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"Growing hopeless from a hopeful generation"

"Growing hopeless from a hopeful generation"
-A profile of Filipino Children 

What most Filipino Children suffer nowadays?

Nearly half of the population of the Philippines (47% out of 77 million Filipinos) is below 19 years of age, and yet most of them, nearly 90% belonged to the marginalized sectors of the society, experiencing the repressive structure of the present ruling system such as a semifeudal and semicolonial structure.

They lived in appalling conditions of poverty and gross deprivation, these children, along with their families, had been suffering from malnutrition and prone to illness, as well as having limited or no access to basic social services such as education, health care and proper housing. In education, the overwhelming majority haven't finished grade school, do not go beyond grade 4; and long before they reach the age of 15 had to engage in hard labor in pursuit of supporting their parent's income as well as their survival.

These conditions somehow had been much tackled by politicians especially women legislators in regards to ensuring the welfare of the younger generation. The fact that these younger generation are known for its idealism, being passionate, adventurous, such conditions had made them helpless as they had to endure the repressive structures such as taking part in agricultural production, or in the cities as peddling, scavenging, even prostitution, made to work for long hours, at times extending beyond 12 hours, at subhuman wages.
But not only children of lower class backgrounds are vulnerable to repressive structures and human rights violations. Even those of lower middle class backgrounds had to work in the city, and somehow become susceptible to risks because of their condition. This issue are often veiled with the illusion that they are supporting their parents, if not "independence" as it's alibi. Call centers for instance, some of the workers are not yet 18, stopped college and had to work for their tuition and other expenses to be paid.
If not all for the sake of augmenting the inadequate incomes of their parents or just to make up their parents' lack of employment.

In fact, in 2001, child workers are more than 4 million, and 16% are aged 15-17. 6% are aged 5-9, and the remaining 94% almost equally between the age of 10-14 (48%) and 15-17 (46%). Nearly half of them (48.8%) had to work 2 days or less, while almost 20% worked in 5-6 days. And in the provinces, more than 70% are found in the rural areas and 53% are into agriculture, with 63% are consists of male child workers especially in the sugar plantations doing seasonal work.

Other than the issue of employment, Children are even exposed to degrading conditions such as petty crimes, prohibited drug use, and prostitution. In Ermita Manila, for instance, some prostitutes were below 18 years of age and exploited by foreigners through child pornography and even human trafficking; those who had been arrested due to petty crimes or vagrancy had been experienced daily extortion and bullying from the police-other than rounding up and dumped into crowded jails where they are mixed up with hardened criminals and endure worst conditions; and even used by some officials as runners between corrupt officers and criminal syndicates especially in the metro-oftentimes subjected to harassment because of disobedience.

That, according to the records of the Senate, 209 out of 1,430 jails managed by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology have separate cells for youth offenders. Meanwhile, 52,000 children and youth delinquents had to share the same prison cell as adults. And according to lawyers who had handled juvenile cases, children who had spend their lives in Jail with the offense he/she is charged carries only a penalty of only 10 days if not paying a fine of 50 pesos simply because they are too poor to pay the fine or engage the services of the lawyer.

It's all but strange that these people, who had been described as hopeful, had to endure conditions that is far from their aspirations; that despite being tackled seriously by politicians had not much been a concern, other than giving them crumbs; if not playing deaf, blind in regards to the exploited conditions such as seasonal work in an "Azucarera", or exploited by the authorities if being arrested. 
Education can be a good solution to make these children realize their aspirations with full potential, and yet the share of public expenditure to total education remained lowest, it had been steadily declining with 2.9% contrary to 4% since 1998-1999. Meanwhile, 75% of public elementary school graduates cannot read without the help of another person, all despite having gross enrollment in Secondary schools growing higher (while the net enrollment ration as one of the lowest).

These figures shown are examples how the issue on children, and even the youth should been seriously tackled by many. That because of exploitation, negligence and repression, those who are supposedly hopeful are becoming hopeless because of their conditions given. 

Furthermore, where are all the taxes go if most taxpayers, thinking about the future generation, sought the contrary such as a declining education budget and inefficient distribution of social services?

