Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"The People SEDATED, Getting AGITATED!"

"The People SEDATED, Getting AGITATED!"


At first, sorry to have pictures featuring strange people being posted in this writeup for it shows the side effect laid by a society whose people are eaten by the repressive order. These people are estranged that they had been influenced by drugs, poverty, decadent culture, they tried to escape many times that they end up suffered such as the picture taken from above, that somehow this writer felt "how let these things happen in midst of modernity? That instead of improvement in living aggravates the social illness especially in backward societies dependent on foreign imports.
In midst of modern-day edifices towering over the old yet remarkable ones rotting and threatened by demolition, of modern equipment that satisfies the mindset of a backward and of easily replaced trends those can afford ought to grab after discarding the other, the cycle those from above benefited continuously revolves as the affected are subjected to earn-buy-consume-discard and again revolving according to a certain trend imposed upon to them. This writer also affected by these admittingly speaking, but does it mean this person ought to content upon as if nothing happen and all as "life?"

Perhaps most had forgotten that there are choices, or perhaps variety of choices is all but an illusion being vented upon to.

Quite strange for this writer to make this kind of reflection all after listening to some new wave and even disco music in his room, of going to certain places and even writing some poetries that emphasise love, and revenge guised as hope; that all based during his days as an activist and social critic, and still committing in an obligation what others may described as sacred.
That, all after seeing the current trends of today, from using social media, to the use of traditional ones such as movie, television, radio and even fashion and other types of visual arts, this writer felt that such trends being sought by many are rather treated as a mere disposable one that is deemed to be disposed a year after. Especially that most people felt  last year's band scenes be end up replaced by dancers and what's next? Bystanders at the department stores what critics described as jerk and bitch?

Anyways, sorry to say so to those who are affected by these words, but due to the current nature of emphasising rampant consumerism that satisfies the few vested classes through their profits, of people consuming without understanding its essence whilst disregarding social realities, it's all but nonsense at first but in the end the latter ought to have their eyes open enough to wide and explore its roots, of social realities and reclaim what idealists tend to call "greatness" that is, written in books, shown in pictures, paintings, what the stupid and idiot be described as a pipe dream difficult to be realized.

After all, how come these creativeless beings eaten by the flow, fast becoming cannibals with mindsets seeking the nonsense than the sublime dominate everything? For sure these perhaps be considered as worse than the one sleeping with a plastic bag on its head and the living gargoyles of San Sebastian Church.

Seeing the degeneracy: Reflections after listening to New Wave
and after getting disturbed by "music" in the jeepney

Well, prior to the current title, this writer supposedly made a reflection after listening to new wave. Quite enjoyable and relaxing at first as both melody and word played and sung carries a message that seemingly subliminal and others as romantic, all despite its artsy yet pop-like appeal within the post-punk generation.

However, this writer, as he listens to some good old school music such as his favorites Punk, Rock, and New Wave, end rather felt thinking, assessing other than relaxing or inspiring both from the word and tone all after seeing most people in his community, that nowadays fast discarding good listening music and a "chilled" lifestyle all in favor of mere easy to produce ones that is, always being played in the radio, or those made by trying hard musicians who value their faces than their musical talent and its quality imbued.

Sorry to say so, but admittingly speaking, today's singers rather emphasising much on faces rather than talent further negates the music that tries to convey and instead being substituted by their faces, appeal; we may see that they are still popular all despite their words in their music, depending on their genre yet deemed as crass and nonsensical, rather than romantic, inspiring and sublime being played in the radio, television, or even in the computer.

That, one artist this writer whom befriended said:

"Today what you hear isn't music."

And with some people around sensing a feel of awkwardness especially  all after listening to a "revival"  in the jeepney being sung by a band whose value emphasise on "being handsome" and had the song played in a wrong tune such as bossa nova (no offense but why bossa?), end quite sleepy aside from not minding it at all since that song was originally sung by a grunge rock band in the middle of the 90s.

