Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Is this catastrophe really happen near next year's ballots?

Is this catastrophe really happen near next year's ballots?

Of today's events concerning constant rains,
floods, and (trying hard) benevolent individuals

It was last week when rains constantly pour over, that in fact more people, especially Call Centre agents and office workers alike be stranded in the streets of Makati and Mandaluyong with taxi drivers fast becoming choosy in their clients. This writer was once got stranded at Cubao, and even nearly shunned by a taxi driver, only to agree with additional one hundred pesos just to hop inside and go home.

However, it became continuous until last Monday, as floods raged over the metro. And as expected, more people are getting stranded, taxis gone choosy, and news reports broadcasted 24/7 all about today's tropical storm and its rains nearly similar to a typhoon due to its effects such as head-deep floods and stuff, and again: a reactive government with a desperate, near ruined nation on the rise.

Quite concerning isn't it that in midst of continuous rain and flood especially in the Metro and its surrounding provinces, are people constantly seeking help-especially in Marikina and in Camanava area. To think that in fact, this writer even remember the events last 2009, of people getting stranded, roads head or knee deep, millions of pesos lost due to "acts of god" that nowadays be "acts of man" due to constant mass-scale mining and cutting trees, all be described as "development" that is, "inconsistent" with "sustainability."

But, as clearly noticed by many, the calamity again brought trying hard prestiege in the politcal scene of such individuals trying to curry favor with the people-with all their traits fast becoming "mothers", "fathers", "uncles" and "aunts" of their respective communities, using government funds rather than theirs for relief goods bearing their names.

Been observing about their actions as politicians and statespeople, they may say that they are doing their job in providing relief to the have-nots in this time of crisis, but on the other hand these actions taken are fast becoming a condition especially in next year's elections as these people, with all of their "heart" as benevolent paternal/maternalists are serving their communities.

...even it is obviously not serious despite all the names inscribed in their goods such as the picture shown below.

For others, it is quite too hypocritical for these overtly paternalistic ones that uses calamities such as the raging rains in the Philippines for their actions fueled by government money. People obviously tend to generalize with those whose money came whether from themselves or from the membership dues their groups (such as Partylists) belong, but come to think of it: how come people, whether politician or not fast becoming "pseudo-serious" when it comes to helping people?

Does it mean they are committed in reviving Filipino traits such as cooperative and willing to sacrifice? In a society wherein escapism became one of the contemporary norms, traits this writer said perhaps becoming a near "sigh" of a system trying to survive not because of calamities but of fast rising opposition coming from its people.

Souce: Vincent Manchus

That, such as this picture shown, how come the government's mass housing project, a long term one better than the relief goods with signatories, is situated in a danger zone? In fact, such infrastructure given by the government should include the terrain given, the improvements to be improved to prevent such disasters given, but come to think of it guys, that isn't it strange or rather say stupid enough that they say "they have the power to build" yet entrusted to private agencies in building homes, specifically near "danger zones" for people coming from "squatters area" in Metropolitan manila?

That somehow made one of the commentators said:

"Here it is! A relocation site! Thanks to the government, they even said that the place isn't even flooded, anyways better than the squatters area they used to be right?"

Quite strange so to speak regarding today's catastrophe and crisis laid by these calamities especially in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces. Worse, of people from above using such events for the sake of positions as this calamity, ironically speaking, is similar to last 2009: Near elections and politicos trying hard to become benevolent paternalists with their cult of personalities funded by government money instead of theirs or their group's membership dues.

After all, as expected, this writer rather simply sums it all:

"Like Ondoy, is this catastrophe really happen near next year's elections?"