Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hate him...yet most of them can't argue

Hate him...yet most of them can't argue

"I was the foreign protester who was actively denouncing to you the violence used against the activists yesterday at the SONA Protest. I was one of the 41 injured activists in the protest. Many of the injured received head wounds and contusions, two of the injured were senior citizens. They were attacked simply because they exercised their constitutional right to assemble and protest."

These are the opening words made by a Dutch who had been known for his action taken last monday, July 22, 2013.

Clad in red, he, along with others, felt shocked as to see policemen gone pushy in their actions that, ironically speaking, done after having a negotiation. So much blood and anger had happened at Commonwealth ave with policemen gone desperate in pushing, then afterwards beating that resulted to 41 wounded.

But in this writeup, rather showed how mr. Thomas Van Beerzum chose to act different from a typical foreigner-especially in joining the protests and speaking strongly to those whose motto is "to serve and protect" the people.

 photo 554598_10153045929495514_629756033_n_zps85fc4efc.jpg

In this picture, showing that he was talking to a Filipino policeman (known eventually as the 'Crying Cop') during that time, had somehow created mixed reactions especially from those who it's quite nonsensical to see keyboard warriors, especially those who seemingly venting their so-called patriotic sentiment, assailing over and over as they could.

At first, it may described directly by many that he's shouting, yes, he may stress something what people ought to described as shouting; but despite all the heckle and narrow mindedness coming from commentators in his page, would first ask this: is giving a strong point just meant shouting? Even this writer's father often told that he wasn't shouting but stressing something what a son should be. Or in a subjective sense: are you were there during that time he was allegedly shouting to that policeman who defied orders?
Well, so much for butthurt comments made by these keyboard warriors yet in fact, that crying cop was also given a hug and praise from the activists who he ought to give a whack! And may as well yet not even thinking that some of the protesters are foreigners such as Latinos and other caucasians like Thomas; so therefore what's the problem in having foreigners sympathizing with the cause of the people in a way these keyboard warriors, obsessed with a coming war against China had to curry favor with the United States and Japan? To think that the latter, so much for their passion in giving "butthurt" comments rather showed hollowness by these same people who wanted foreign investors, tourists, dignitaries, to come and see the wonders yet blocking to see the awful truth such as poverty and near hopelessness that created sympathizers and protesters against the rotten social order.

Otherwise, in looking back at history, they even should know that there were foreigners who even sympathized with the Filipino people before. Remember Ferdinand Blumentritt who assailed Spanish rule? Sun Yat-Sen who provided guns for the insurrectos? Mark Twain with his commentaries in defense of the First Philippine Republic, or even the well-known General MacArthur had even intervened Philippine affairs in regards to defense as the Armed forces' own "field marshal", and Jane Fonda who joined the protests at Manila at the height of her popularity, as well as other nameless foreigners who tend to "defy" in sympathy to those who are against with.
While people, especially keyboard warriors whom spent day and night heckle and illogical, uberpersonalistic reasoning, may not noticed these examples that they are, at least once, twice, thrice cooperated with the people in their struggles, that they even call it "intervening their affairs" yet not noticing they themselves may had once sympathized with A Briton named Michael Aris who was once deported from Burma for being Aung San Suu Kyi's husband! Anyways, history nowadays is a subject distrusted by these people!

After all, no matter how serious in their actions in facing the computer, that's the only way they do: comment, or rather say heckle with all their narrow-mindedness and passion entwined. Not to mention that in his page heckles are sided with death threats and other sorts of nonsense simply because of the picture, or simply because he's a left winger? Then fine! He may indeed a left winger who's been heckled by those whose love of "democracy" (in its purist greek sense) and freedom (similar to Jefferson's rather than Rousseau's) as quite so "Cold war-esque" than ever.

But despite all these heckles, perhaps one, two, or three may understand why Thomas had to give stress to the Policeman with the picture people may ought to call it a shout that made a policeman cry. Yes, the latter did his job-of defying orders of giving whacks against those who just simply wanting to speak on their behalf the real state of the nation.

That somehow made radicals given him a hug and perhaps, a degree of care no matter the differences had. After all, cops are human, they do cry in a way activists do hurt in feeling the whacks from truncheons and swagger sticks on that time.