That made this writer assess that having a society fueled by consumerism rather triggers money-and-fan-making tendencies such as these for singers desperately wanting followers yet sacrificing their own ability in favor of those that is "canned" and "produced" for the sake of popularity; in a way singers like 6cyclemind, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus did these things same as those models rappers described them as objects of sexual desire (that some end rather disgusted thinking what else aside from showing their ass and acting as whores for a platinum and diamond studded nonsense?

Anyways, seems that this reflection rather end up as a total critique in regards to music and culture nowadays as the prevailing order tends to tolerate what most tend to call it as degenerate as rootless individuals, cannibalistic in nature preying directly to the sheeple through music, dance, visual art, everything that encompasses culture especially through television and radio; that in its very idiocy lies its nonsensical result such as apathy and stupidity. In America for instance, people rather clamor for cheap goods in walmart than struggling for civil rights, of describing themselves as "young wild and free" yet failed to counter the growing degeneracy of every society that is dominated by the privileged few looking after profits in Wall Street.

And as this writer continue listening and reflecting about what he sought in his surroundings, all masked by modern facades yet within carries the stench of the corrupt, end thinking what else would the system tend to insist upon the people? How let these things happen by reducing aspirations and ideas into figments of imagination and the rest as canned nonsense peddled by idiots such as Television?

Yes, to the rest it is popular in their eyes, in their minds, everything come and go is popular yet they unconsciously being enslaved or eaten, becoming sheeple in consuming a culture that is produced and canned, consumerism had gone wild as it tries to cover the stench of the corrupt and trying to reduce the dreams and aspirations of the rest into figments of imagination. What comes today would be enjoyable, yet like bubblegum, its sweetness isn't enough and eventually lose and tasteless after being chewn, becoming a crap that is thrown after.

After all, that is what this writer think of after listening to a music whose tones are better than what people listening nowadays.

"Eat people" by restriction

Sorry for using Lu Xun, but his words are quite relevant for this individual to see a reality enough to be ridiculed all despite its desperate appearance of modernity and elegance.

As this writer, all after sensing means to restrict moves online, of people clamoring for wage increase and subsidies yet fell on deaf ears of the system, as well as everyone undermined by a hodge-podge of morals, promises and lies, it is all but seeing a society with a system and its hordes acting like cannibals eating away at everyone.

It is indeed true as everyone sees of it, as everyone end corrupted, of escaping problem by acting apathetic at all costs, they didn't notice how themselves as they joined the flow without understanding end up unnoticingly drowning in a mere fantasy while actually they're been exploited, bleeding dry without any feeling at all.

This writer, been reading Lu Xun's work and reflecting over in it, end quite thinking that as the influx of modern goods and its trends involving affect culture, tries to substitute or replace the original, organic ones most people tend to contend upon? Or rather say does the system tolerate have cannibals eaten directly by the "flow" through radio, tv and visual as most fast becoming mere consumers of a trend that is easily replaceable?

That also somehow affects relationships such as love.

Personally, it all reminds of a person who had gone dismayed all after having a past, pseudo-relationship whom end up wasted, yes, he  had helped her, yet the latter gave nothing at all-that somehow made him felt dismayed and rejected for nothing. Why? just because both may have different genres, ways of life? That she had yearnings for another person handsome and famous? In fact, this writer tried to bridge the gap such as interests both had such as music and food, yet how come it end wasted? Coming to think that he spent money for the sake of relationship, yet rather became strange and awkward to think that in the end she yearned for a person greater than this person whom she went "for help" that is in fact a debt based on promise "of paying it"; worse, he even argued with his parents due to that kind of issue he and his girl had faced, that somehow the former felt how these tendencies peddled by the famous made these shit happen to-especially those of love and relationships.

