they wore to their "attitude" called "filth", will the bourgeois accept their idea and suggestion? Nope no matter how idea and suggestion they have, they are still have-nots so to say in the side of a pride-obsessed bourgeois who latter end up clamoring for help, with all their hypocrisies this rainy month.

Apologies to those who may react badly after reading this hell of a kind writeup. but come to think of it, which is to be prioritize after these exchange of rants and hypocrisies, of looking at places strewn with garbage, filth, flood, of numerous nameless victims in the metro, will it be pride or survival?
That as most look poor people all with their best to survive in a shantytown on the pretext of their children in their schools, small-scale businesses and nearby employment, be described as dirty and scum of this hell of a kind earth, then how about those who urged everyone to observe the norm such as buy and consume? Yes, it is a matter of survival, but on the other hand such norms like what this writer sees of nowadays create greater waste in a way high scale buildings stood together with shantytowns in the metro as its effect, of uncontrolled development that affected river and other water forms, all creating waste that intensifies torrential rains.
Otherwise using personal revenge such as from government officials against another, such as keeping the floodways closed in the middle of continuous rain in keeping a rival town flooded, or even relocating some illegal settlers in riverbanks and other danger zones "for a sure death" by nature.

Most would rather deny it, and instead blaming "us", "everyone", "self" not noticing a system that created such negative effects like massive waste; come to think of it: developed areas such as condonimiums near Pasig river create much human waste that end up thrown in the river through its sewers similar to industrial waste coming from few, surviving factories around. Few dare to complain as most tend to complain about garbage and urban poor settlers around the metro.
Speaking of the former, most that everyone sees in Manila Bay may came from Baseco compound in Tondo, that said compound, also a garbage dump is near the bay thus most likely to end up at sea especially during rains, and not just people directly throwing at roads and waterforms ALONE and end up complaining about floods and garbage strewn roads as its effect. Yes, everyone may ought to blame, and that includes the system and its policies regarding garbage, sanitation and other matters Metro Manila ought to act seriously upon.

Back to the topic (of choosing pride or survival), obviously most people rather chose survival over pride nowadays. If sportsmen like Pacquiao rather choose joining Bob Arum than Olympics, of basketball players thinking about joining the National Basketball Association after a stint as a player in their respective universities, it is a matter of practicality with pride, sorry to say so be a show-off, a front to everyone. Since pride perhaps would have been more of praises and flag wavings as this writer would say, of wearing Barong Tagalog, Terno, and sining Filipino Pop Music as its finest yet all of our contemporary lives be dwellth in the wishes of the west courtesy of the few; like a total life of earn to spend and consume for example.
 Will everyone deny that hypocritical reality? This writer certainly doubt about people "denying." even this writer would accept that he had money to spend on basics such as canned food, or to some extent for gadgets, least that this writer uses it not "for fun" or "for sake" like others tend to do so.

Sorry to say so, but that's true. That since politicians treating calamities as if a major affair currying people their support as über-benevoltent pateral/maternalists with all their heart serving, most rather acting as if "compelled" such as Aquino's visit in a flooded community through an army truck. To an ordinary person why not he wade himself in a flood or have a "Malacañang in the field" (a tent involving office and sleeping quarters of course) overseeing relief and rehabilitation operations directly? Comparing to Angel Locsin and her British boyfriend packing goods same as Activists immediately turned their militancy into support for the ones living in flooded areas despite harassment and criticism.

Speaking of the Activists, least that most came from donations or their membership dues end up buying necessities like noodles, canned goods and toiletries, even seeds all for the affected ones in the metro as well as in the provinces. Even the partylist that represented the youth and peasants spearhead the idea such as this that perhaps have the pork barrels be for rehabilitation purposes such as schools, books, scholarships, medical aid, even seeds yet most rather carried through donations, and membership dues be used for buying essentials all for the common good.
Least that they done good to the totally affected compared to the hypocrites and blaming the disposessed not noticing that they are also the ones spontaneously, systematically, and greater creating a mess and justify uncontrolled development as "freedom" and "superiority of man's idea" such as progress and fulfillment of ambition.

...that in fact is more of illusion gone mad. To think that the rising towers such as in Makati and in Fort Bonifacio, mostly commercial in character,  all created by the dispossessed living in shantytowns  who are left to be heckled by many such as those in Facebook. Yes, they created waste same as the heckler, but the ones who heckle seems to be acting as if clean tries to justify their subjectivism while donating old crap of theirs to the heckled.

Hence, hypocrisy guised as help.

And if the dispossessed knew this, then perhaps would say "these goods contain poison."

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Is this catastrophe really happen near next year's ballots?

Is this catastrophe really happen near next year's ballots?