Sources: international- UNESCO, Asian Development Bank, World Bank
local-  National Statistics Office, National Statistical Coordination Board

A call for another Glasnost: open, clean state governance through freedom of information

A call for another Glasnost: 
open, clean state governance 
through freedom of information

"The State recognizes the right of the people to information on matters of public concern, and adopts and implements a policy of full public disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest, subject to the procedures and limitations provided by this Act. This right is indispensable to the exercise of the right of the people and their organizations to effective and reasonable participation at all levels of social, political and economic decision-making."

- Proposed Substitute FoI bill from Malacanang

The people's right to inform, alongside Speech and Assembly, is fundamentally enshrined in the constitution. As such, the people, with all its aspirations, has to insist that said right simply by including the right to know government expenditures, budget, and state related matter, including those of national security being the "sovereign" that appoints those who run state affairs.

But time and again the inconvenient truth prevails as these same people, especially the less privileged majority had been in a cycle of struggle for survival, that they believe in having rights as priviledges, haven't noticed that they do have the privilege, if not the word "right" as a sovereign to expand further such as the right to inform.

As Article III sec. 7 said:

"The right of the people to information on matters of public concern shall be recognized. Access to official records, and to documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions,or decisions, as well as to government research data used as basis for policy development, shall be afforded the citizen, subject to such limitations as may be provided by law."

So is the state with Article II sec. 28 with:

"Subject to reasonable conditions prescribed by law, the State adopts and implements a policy of full public disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest."

Also to think that with this kind of "ignorance", especially those of the latter lies the officials and its cohorts to circumvent laws for their personal desires: financial matters related to the state (especially those of expenditures), contacts with foreign officials (especially when it comes to certain incidents inimical to the people's welfare), and even the "order of battle" that meant state terrorism against those who are against state policies, that even turned into personal grudges against certain personalities and the affected (such as what happened in Ampatuan, Maguindanao), it is really necessary that calls for the right to gain access for information continues especially in an age where technology and flow of information as "wireless" and "free flowing."

A  yearly promise that failed to be taken seriously

It was all started since 1992 through an act filed by then-Congressman Oscar Orbos, that the "Freedom of Information act" tends to justify further the existing provision of the Constitution stating the people's right to gain access for state supported information. And most of the people, especially those who had been struggling for Freedom during Martial rule had wanted transparency within the government as part of the latter's commitment in serving people's interest, as well as fairness such as those in dealing with other countries, accounts to settle, even the money being allocated in every project taken-that somehow became an object of controversies like the Megadike in Pampanga, Expo Filipino Scam, and today's issue about the Pork Barrel being allocated to certain individuals like the Napoles clique and other nameless individuals wanting to squander people's money for their benefit.

But, other than Orbos, there are other bills that tried and failed to be approved by the state despite promises to speak on behalf of truth and accountability. That representatives Erin Tanada, Ben Evardone, Teddy Casino, as well as senators Gregorio Honasan, Allan Peter Cayetano, and Miriam Defensor Santiago, had filed similar bills, and even make co-authorships in creating a comprehensive Freedom of Information act that until today is currently tackled at the session hall.

Here are the bills that had been considered for the FoI (from 2004-):

HB 53 filed by Erin Tanada
HB3732 filed last 2010 yet failed due to failure to constitute a quorum (128 out of 267 were present while others were absent during the said session.)
HB 133 filed by Teddy Casino and Neri Colmenares
Revised consolidated FoI bill filed on February 29, 2012 by Reps. Tañada, Biazon, Teodoro, Nograles, Angara, Casiño & Colmenares,Bello & Bag-ao, Romualdo, Apostol, Del Mar, Castelo and Escudero
Direct initiative version of the FoI Bill filed by the "Right to Know. Right Now!" Coalition
Proposed Substitute FoI made by the Malacanang


13th Congress

Senate Bill No. 776 Filed on June 30, 2004 by Manny Villar
Senate Bill No. 1112 Filed on June 30, 2004 by Franklin Drilon
Senate Bill No. 1633 Filed on August 4, 2004 by Sergio Osmena III

14th Congress

Senate Bill No. 3308 Filed on June 3, 2009 by Ramon Revilla Jr., Mar Roxas, Jinggoy Estrada, Manny Villar, Loren Legarda, Allan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Juan Miguel Zubiri
Senate Bill No. 2571 Filed on August 27, 2008 by Loren Legarda
Senate Bill No. 1578 Filed on September 12, 2007 by Manny Villar