Anyways, that awkward "love" affair had ended by breaking ties and moving on focusing on his own. Obviously it showed they have neither more into friendship nor a brawl to a person whom they met and talked to, but more of interest such as money or something to took upon; yet few coming from them may've been serious enough to talk with that person and end with friendships despite different ways of living.

After all, this writer is quite versatile enough to meet with different people although there are some people whom he met found distasteful and ridiculous due to their tendencies such as pressuring everyone, even this person to enjoy what the latter doesn't want to, or rather say "doesn't like to be in the 'in' crowd" whose people who are 'in' are rather eaten by the flow full of promises and figments of imagination.

That made this writer again paraphrasing Lu Xun to summarise the objective of what a decadent society had made to its people:


Back to the topic, due to the trends and pressures affecting a certain individual, how come some whom being compelled resort to stealing, especially petty thievery just to satisfy themselves or all for the sake of being a part of the "in" crowd that consists of those being eaten by the flow such pressure laid upon made it resort as that individual had gone "eaten" by the prevailing trend of nonsense. Thinking that as this writer sought prevailing trends now and then, felt how let these things happen, sacrificing one's uniqueness, authenticity for the sake of being a part of a rotting society? Quite strange, awkward, nonsense if to dig deeper regarding these things happen to a certain individual such as being compelled, pressured to be a part of the so-called "society" such as for survival.

However, not all people are wholeheartedly submitted on what being described as 'in', but instead, they rather  "acting pragmatic", "using", or "pretending" as some if not few, are using their minds and utilizing things around, and dared to use what is existing to counter the ones prevailing. How come musicians used a variety of genres to convey a different message? Of fashion statements to convey a different idea other than beauty and fame?

Perhaps, these people who utilize things around are the ones who are trying to "save the children" from the prevailing culture creeping around in every walks of life. The overtly artificial culture set forth by the system tends to look natural enough as it conveys a wide range of scenes yet most are devoid of something significant in a way those carrying money controls over those having the talent-carrying hand, that with "money" they sacrifice their efforts for the sake of getting paid.

And yet some are crafty enough to put subliminal messages of resistance against the current through their mediums. Rappers such as Immortal Technique, Public Enemy and Tupac Shakur speaks of resistance although their music end up in "mainstream" with people care about the tone and words being sung yet few understood most its message. Same as visual artists like the controversial Mideo Cruz whose art invokes reality such as those of the role of religion and pop culture.

Mentioning Cruz, his controversial work reflects the reality such as those of houses in shantytowns having pictures of Jesus Christ side by side with those of calendars feat. politicians or artists, not to mention those of companies producing cigarettes featuring the Christ child or Christ the King. The Church condemned his work of course, but come to think of it, how come people pray to god for success than forgiveness of sins? Of winning bets in a lottery than changing their lifestyles? Cruz's work also tends to make people critically think in regards to their actions contrary to their "faith" such as having the statue of the virgin Mary used to hide drugs or something what the church deemed as "immoral."

That somehow made this writer coined the word AgitPop that made Agitation-Propaganda of the past side by side with Pop Culture (or Art) of the present.

A People "Sedated" getting "Agitated"

As people tried much to break themselves from the flow, the ones on the top tried much making them controlled by all mean such as "carrot and stick." Ranging from the use of rewards, grants to the excessive use of punishments, the ones controlling the system tends to keep the status quo firmly-especially through bastardising what people familiarized of: culture.

Culture, especially those what caters from the masses, is what those from high tends to capitalize upon especially through the use of print, radio, television and even movies that usually consists of repetitions, same old "brand new" movies just to curry the emotions of the mass even it is far from realism. And that realism meant the sickening poverty intensified by injustice, inequity and repression laid by those trying to keep the status quo. Coco Martin's telenovela with he as a soldier doing chivalric task is far from a soldier who is drunkard and trigger happy; obviously media tends to beautify the image of a soldier that is chivalric and law abiding, but come to think that behind lies a monstrous one that acts as a bogeyman especially in the provinces. And using Coco Martin or Gerald Anderson in beautifying the image means to curry people's feelings to a "handsome person" that presents and idealized image far from the reality, in other words "making people sedated to lessen tension".

