Monday, 24 June 2013

Seems that love is all but...

Seems that love is all but...

(Or how a scredriver-wielding addict had to hostaged himself
after failing to kill his lover and his lover's lover)

It was last afternoon when this writer had read a certain writeup about a man who had hostaged himself because his ex-girlfriend was with another.

With his head fried on drugs, rushed in a convenience store, carrying a screwdriver all filled with rage and threat as he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend and even asking her threateningly which. Of the two must die: his ex or his ex's new man.

Luckily, the girl's new partner escaped death although he got a scrap in the forehead made by the screwdriver. Blood was spilled over the floor while people, including those of the threatened two, had  escaped from the store seeing how desperate the screwdriver-brandished man was just because of a wasted relationship.

Or simply because of the drugs he used all the time that made his girlfriend broke up with him.

As this writer watched the news and read reports, it's all but choosing, or even equating love and death, especially with someone who didn't accept the broke-up had to choose which of the two to be killed, or perhaps even both of them thinking that "fate deserves them to die", especially on his ex-girlfriend's birthday according to the reports.

Only to end up threatening the rest by killing himself especially on the time when policemen came, urging him to surrender and "talk", that somehow for a drug-fried person would make him filled with paranoia as he could.
He tried not to heed their calls, nor didn't surrender, but instead he walked past that somehow turned an opportunity for the authorities to barge through the store's doors and eventually captured him. The suspect feigned dead at first and even trying to resist the authorities in pursuit of escape; and somehow pressed charges after such as attempted homicide and grave threat.

to this writer's view, it seems that fate rather casts its eyes on him rather than to the two whom the once-lover ought to kill both. It is even quite stupid that he, in front of the mass and of the authorities had nearly glorified death by threatening himself, that somehow would end as exaggerated as the red-coloured and bold-fonted headlines such as in "people's tonight".
On the other hand, these kind of events are somewhat a by-product of a person having a possessive nature, a reaction that includes playing with death with after-effects such as guilt that tries to forget. The movie "Segunda Mano" somehow carries the idea of a person whom, after being cheated by his lover, had to kill both his lover and his lover's lover, feeling that both had to suffer eternal damnation (using the killer's perspective of course!).

The good thing was that, his ex-girlfriend's lover had a wound in the forehead rather than his life itself, as well as the couple escaped together along with others as the drug-laced person continues to be driven amok by his ego, or rather say his emotions simoly because he couldn't accept he himself being broke up with his girlfriend (according to her's) or with his possessive persona he can't accept seeing her with another man, hence "they should die altogether" because of a love gone wasted.

In fact, this writer, in watching the report itself somehow sought the suspect's psyche such as a possessive one laced with drugs, thinking that he can't accept wholly the fact that his ex-girlfriend had been dumped him for a nice person simply because of his attitude and even the drugs he usually administer to himself. His attempt for suicide (or having himself kidnapped) was somehow one of its effects as his behavior changes both by drugs, depression, and perhaps ego itself thinking that he should kill them both, as well as himself to justify the means such as "going to hell altogether".

Only to end up being arrested and pressed charges as the reports said so.

Anyways, in that case, it seems that love is all but possession with emotion. That if it turns bad it all meant hell one after another, or perhaps even both just because it had gone conscienceless and egotistical in its actions

...such as playing with death.