Sunday, 4 November 2012

Of turning graves into lover's (or bystander's) lanes (in november's first two days)

Of turning graves into lover's (or bystander's) lanes (in november's first two days)

It's all but common these days to see these things happen especially what is deviant from the very essence of the occasion every first two days of November (or even earlier).

As people enter the newly-cleaned graves all with the desire to cherish their deceased relatives, of offering flowers and lighting candles at the top, it showed how much they care for the dead the way when they're still living, along with prayers that somehow appease their souls, invoking guidance, and perhaps reflect all in a moment of silence in a place supposed to be sacred and quiet.

However, despite all these, it end all negated due to the nature what most people see nowadays: nearly turning the graveyard into "lover's lanes" and pseudo-"partyhouses" that the old be described as hindrance, thus negating the solemnity of the occasion commemorating those in an eternal rest other people tried to do so such as flowers, candles, and prayers; worse, oftentimes used as a den of thieves and people sniffing solvent with traces often scattered at the floor.

Further negating especially in late afternoons till evenings, with every grave, tomb, or rather say the whole cemetery itself fast becoming a den of bystanders enjoying not so much loud party music and smuggled booze, all despite the security measures and policies prohibiting, quite awkward to see the culture of decadence as seen by the people, especially the church that described as provoking thinking that how the present generation tend to negate the solemnity of the occasion in commemorating that is not all about the dead but of the divine whose lives given up for the glory of God; why let these things happen such as decadency even if it is discreet? Nothing's wrong to see lovers offering candles and flowers in every grave out of respect as well as invoking love and commitment, but quite too far to turn the graveyard into a mere "lover's lane" with the reason of visiting for the sake of "silence" or nothing at all like those who opted to go, take a seat in one of the graves and make "party" just to say "having fun" in the middle of the occasion.

And making others be described as distasteful after seeing it in actual or in social media although others also tend to say that certain people intended to visit the grave for the sake of silence, privacy, and perhaps "free" especially in invoking love in the presence of the dead yet became negated.

After all, obviously as expected, the simplicity and solemnity of the past is replaced by grandiose decadency due to the wholesale influx of mainstream "modern" culture and its widespread effect. This writer happens not to be a traditionalist, but isn't it too much to see these things happen all despite restrictions and prohibitions imposed as well as the police visibility in other cemeteries not just the ones featured on TV during solemn occasions such as the first two days of November?

Anyways, its their choice to do so, the way they joined the flow for sake.