Speaking of reality such as what everyone sees of and contrary to the idealized one, it is the former that brings people into agitation especially those of perennial problems existing. Yet these people are also getting "sedated" by the predominance of pop culture peddled by the ones on high in pursuit of controlling them. The use of poverty would meant revolutionary sentiment, but the use of television such as TV shows made people's desire negated in favor of token welfare such as what game shows given-people resorted to having sorts of talent for five to ten thousand yet still not enough to face rising prices of commodities and services; such nonsense bred by the prevailing order tends to show it to its subjects that is "popular" such as a trying hard "high culture" that is, far from its very essence; that in lieu of the highly educated, lies a lumpen one amongst the ranks of the bourgeoisie.

Quite strange though, that what the system, its ruling gentries and supporting classes tends to present as a factor in preserving and advancing cultural interests that is rather far from its actuality such as the lumpenization of the masses. If pop culture really emanates from the people, then how come it does not come from the people themselves but more of a bastardised one? Drama shows depicting poverty and rising up through hard work may sound good, but in reality, people who worked for long hours for a good salary yet facing high prices of commodities showed contrast between the ideal and the actual.

That even includes leaders who even spoke of making people lean to faith and learning to content on low salary and standard of living as long as they have "faith" over their labor yet unnoticingly getting exploited as what General Zia ul-Haq said:

 "It is not for the employers to provide roti (bread), kapda (clothes) aur (and) makaan (homes) (referring to a well-known PPP slogan used by Bhutto). It was for God Almighty who is the provider of livelihood to his people. Trust in God and He will bestow upon you an abundance of good things in life."

 Quite nice to hear that advice, but the message may also means "putting them into contentment" and "working hard" means "forget dreams of high living or else..." in a way, that according to Wikipedia:

"Demands for higher wages, better working conditions, social security, old age benefits and compensation for accidents, were no justification for protests and strikes. Industrialists were assured that any kind of industrial unrest resulting from strikes or any other trade union activity would be suppressed."

Using faith to justify repressive structures negates the very essence of faith itself, thinking that most people have strong foundations of faith yet remained poor in their standard of living urge to revolt in the name of their belief such as good conditions as well as rights to preserve with. Thinking that this writer would say people always invoke the almighty for their aspirations of good life, same as those who watch noontime soap operas depicting poor people becoming rich for revenge, that they work well, but as long as their employers didn't provide no matter how they work hard for long hours, even countless overnights supplemented by dose of energy drinks, made people invoke revenge that is from the almighty's-of punishing the one who drives them in a miserable condition. After all, they are invoking their faith through action in a way what the Bible said via Isiah 61:1 (King James Version)

  "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;"

 And in Luke 22:35-38, as it said:

  "35 And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. 36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. 37 For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end. 38 And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough."

Perhaps these words being put into action would make the people put trust in the almighty whom gives blessings by making the land rightfully to those who actually tend for it.  But in the eyes of the ruling gentries meant a mere message spoken during homilies, and be justified by "charitable institutions", "foundations" whose purpose is to "support and improve the needy" yet most of it rather "make face" in front of the camera for sake and immortalized via magazines, television shows, billboards, everything that fast becoming part of pop culture.

 That somehow made Mideo Cruz had the idea of it via his controversial work explained earlier. That in pursuit of making people thinking critically out of such issues including those of faith and reality; that in lower class houses lies pictures of god almighty or any other deity alongside politicians whom acting as "benefactors" or artists as their "inspirations", of statues of the blessed virgin in keeping drugs or even condoms, or even invoking names of saints and patrons for the sake of material wealth like elves and deities; that somehow some clergymen tend to question and oppose.