Of today's events concerning constant rains,
floods, and (trying hard) benevolent individuals

It was last week when rains constantly pour over, that in fact more people, especially Call Centre agents and office workers alike be stranded in the streets of Makati and Mandaluyong with taxi drivers fast becoming choosy in their clients. This writer was once got stranded at Cubao, and even nearly shunned by a taxi driver, only to agree with additional one hundred pesos just to hop inside and go home.

However, it became continuous until last Monday, as floods raged over the metro. And as expected, more people are getting stranded, taxis gone choosy, and news reports broadcasted 24/7 all about today's tropical storm and its rains nearly similar to a typhoon due to its effects such as head-deep floods and stuff, and again: a reactive government with a desperate, near ruined nation on the rise.

Quite concerning isn't it that in midst of continuous rain and flood especially in the Metro and its surrounding provinces, are people constantly seeking help-especially in Marikina and in Camanava area. To think that in fact, this writer even remember the events last 2009, of people getting stranded, roads head or knee deep, millions of pesos lost due to "acts of god" that nowadays be "acts of man" due to constant mass-scale mining and cutting trees, all be described as "development" that is, "inconsistent" with "sustainability."

But, as clearly noticed by many, the calamity again brought trying hard prestiege in the politcal scene of such individuals trying to curry favor with the people-with all their traits fast becoming "mothers", "fathers", "uncles" and "aunts" of their respective communities, using government funds rather than theirs for relief goods bearing their names.

Been observing about their actions as politicians and statespeople, they may say that they are doing their job in providing relief to the have-nots in this time of crisis, but on the other hand these actions taken are fast becoming a condition especially in next year's elections as these people, with all of their "heart" as benevolent paternal/maternalists are serving their communities.

...even it is obviously not serious despite all the names inscribed in their goods such as the picture shown below.

For others, it is quite too hypocritical for these overtly paternalistic ones that uses calamities such as the raging rains in the Philippines for their actions fueled by government money. People obviously tend to generalize with those whose money came whether from themselves or from the membership dues their groups (such as Partylists) belong, but come to think of it: how come people, whether politician or not fast becoming "pseudo-serious" when it comes to helping people?

Does it mean they are committed in reviving Filipino traits such as cooperative and willing to sacrifice? In a society wherein escapism became one of the contemporary norms, traits this writer said perhaps becoming a near "sigh" of a system trying to survive not because of calamities but of fast rising opposition coming from its people.

Souce: Vincent Manchus

That, such as this picture shown, how come the government's mass housing project, a long term one better than the relief goods with signatories, is situated in a danger zone? In fact, such infrastructure given by the government should include the terrain given, the improvements to be improved to prevent such disasters given, but come to think of it guys, that isn't it strange or rather say stupid enough that they say "they have the power to build" yet entrusted to private agencies in building homes, specifically near "danger zones" for people coming from "squatters area" in Metropolitan manila?

That somehow made one of the commentators said:

"Here it is! A relocation site! Thanks to the government, they even said that the place isn't even flooded, anyways better than the squatters area they used to be right?"

Quite strange so to speak regarding today's catastrophe and crisis laid by these calamities especially in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces. Worse, of people from above using such events for the sake of positions as this calamity, ironically speaking, is similar to last 2009: Near elections and politicos trying hard to become benevolent paternalists with their cult of personalities funded by government money instead of theirs or their group's membership dues.

After all, as expected, this writer rather simply sums it all:

"Like Ondoy, is this catastrophe really happen near next year's elections?"

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Should pain be mandatorily endure at all times?

Should pain be mandatorily endure at all times?

It was yesterday when this writer read a letter from a concerned person in regards to a detainee's health while living in a prison cell for months.

At first, It is all but nonsense with sheer apathy  to think about a concerned person seeking help from a state about a status of a prisoner having a serious illness and in need of medical support, but, as noticed, the sentiment of a concerned person tries its best to call for help over the latter despite being accused and imprisoned.
 And come to think of it, are prisoners ought to be less taken seriously in regards to their health other than facing psychological and physical pain? Or in other words be doomed to die for their actions taken that is inimical to the policies of the state?

...especially that person concerning through that letter is the father of his falsely-accused son, still detained in a gaol in Catbalogan, Samar.

Seeking help, yet seeing hypocrites around

As according  to Ericson Acosta's father, Isaias, said:

"My recent medical setback ironically and agonizingly emphasizes the reason behind our intended urgent visit. Lately, Ericson had been complaining of a nagging pain in his abdomen and lower back. The pain, he says, intensifies whenever he urinates. Now he has also noticed spots of blood in his urine. My cousin, Ericson’s uncle, displayed similar symptoms before he succumbed to prostate cancer."

