Tuesday, 21 August 2012




Well, this poem was made impromptu by this writer after sketching and drawing something and listening to a Radetzky swing made by a gypsy band. Quite strange though to create but then this writer perhaps oted to revisit his love for poetry that somehow made himself chill enough along with a cup of coffee and a soothing music that eases this person's mind.

In fact, this writer chose the name Schey all after a girl whom he met months ago in a coffeeshop. Like one of the girls whom this writer cherished in his sketches, Schey seemingly quite "artlike" in her appearance, simple beauty that this writer perhaps thinking there's something from her innate soul that carries a beauty similar to Marie Antoinette the way her friend Marina (whom this writer admire and nearly cherish) carries a sophisticated beauty of a Spanish Maja.

Sorry to say so, but then despite admiring, Schey has a guy to be with while this writer rather content himself with a cup of coffee while thinking another story or sketch to be done.

Anyways, here's the poem done an hour ago.

Quite silent as I see
So nice like a French born lady
Staring at the jacket clad guys
Gals that perhaps made this writer think will be she?

Beauty such bittersweet
Like brandy or any other wine
Lucious like red cherries
Soaked in sweet honey brine

Then she stared and gave me a smile
Quite amazed like sketches i done for awhile
Clad in jacket, reading civil law
Eating pasta, then i don't know?

And as she served me a cup of coffee
I gave a smile and so was she
Then the Chef came and ask "what do you think is Schey?"
"Well," I replied "Here's the description I ought to say:"

Well, her appearance remininding of the sans coulottes
Against the crown decades ago
Or a respected lady Bonaparte
In an empire silhouette thus I bow

Well, strange description though
For a history bluff am I
But nevermind, she has a guy
Whom she cherished Than despised.

-Paul Strauss Smirnoff