After all, according to Lanuza that is millenarianism that made people drive to religion, rather than faith to be saved. Well, been a witness in this part of pop culture, utilizing everything just to curry the feelings and aspirations of individuals marred by realities, even those of their faith, yet been negated and bastardised in favor of the ruling class in pursuit of controlling them; and thus making a question from a small group such as this person asking "how come it is pop culture yet it isn't really popular in the eyes of the people?" Yes, faith, hope, progress and any other aspiration what people wanted is part of national identity yet the ones who rule tends to rape the idea and create a mutated one that is peddled to the people!

To think that Zia Ul-Haq afford to speak of god just to justify repressing those who call for good living standards and make them content in a substandard on, how about those, such as the oligarchs and trade liberalizationists who tend to peddle an idea about democracy and freedom, of free trade yet deaf and mute in regards to certain calls of the majority such as agrarian reform, industrialization and improved living standards? Television, Radio, print and any other forms of media also peddles the same idea what those from the system wanted, especially from news to its primetime shows that feature an "idealized" world far from reality. As expected, the ones from the ruling class called it as "pop culture" and making people as if force-fed by these manias that changed every year.

 Admittingly speaking, most people around the world took interest in a certain trend being peddled since it is popular and trendy. That, a yesterday's rocker can become a dancer next year, followed by being a crooner or any other imitatable crap just to make a trendy "scene" famous as possible and hence, be described as pop culture with the people in general follows it, otherwise a person who does not follow and make a contrary be branded as "out of date" for not following the norm that is, trend. To think that, personally, most people sacrifice uniqueness as they themselves had been "eaten" by the flow, being exploited and cannibalized thoroughly yet unconsciously as these people tend to curry favors much to these people using mass media.
Like Religion during the Middle Ages, what those on high sponsored is itself "opiates" that conditions the mindset. That made certain artists and critics took interest in making controversial works, whether visual or written yet featuring religion and pop culture.

Otherwise, making people confused such as those of Senator Tito Sotto who said Filipino culture is "conservative" yet his show featured scantily-clad women with all their acts such sensuous for others to see; quite agreeable that traditional Filipino culture sponsored much by the "culture" conscious ruling class as "Conservative" yet come to think that the lawmaker who said so is also a host of a noontime show! There lies the hypocrisy and confusion coming from a man who peddles system-sponsored culture dubbed thee as "entertainment" yet in fact far from conservatism that in theory champions morality and high culture. The decadence of system-sponsored "pop culture" lies ever-prevailing mendicancy with shows like Sotto sponsored yet failed to solve serious solutions especially those of reproductive health and social transformation. In short, they want people to be lumpens by squeezing them dry while making them sedated by promises and token rewards such as what noontime shows and paper reforms stated. The Government's Conditional Cash Transfer program is same as what Willie Revillame did in his show of giving five thousand Pesos after doing sorts of things such as singing and dancing in a noontime show!

The culture of mendicancy isn't part of "Conservatism" in Filipino culture as Sotto stated for it speaks of Liberal reforms such as what Americans and their foodstamps (least they're responsible for they work and not contenting) or rather those of Ancient Rome just to appease people from getting rioted back and again against their rulers due to poverty, it isn't even similar to the calls for "Bread, Clothes, and Shelter" as Bhutto stated for it involves popular participation in the economy such as cooperatives and land to tiller programs in Pakistan years before nor those of Roosevelt's New Deal and other succeeding programs involving labor power and the use of incentives to accelerate production. After all, who dictates the economy also dictates culture, may it be the foreign overlord who impose their "norms and mores" through wholesale commercialism and its domestic underdogs who tolerate it just to gain kickbacks; perhaps it is up to the people how to grab and utilize as reality brings them  to such conclusions those on high tend to destroy, if not to control it.