To think that the letter was made during Arroyo's release from hospital arrest, Isaias Acosta simply think how hypocritical the system in regards to detainees with serious medical complications such as in the state of his son other than being accused as an armed rebel with a planted evidence such as a grenade in his bag made by those "ignorant" of technology such as equating a person carrying a Laptop yet wearing loose clothing for a rebel carrying arms.

Perhaps, this writer felt that how come a person conducting research and wearing clothes comfortable to him be equated to an armed rebel? Just because he's an activist so to speak? Of writing poetries that speaks inimical to the system? It all reminds of a number of political prisoners, not just in the Philippines but all over the world enduring physical pain or claiming innocence; worse, be end insane with all the actions a paranoid state be unleashed to.

"Laptops meant rebels, worse, be planted to justify"

In a background, Acosta was arrested and directly tagged as a high ranking rebel. As accoring to the site:

"With threats, soldiers instructed Acosta’s companions from the barrio to carry on, as they were only interested with the “Tagalog” whom they suspected of being a high-ranking NPA rebel. Acosta was conducting human rights research in the militarized barrio for Kapunungan han Gudti nga Parag-uma ha Weste han Samar (KAPAWA – Small Peasants Association of Western Samar) and the Alliance of Concerned Samarenos (ACOS)."

His arrest includes a sleepless interrogation, torture, even denial to talk to his loved ones nor having a lawyer. Such actions taken showed a justified paranoia with national security as its pretext, and be end up with fabricated cases made in order to speed up justifications making Acosta liable for something far from realities such as he a grenade carrying rebel.

Quite strange and ridiculous over this matter, that people like Acosta opposing the system through poetry; that one of his poems had been played in the radio about "Carabaos in Cubao" as well as writeups that made himself a part of the writing scene.  But come to think that with a laptop full of research works be described as subversive, followed by a planted evidence such as a grenade, perhaps people would say that is research on human rights, agriculture or any other matter different from the official ones handed by the state be deemed as subversive? That Acosta be deemed because of his appearance such as long hair and speaking a different dialect?

This writeup, on the writer's view would say that the system tends to similarize those who took peaceful means of struggle to those who took weapons. In a way those who are with Ghandi be equated diretly with Bose's just because they are both Indian nationalists, or even those who took part in peaceful protests in Washington during the Vietnam War with the Weather Underground or the German SDS with the Baader-Meinhof group; Acosta's use of the pen, or rather say the laptop computer in uncovering social realities like the Peasant issue really tends to create a counter view of those stated in reports given by the state and its agencies, yet coming to think that the growing militarization in the countryside creates hindrance such as equating the "anti-government" with "subversives", affects Acosta and his research work, with his captors be reinterpret as subversive documents and terroristic stuff.
That, others perhaps would say Philippine Democracy is more of a museumified piece people tend to see, while inside is a silent state of militarization especially in the countryside.

Of Medical misattentions and a "choosy" justice

And since he, still in prison feeling the pain and needs a serious medical assistance as an individual, it seemed too hypocritical on behalf of the state to see that since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo been detained in a hospital, with nurses and doctors paid by the government, of people justifying her ospital arrest as "she was once head of state" or anything just to justify, how come a really sickly person like Ericson Acosta should endure the pain, of blood in his urine and at the same time be accused as a rebel with a planted evidence such as a grenade in his bag?

Such issue involving activist-researchers nowadays encounter these such as the state of Acosta and perhaps Jonas Burgos that remained "disappeared" due to his work such as agriculture with others described thoroughly as activism and worse, subversion. But, being detainees, and most have criticial illnesses due to prolonged unsanitary conditions, the state perhaps cared too little thinking that they are mere criminals yet comparing to Arroyo's detainment in a hospital complete with nurses and stuff, with a wheelchair and a neck brace people tend to ridicule further as a way to escape popular persecution due to her crimes given,
of course her "hospital arrest" meant "privilege" for a head of state those who are loyal tend to think of alongside defending Arroyo as a stateswoman doing her job, but still comparing to the two really shows the "choosy" attitude of the state in treating its detainees.

 Worse, interpreting how the state of Philippine justice really caters to those who afford in it, in a way that according to the Internationale, "no rights without obligations, and no obligations without rights." sorry to say so, but come to think of it, how come a once head of state assailed by people due to electoral fraud, of deals inimical to the people be freed or least detained in a confortable hospital while another one, accused of being a rebel yet carrying a laptop, or a pen and paper doing research work be detained and enduring renal pain with a blood in his urine?

What kind of respect the state said so according to 8th Infantry Division's Mario Chan's statement if Acosta felt the pain and other serious conditions while in detainment?

Is pain should be mandatorily endure at all times?

Perhaps it is up to the reader whether to think critical or remain apathetic. This writer didn't made entirely to show sympathy as others possibly think of this but to think about detainees, both political or not, as well as their health, lives, and how a system be choosy which to be prioritize in regards to their prisoners.