Thursday, 30 May 2013

"All is but a joke, only to see a sickening mess..."

"All is but a joke, only to see a sickening mess..."

It was few days ago as one of the known comedians this year had been faced with a barrage of criticisms all because of her "joke."

As Jose Marie Borja Viceral, known by many as "Vice Ganda", had made several jokes about gang rape during her (or perhaps his) concert at the Araneta coliseum. However, one of the jokes seemingly too off-colour, that it had been directed towards news anchor Jessica Soho, as been mentioned in a skit regarding several personalities starring in a hypothetical adult movie.

Quite desperate and distasteful that idea being vented upon by the artist herself as to curry favor with the rest of the audience. As ranging from media practitioners and mass organizations such as Gabriela, Vice Ganda had to face the ire concerning her jokes as it did harm to a certain personality and even to the victims of a crime against dignity. A skit from Bubble Gang somehow had allegedly used rape as one of the subjects but doesn't use any kind of personality as what Vice Ganda did.
Otherwise, compared to Willie Nepomuceno and his variety of personas, or Pokwang with her role as Tingting Cojuangco, would say that her jokes had gone too far in trying to make a satire using certain people like Jessica Soho. Thinking that most people had been quite contented in her off-colour jokes hence they should enjoy that is overtly desperate as to character assassinate? and other forms of subjectivism?

Anyways, Vice Ganda thinks as if all as but a joke to give everyone a strong laugh over time and again not noticing most Filipinos had no gene for satire nor incapable of doing "forgive and forget", people should had monitored her moves same as other comedians whose jokes aren't really joke but a mere but serious heckle that affects women such as "rape."

Otherwise, was Ms. Viceral had to do "political incorrectness" in her jokes for the sake of popularity like those pointing against Nancy Binay? Well, it is true that Nancy Binay didn't get involved in the senatorial debates, nor her background in governance as shallow; but just because she's brown-skinned she doesn't deserved the seat? She even ain't no Manglapus to speak such serious issues like "Gang rape" that involves prominent people like Jessica Soho! After all, the late Manglapus himself did speak about "Rape" that should sit, relax and enjoy; yet despite its "incorrect" message lies deeper meaning attached to it in terms of the need for the steeling of character, not the common virtue of Philippine lawmakers with lesser lights, many of whom were duplicitous participants in the rape of Philippine democracy and its economy, the drastic decline of the peso, the needless suffering inflicted on its people (sorry Wikipedia). Artists like Roderick Paulate, Jon Lapus, Jon Santos, and Inday Garutay, beauticians like the late Jun Encarnacion had been known for their jokes and stints yet creatively made as to appease the audience with class than for the sake of popularity.

After all, why popularity be emphasised rather than class?

And as for "political incorrectness", why the exaggeration as to waste the idea of free speech? Dan Brown's "Gates of hell" had enough basis than putting Jessica Soho in a bad light what Vice Ganda did! Rape is much serious issue as it provokes the dignity of a Filipina and others as well! Anyways, why the contentment over off-colour jokes on the first place? Then Lourd the Veyra is right in his statement below:

Perhaps there are "Politically incorrect" comedians better than her, for they know how to regulate and limit which is to vent out and doing their craft not for the sake of popularity but of realism with basis and proofs to justify. To think that Vice Ganda ain't no Tulfo bros. nor Seth MacFarlane and even Mike Enriquez as to comment "incorrectly."

After all, not all jokes are funny, but some are provocative enough only to end seeing a sickening mess.

And it's up to the people to hear their bullshits and later on seeing them washing their dirty linen again and again. 

So be careful in thine words to speak.