Come to think that certain, if not most "Conservatives" speaks "Liberalism" in regards to economics aggravates social deterioration-they speak on behalf of "family" and "liberty" but obviously they favor maintaining the dilapidated social order by all means such as the use of mass media, pulpits, courts, police, legislature, even the marketplaces and other places of interest, everything what those on high has to offer in pursuit of making people silent and ignorant of realities. The use of pop culture for instance, isn't been made directly by artists but rather "manufactured" by those who manage and making it popularized in the eyes of many, one example is the use of sex in mass media just to arouse men and its carnal desire especially in adult-oriented cinema to noontime shows such as those of Sotto or even music videoes, specially those of Gangsta rap that depicted women as submissive "bitches"; and other that would say  ridiculous that these made people sedated and perhaps nearly devoid of self-thought as mediums tended by the system do so in manipulating their idea; obviously, those mediums aren't made to inform but rather to exaggerate and sensationalize the way headlines from Peoples Tonight did especially those of sexually-related cases like Rape; as well as movies that seemingly repetitive in regards to its topics such as "crass" comedies and heavy drama.

 And again:

 "how come it is pop culture yet it isn't really popular in the eyes of the people?"

 It's up to those who dare to conclude.

Making a different "Pop" (or grabbing "pop" by the agitated "pop")

It was last year when this writer coined this kind of idea all after listening to the music of Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine. The music, consists mainly of rock, funk, and techno, accompanies Axel's spoken word poetry that is, full of realism and discontent against the system yet accompanied by the music that some amongst the upper and middle classes tend to enjoy upon. Axel Pinpin tends to use different tunes for his works primarily to make not just popular but to convey the value of his message to the people. Obviously, his works are indeed "Agitation-Propaganda" that meets "Pop culture" such as the use of his poetry being accompanied with techno or funk music in his "Good Guys" and "Remote control" in order to make the people understand thoroughly the message what Axel said so. Amusingly speaking though to think it would possibly to those who belonged to high culture (especially those of upper middle to middle class) would took interest in it despite its contradicting sentiment, but come to think of this, will they understand the message of revolution as well after listening to the words and its tone "more of theirs?"

 Quite strange though so to speak, but again since people are trying to struggle to break the old ideas, then it is necessary to use the existing ones, and be improved in order to make it applicable to the people-especially in the field of culture. Alexander Bogdanov's Proletkult, then known in the former Soviet Union, prioritizes experimentation in accordance to the goals of creating a culture that is Proletarian, yet the idea rather end consists of experiments some people would dare to understand such as the sound of noise that theirs as their "music" or the use of "futuristic" elements that easily caters to the Proletarian mindset such as constructivism and futurism.

In this poster made for the Soviet Commissariat on Education, Vladimir Mayakovsky's futurist work made use of stencil, simple agitational poetry, and primitive workerist graphics to create an almost folk art effect. Futurism in Russia had became "Proletarian" despite its Avant Garde beginnings that benefited most of the idealistic Bourgeoisie. Idealistically speaking, the concept of the future in all spheres was much appealing to the workers especially in building a state under their dictatorship.

But despite the idea of creating a unique, modern culture of the working class, Bogdanov's idea was also opposed by writers and artists, as well as philosophers who called his idea "contrary to Dialectical Materialism" since Bogdanov was also a known Marxist. The idealistic idea of creating a "Proletarian culture" would say far from reality especially if does not rooted from actual events such as poverty, revolution, construction, developing and spearheading major changes a Proletarian tends to show to the world. Come to think of this: Why should edifices of historical significance had to be destroyed for the sake of "modernity" the way certain futurists in Italy also espoused? As according to Platon Kerzhenstev, it said:

"the working class by no means should reject the rich cultural heritage of the past, the material and spiritual achievements, made by classes which are alien and hostile to the proletariat."

