Saturday, 25 August 2012

Marina: A writer's joy and an artist's delight

Marina: A writer's joy and an artist's delight
(originally entitled: "Mu Marina, mu õnn ja rõõm")

Sorry for the original Estonian title (that originally meant My Marina, my joy, delight), since this writer is greatly inspired by someone whom made him happy after getting depressed for months being left by a someone else during those times. Quite strange isn't it so make a description of her's but true.

In fact, it all started when this writer sought a brown haired maiden in the inn; quite enchanting though yet shyness overcame this person at first and even apologized after she approached in the table this writer sat over.

But thine shyness passed out on the next day, this time as she approached and looked at this writer's sketches, quite amused, asked this writer's name and announceth her's as "Marina Kuroshima" along with a handshake.

Well, that first meeting be described as a joy and delight on the writer's side: a maiden who is nice, well refined, pretty that perhaps men would fall over and be describe as "beloved."

Describing Marina as this writer's "Yna"

Coming from a Japanese father and a Filipina mother, "Yna", as this writer simply called her, is a sweet, jolly girl who loves to dance, play volleyball, admire sporty men and to create cocktails out of vodka and perhaps soda. In fact, this writer felt so amazed that from the first time he've met in the galley seems that she carries a somewhat semblance to his works but quite doubtful if she carries the ideals (using the view of others so to speak).

But then, despite these descriptions this writer saidth, especially that she admire sporty men, she preferred to remain single (being separated from her boyfriend rather), focused in her career, and perhaps in her craft as a model all after the pictures indicating that she's a model in every car show she've involved. That, somehow this writer who also draws a lot perhaps ought her beauty and charm meant like "holy water for with which the priest consecrates the heart-burnings of the aristocrat." (sorry Marx.)

And as this writer continuously writing and perhaps sketching, this lovable Yna inspired him that somehow made lighten up from his depression; to think that every time this writer and Yna meet,whether in the Galley or outside, people would describe something yet on this writer's behalf yes, he is inspired, he felt the charm and affection that somehow remind of a valkyrie siring over a dying warrior; quite strange.

Getting inspired, both sketch and poem

Sorry again for the title, since being an artist, this writer tend to revisit back sketching after getting depressed for months; he may've draw yet becoming much seldom, more of doodling so to speak, yet Yna made him compel to drew more and perhaps experiment further in other works such as poetry.

Obviously, during lunchtime, this writer carries his sketchpad and while waiting for his favorite meal, he raised his pencil then sketched what comes from his mind; that, perhaps releases all of his creativity, passion, and of being inspired, especially after seeing Yna, her friends, or even customers especially the professor's son who often stays at the galley during lunch.

And since he loves to sketch Yna, here are samples:

In this sketch for instance featured a girl similar to Yna as well as one of her clients with his favorite Pesto and Mushroom.

This sketch, partly based from Alexandr Pushkin's statue, featured a man staring at a girl wearing the signature attire this writer often drew. 

Quite strange, but in fact, this writer, since he's inspired though, does not limit his (near) affection to Yna to the sketchpad. In fact he revisits his poetry work, made a sample and even made it singable to the tune of "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau".

"Marina's theme"

The woman that I love is so dear to me
The maiden whom ministrels called honored and free
Thy maiden like risen from the deep blue sea
Enchanted whose love all meant "we"

Love, love, true am I to my love
With your voice thy call, thus never befall
Marina, thy art, love, and all.

The maiden, Marina, thy dearest and nice
Whose lips like red cherries and skin rosy white
Whose charm worth appaling, and so is her love
That thrusts mind, heart soul all and all

Enchanted, appealing, thy maiden of bards
Your beauty eternal, that ease lonesome's heart
To you o my patron just like from the start
I promise till death us do part

With your voice all turned tales and so thus I keep
That end up like this poem with love meant to speak
You muse may've eluded the hate to the knives
With your harp our love will survive

The woman that I love is so dear to me
Forever our love all meant "we."

Quite weird though in making this singable poem, using a Welsh song as its sound, that perhaps this writer felt the beauty of the sound that made him compel to do so out of admiring Yna.

After all, he's into the arts, and being an artist needs an inspiration, a variety of inspirations so to speak; but as expected, Yna carries the warmth in a way that she also loves summer, beaches, and vodka laced sodas that quench the thirst of a desperate guy "seeking for love and adventure entwined" yet this writer prefers to convey it through art and perhaps a good old simple amicable understanding with his quite sometime subject.

"Not to lose hope!"
-a concerned maiden despite parties and cocktails,
an answer to this writer's despair

Yna may be like any other girl most men used to see always in the streets of Recto and Morayta in Manila's "University Belt": having a long brown hair, carrying oriental features such as chinky eyed and white skinned, most likely to be loved by many as expected (especially semi bald guys who loved basketball and doing bragging rights crap), but then despite her appearance, her fond for parties and alcohol-laced cocktail mixes, this writer rather felt instead a woman with passion, concern and understanding that one of her friends often told this writer coming from the lady herself "not to lose hope"; obviously felt quite nice for a crew in the galleys whom became this writer's  close friend other than his inspiration.

Sorry to say so, but true to think that Marina Kuroshima, or her friends called her "Marina", "Marins", or this writer simply called "Yna" eases the heart-burnings and showered it with love the way geishas pour sake to her client with care.

Indeed, Never lose hope. For Marina, (god willing) thine unending grace also personifies Hope!

In fact, being inspired and to hear coming from a friend telling "never to lose hope" lays concern, or a degree of amicable love (contrary to the usual erotic love) that others may find it strange, to think that from the day Yna and this writer met in the restaurant, of looking at his sketches, and this time assisting at her thesis, of enjoying thine company, how come both came closer as friends regardless of the differences? Quite strange to to speak using the perspective of others, but at least she contributes a significant part of this writer's life: of raising him from the days of being in despair.

This writer knows that yes, despite the differences amity prevail. She may enjoy her clubbing and mixing cocktails, and this writer engaging in his writeups, going and watching political rallies and listening to bossa, but then amity prevails.

For now, she continues to serve in Captain's Galley in San Sebastian College as part of her practicum. This writer still continues to be one of its clients, and because of that he enjoys company with the professor, her kids, the chef, the crew, and of õnn ja rõõm: Yna.