Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"A song for Marina"

"A song for Marina"

Before writing this, this writer was listening to the song made by Brendan "Bik" McFarlane that recalls about his friend, "Bobby" Sands who died died on the 5th of May 1981 after 66 days on hunger strike. It is quite saddening though to remember his last days especially because of his action taken such as having a hunger strike that costs his life as a political prisoner; but it showed how a prisoner longing for freedom not for himself but for his home.

Quite strange indeed at first that he made again a poem for a friend and add some "political" sentiment in it; this writer may not been in the prison but also somehow felt how prisoners yearning both their loved ones and dreams of freedom, to think that he wrote some words such as "resist", "freedom", the wretched "system" and a "never-ending saga" alongside "love", somehow reflects how this writer, aside from recalling the days he had with her, and the yearning for her love, so is the struggle that somehow he himself had a part of it.

That somehow he wants to convey to her despite the contradiction.

It wasn't seem so long ago, when I first saw you
On the window between wall and kitchen, everybody stare both me and you
Quite strange at first, that our eyes asked what and why
But on the other hand a start of a story lie

Your beauty pleases me, to a man once filled with pain
Just like the sun, a dawn rises again
You came and ask, if not help, join and eat
And made me think: "when will we meet?"

Despite heartaches, pain linger on
You still there for me, no matter fate come
And in this open field you came to join the game
I hope in my heart you remain

Days, weeks, months, cherishing smiles like sunny skies
Despite heavy rainfalls, you comfort me and thus rise
You understood what comes from me, I know it's all but strange
All but books and pen, a life as if in cold chains

I know you have no time to love, and thus I understood
Quite sad for me, but I'd rather keep myself strongly stood
To think that in your acts you do and done
An act of love different from others, a love far from none

Quite easy to yearn for love, yet difficult to maintain
All may come and go, but nevermind, everyday's rain
Yes, I am an activist, rebel in system's eyes and itchy hands
But how come you, a party girl chose to understand?

You've enjoyed the frivolities of life, and illusions of peace
While I traversed the difficult path, the struggle by whatever means
You may not mind the noises of the mass, yet through I you understand
But to me will you them too? As I care and understand?

I wish there's an easy road to choose, and bring this heartache end
But reality bites, a pain-filled game time and again offend
But then in this living hell you still care, undaunted
Just like the tales of the past constantly reminded

Quite strange to think of the passing days around
But your beauty, charm, happiness remains astound
For sure you care the others, not just friends or even I
That even a smile can be a charity, that few could realize

Perhaps someday you'll join with and face together this game
A never ending saga, with others never told their names
We'll prove our love is strong, and make them prove wrong
We'll resist them together, and let the world hear freedom's song

Despite heartaches, pain linger on
You still there for me, no matter fate come
And in this open field you came to join the game
I hope in my heart you remain

For you're with me in a battle till the end.