This idea of "rejecting" the rich cultural heritage of the past would say too idealistic not noticing that their extremeness negate the need for real, tangible ones people ought to understand first prior in building a new society (including culture) such as eradicating illiteracy and promotion of a scientific education and culture  the masses ought to have with. That masses should also study all the knowledge, art, science and administrative skills of the old society in pursuit of creating new ones in place of the old. Especially that most edifices of the elite, then and now, were been built by the workers and thus should appreciate in its creation. As according to Lenin, it stated that:

"Proletarian culture must consist of the logical development of the knowledge that mankind gained under the yoke of capitalist society, under the yoke of the landlords and bureaucrats."

However, despite the differences, the concept of creating a Proletarian culture as what Bogdanov tries to set upon remains still as the masses tend to utilize existing ones what a Bourgeois had used to. Obviously, The use of Cinema for instance brought Sergei Eisenstein and his Potemkin, it revisited history despite using modern techniques, creating worker-poets and writers, or even the unconventional means of theatre such as those in protest, same as the creation of edifices, modern but it reflects the necessity of building a society a working class tried to envision.

Another example would be Jiang Qing and her Revolutionary Peking opera, in an instance it tried to infuse both the east and west with an objective similar to Bogdanov's in creating a Proletarian culture yet different in setting ideas: If Bogdanov chose to dismantle the art, Jiang Qing chose to utilize, as most of art being used during the Cultural Revolution were once part of high culture the Chinese and foreign elite greatly appreciated such as Peking Opera and Ballet, yet were turned into pieces based on the aspirations of the people such as social realism, national independence and class struggle such as "The Red Lantern" and the "Red Detachment of Women", "Taking tiger mountain by strategy" that almost replaced the Qing and Ming-era operas yet it carries the same style despite emphasising realism such as facial expression, clothing and the role of women in opera (as contrary to the use of men taking the role of women); Jiang Qing tried much to have China's popular culture "revolutionary" and advancing, while keeping Chinese identity significant but in a realistic one such as according to the signs of the times (like using early to mid 20th century Chinese setting instead of ancient ones what Peking opera used to.) as well as the use of traditional and modern instruments played side by side in creating harmonious yet new tunes for the opera Jiang Qing directed.

Like Bogdanov, it may've been experimental at first that they use an antiquated opera yet it uses modern settings and fusion of eastern and western music in order to make it appeal for the mass audience particularly the masses who usually see an opera that depicts ancient beings yet far from the realities what they had faced to in pursuit of "from the masses to the masses".

To this writer's view, these examples tend to make something class accessible to the mass as it tends to inculcate the idea of creating something different from what the "Status quo" showed upon. And to think that the idea of behind "AgitPop" corresponds with the use of different genres (whether it be rock, metal, punk, goth, even rap) all accordance to the mass line such as "From the masses to the masses" its purpose is to enlight as well as to mobilize the people further in breaking the vestiges of old system and its predominance on all spheres contrary to the ruling class's use of media for escapism in the guise of "free thought" while at the same time venting sentiment such as "unity". From the start, contrary to their ideas, the line what the ruling class thought in regards to culture rather negates character in invoking its message to the people and instead prioritizes "shoving people's mouths" with their concept of survival such as exxagerated idea of reality and making people reliant through noontime shows as a "show of charity"; and coming to think that people are enjoying what mainstream media had offered such as in Radio, TV or in the Internet, this writer somehow sought their efforts even by using the idea of the mass line such as understanding their culture such as the urban poor with their rap, the farmers with their curacha, or the muslims with their nasheed yet they failed to win their hearts as the poor cries for food and decent living, the farmers for land and labor, and muslims for self determination and freedom while the ones on high speaks about peace and unity without understanding their cause behind their voices of dissent.
And as the system trying to peddle their concept of "high culture" through some of their shows, mainly entertainment  Depending on genre, these peddlers who continuously peddle for their profit rather presents much to the lower-class majority an exaggerated one that made people imitate its exaggerateness that is, absolutely devoid of reality what people tend to break upon. Come to think of this: why the ruling class tends to exaggerate poverty to inspire people, and yet these people who use ideas such as poverty and invoking messages of hope in their so-called programs and social responsibilities couldn't pay taxes, support for reforms, even accommodate the masses evenly to develop a society wherein the dispossessed have a dignified life as different from being a mere stooge of television shows most trying hard to act "charitable" such as giving petty cash "after a showcase of talent" and other kinds of bread and cricuses crap?

