Wednesday, 5 December 2012


(The song of Brabant)

Prior to making this version, this writer heard the stirring tone of the Brabançonne being the Belgian national anthem. 

However, that anthem being played originally invokes freedom than those of the King all after then Prime Minister Charles Rogier edited out the original lyrics attacking the house of Orange whom then controlling Belgium as part of the Netherlands in the early 19th century. That, somehow this writer, after reading the first and second versions (both made in 1830) created his version, in English, that invokes "Land, Law and Liberty" and perhaps more radical than the version being sung in Belgium today.

As a writer, perhaps being inspired by the original words and the music itself quite compelling to create the words stated below that somehow Alexandre Dechet originally tend to invoke to: of struggle against the tyrants with its blood that waters the tree of liberty.

Worthy children thine valiant, courageous
Whose passion rouse thee through endless call
With all your fervor that lies upon your land we trod
With great successes lie in store
We'll keep our arms firm so that naught shall change
Let us keep as we affirm
And we will see the bloom the flower anew
Upon the tree of Liberty

We've heard the cries of murder and pillage
Laid by the wicked and of the few
And yet with all your forceful courage
Had swept the cruel thus freedom anew
And now their filth has now been coming
Our land again thus been soiling
We'll keep defend the struggle now asound
Upon the tree of Liberty!

Will all the strength and passion awaking
We all avenging fighting for right
Against the damned few still stubborn and creeping
Trying to fight with all their might
And still despite the dead and wounding
We'll keep the land worth defending
With Scythes and Guns, cannons will drown the foes in our blood
Beneath the tree of Liberty!

So proud the brave peoples amongst us
From towns to trenches, not flinched amid the fight
With all the wealth and all the countless lives
Fighting their spectre and of the fright
With guns loaded and bayonets raised
And scythes and pikes, masses in blades
Preparing all with pride to hell their rage
Beneath the tree of Liberty!

And with the cries and tears came afalling
After the brave died with pike and shot
Before the goddess of freedom now in your arms
The Common's Noble! The cruel's damn!
Beneath the humble soil you are now laid
Martyrs! Sleep till day awakes!
Sleep in peace afar from the enemy's rage
Beneath the tree of Liberty!

And now after the months of rage and ravage
You are now risen from thy tomb
With the crown of freedom in head raised
The tree of liberty's still green and remain
We swore to thee as once remembring
Again affirm as we hath sing
And evermore shall sing your people:
Our land, our law, and Liberty!
Our land, our law, and Liberty!
Our land, our law, and Liberty!