Saturday, 25 August 2012

"His step for mankind is eternal."

"His step for mankind is eternal."

Earthlings are now in a state of mourning as Neil Armstrong, one of the Pilots who stepped in the soil of the moon had died in the age of 82. After his family announced the death in a statement Saturday but did not disclose when or where he died.

His death attributed it to “complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.”

Famous for his quote "One small step for man is a one giant leap for mankind" as well as his salute over the flag raised in the moon, Neil Armstrong became well known as a contributor of space exploration. 

However, despite his popularity, Armstrong preferred to live simple and private, that he eventually shied from the public and avoided the popular media as "the man on the moon."

But still, his adventure remained one of the most remarkable part in the history of the space race. His step for mankind is eternal. 

Glory to the man on the moon! He is not dead!