In a way former first lady Imelda Marcos tends to present herself wearing overembroidered dresses and had it called as a "light for the poor", it rather showed exaggerateness guised as pride than a sympathy to the masses all in the name of the status quo.

 As according to Imelda Marcos, she stated that:

 "It is terribly important to do certain things, such as wear overembroidered dresses. After all, the mass follows class. Class never follows mass."

 But come to think of it, if the mass follows class, then how come in pursuit of gaining profits, popularity and the like those on high tend to present what is something that they would say "the masses would took interest upon", although it is entirely exaggerated or worse, devoid of significance such as realism? Obviously, their purpose is to make people "escape" from the reality such as watching heavy drama at night; quite understandable that the masses had interest in those shows out of a brief respite from day's work, yet coming to think that some what been presented rather showed their ugliness guised as beauty what certain personalities tend to show on over and over again: same formats, same lines-come to think of a movie that present "class" as they imitate foreign ones whether American or Korean, mostly nothing but a sheer nonsense, devoid of reality, all made to consume than made to enlight such as Shake Rattle and Roll and Sisterakas during the Metro Manila Film Festival. If Marcos said so, then how come the movies shown aren't shown class for the mass? Even the movie Sosy Problems didn't present much what is class for the mass as well! Bah Humbug!

 Sorry for the words (that made the reader would say getting confused), but perhaps he tries to convey what comes from his mindset. Or was she writing same as those from the old groups like Ailtiri na hAsieirghe and their idea of a culture based on tradition and action? Not really. It's just that the predominance of the privileged few tends to desensitize, negate, Perhaps, this writer had wanted to have a culture that is class for the mass than mass for the class (or rather say using the mass for the benefit of the upper class) in a way people need peace, land, bread, work, social justice and the like; the need for a patriotic, scientific, and mass-oriented culture would say brought them a degree of dignity both as an individual and as a part of community; As accoording to the "Socialist Vision" by BISIG, it said:

"In the development of every individual, art- the symbolic expression of thoughts and emotions, works of creative imagination  is a basic necessity. Under capitalism, art is largely the preserve of the rich. The masses, on the other hand, are consigned to the role of consumers of commodified or commercialized art. Socialism must rescue art from the market and make it available to all as an important component in the development of the whole person."

Sorry for using BISIG's "Socialist Vision" due to its article about "culture" but, as the people are waging for  social changes, it is necessary for the masses to "rescue" art and culture by countering those from the privileged few by making it "progressive" and "revolutionary" in character as creativity been radically enhanced and expanded through realism and struggle while keeping its popular appeal such as those what hath been sought today with those from respective genres tend to inject the aspirations of the people making the idea closer while acting as a reaction against the dominating ones they themselves took interest in it to become engineers of the human soul and making art and culture as property of the people that emerges from the union of existing (modern and indigenous) and experimental forms. Such as this writer thinks about AgitPop as well as a culture that is proletarian, realistic, and continuously creative with a sense of dignity and class.


Well, this writer would say that he tries to put something different from what the status quo tried to show upon. If pop culture really emanates from the mass, how come the status quo presents a different, exaggerated one? Yes, under the present system would say that the rich had access to the Avant Garde, to the experamental ones while the masses are rather making them contented to something that would say "easy to understand" such as a "commercialized" one that is, degenerated, recycled, all made for the desperate sake of popularity such as making them join the flow! And to use the idea how Imelda saidth so such as making the the mass follow class, yet limiting the mass into a commodified one different from what is class, well then-let the people have the power to make art available as an important component to a developing society and to the individual itself. 

Thank you.