Monday, 28 January 2013

Setting the storm with the aggressive sound of the antinorm

Setting the storm with the aggressive sound of the antinorm

(or reflections in midst of contradicting noises, feat. Aggressive Dog Attack)

It all started with a somewhat strange "meet and greet" situation.

While with his friends, both old and new enjoying beer and alcomix, this writer seemed to be too silent but  not  quite really alienated, as others are talking about their affairs around. And to think that it would quite strange though if this writer had to join their talk and be described as a weirdo because of wearing a rocker's getup while theirs as a bunch of party people, (but thank god they're nice especially with the one whom made this writer inspired again from being depressed months ago.)

But despite the noise, of loud music played by members of a christian fellowship, as well as chats coming from his friends side by side, obviously he didn't care it much since he didn't know what they were discussing about; lucky that there's a handy Ipod and listening to the Anti-norm tune of Aggressive Dog Attack, known as ADA.

For sure it is really weird for others that this writer rather listening to the screams and growls of Boy Piodos and a sound similar to Slipknot and any other Punk bands especially in the Underground scene, especially that most people nowadays are too focused on being mainstream, join the flow or be treated as outcast. To think that most preferred listening to the music that comes from the radio, especially popular ones his friends enjoy with.

But to think of this person an outcast seems to be too far from reality. Outcast? What the heck these people dare to think a person outcast and yet their minds are boxed up and geared to a lifestyle cycle that consist of study, work, earn, buy, consume and die whilst this writer rather chose to alter the cycle for his own benefit. That, contrary to his father's wanting for his son work in an office rather than in the field as a writer, this writer chose a different path his father decry as deviant, obviously, isn't just because he's a radical and disobeys his want such as working in an institution, study or take an exam to satisfy his wants? Well, this writer loves his father despite the contradictions they had especially with his son preferring his path than his father's wishes- especially that he prefers what type of music he listens to, the clothes he wear, and even the career he choses. Admittingly speaking, the songs made by Boy Piodos somehow reflects reality as this writer sought over and over again, as one of their songs said:

Classification Sucks!!!
Confusion! Destruction! Division! Ignorance!
Just a tag!!! A fucking tag!!!!

However, in midst of the contradicting noises of the drunk, the religious, and the rebel,  this writer somehow "got disturbed" after a fellow acquaintance offered beer to him, yet the latter preferred drinking the alcomix while still listening to his favorite ADA of Boy Piodos and his band of near "misfits" people likely to describe. Quite strange though that they kept on chatting, this writer doesn't even know what are they talking about therefore he rather listens his favorite music while drinking the alcomix served to him.

The liquor seemingly fits to what the sound of the antinorm said so, as it says:

Your religion against me!
Your church against me!
your dogma against me!
And your priest against me!
Who's good? And who's evil?

Sorry to say so for the people of the cloth, but the song reflects the reality of a ruling society against an individual, or the mass themselves in regards to action and reactions of both sides such as those of  rising costs of living only to be responded by mass protests with both sides tending to justify,  that, using the perspective of the mass would say "the state is against me for invoking opposition against the rise of the prices of commodities, we respond through action, we are responded by beatings and prison; so who's good and evil then?"
Perhaps, this writer silently thinking over what those songs had said upon to. Meanwhile one of his writer's friends asked him regarding sex and stuff; quite interesting from a girl to ask him about masturbate, while yours truly asked about if her's as shaved or having experience, ordinary people would think of it quite awkward to hear, especially from a girl who's open minded to talk about sex, but again, as the song said so: "who's good? And who's evil" to ask curiously about things a society controlled by trigger happy and greedy "conservatives" and "liberals" deemed as immoral? Yes, those on high are against the mass, they made fools out of them as they gave a distorted view to these dispossessed.

That, somehow made this writer had feature the songs of Boy Piodos and his group in this writeup, as well as its words that the group behind these songs said so.

But to think that despite their misunderstood and speedy music, how come that band from Laguna became popular by many for years? That all made this writer wanting to hear their music along with their sarcastic commentaries about politics, culture and the frivolities of "modern day life"? Anyways, both this writer and the band are anti-norms so to speak, and despite the alcomix-laced discussions (that sometimes include sex) and staring at the brown-haired maiden of the galley (that made this writer lighten up for a some time) the sound of the Anti-norm such as A.D.A end thinking this writer thinking about someone willing to assist in setting the storm of the Anti-norm.

Sorry to say so, but generally true.

To think that this writer made him drew and write more using his maiden as his subject in resisting the "flow" and the "norm" disagrees with.