15th Congress

Senate Bill No. 11 Filed on July 1, 2010 by Antonio Trillanes IV
Senate Bill No. 25 Filed on July 1, 2010 by Ramon Revilla Jr.
Senate Bill No. 126 Filed on July 5, 2010 by Sergio Osmena III
Senate Bill No. 149 Filed on July 6, 2010 by Francis Pangilinan
Senate Bill No. 158 Filed on July 6, 2010 by Teofisto Guingona III
Senate Bill No. 162 Filed on July 6, 2010 by Juan Miguel Zubiri
Senate Bill No. 1254 Filed on July 12, 2010 by Manny Villar
Senate Bill No. 1440 Filed on July 13, 2010 by Loren Legarda
Senate Bill No. 2086 Filed on July 27, 2010 Francis Escudero
Senate Bill No. 2189 Filed on July 28, 2010 Gregorio Honasan
Senate Bill No. 2283 Filed on August 2, 2010 Miriam Defensor Santiago
Senate Bill No. 2354 Filed on August 4, 2010 by Allan Peter Cayetano
Senate Bill No. 3208 Filed on May 7, 2012 by Gregorio Honasan
Senate Bill No. 3208 Filed on May 23, 2012 by Antonio Trillanes IV, Ramon Revilla Jr. Sergio Osmena III, Francis Pangilinan, Teofisto Guingona III, Manny Villar, Loren legarda, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Francis Escudero, Gregorio Honasan, Allan Peter Cayetano, Franklin Drilon

Most of which had been awaited for approval, if not being disregarded for so long, and some of the senators, congressmen behind the struggle for the right to inform had became co-authors with the same reason. SB  No. 3208, originally authored by Honasan, had been expanded thanks to other 11 co-authors 17 days after the original passage of the said act; while the version submitted by the Malacanang had been subjected to criticism especially by the opposition.

Of opposition (and misunderstood statements rising) over FoI

"that months before making a formal statement on their withdrawal of support from the Malacañang version of the FOI It was learnedmeasure, the Representatives of the Maoist communist pseudo partylist groups already have already ‘turned their back’ from it after they found out that the provisions on the executive privilege, data regarding military and police operations, drafts of executive orders, and minutes of meetings that they intentionally inserted, were taken out."

These are the words stated by the Right-wing ANAD partylist as they opposed to the said bill. Known for its rabid anti-Communist rant, that statement made last year tends to be hysterical especially that they had to subjectify that said bill as "Communist."

And describing the said bill as simply "made by Maoist Communists" and it sympathizers due to its call for transparency, it seems that certain, if not most, right-wingers are in fact ignorant that FoI had been fighting for since 1992 by those who are idealistic enough to show that the people had the right to inform what comes from their government. Yes, that military and police operations, drafts of executive orders, and the like are deemed as public property and should been known by the people as well. Also to think that ANAD had been named by then-president Arroyo during the Garciallano issue that had been leaked years before, same as those of Mayuga report that had been forced to open by the present administration; and since they are rabid right-wingers who equates freedom of information as those of "Communism", "Terrorism" and the like; it's all but plain and simple red-tagging and red-scare tactic to justify their intentions not knowing the fact that there are officials as well who aren't "Left" to justify the right of the people to gain access to government information.

Otherwise, is opposing FoI rather justify corrupt officials to use their populist tendencies for their personal benefit? Even in assuming "Freer" societies like the United States there are files left unopened such as those what Julian Assange and his Wikileaks had unearthed and opened. That Juan Ponce Enrile acknowledges Wikileaks as a good source of information related to foreign relation such as those of the US.

And since these right-wingers, especially those who preach "Democracy" and "Freedom" are stated as Examples, perhaps one should notice these:

"open government is fundamentally an American issue, not a Republican or Democrat issue" 

- Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) 2005. Speech, paragraph 22.

"Using party affiliation as a proxy for ideology, Cornyn is half right. Self-identified conservatives and liberals were both interested in transparency, just different types of transparency....  Conservatives were more concerned than liberals about accessing safety-related information.  Self-identified liberals ... were more concerned with accessing government information on principle and for good governance concerns."
(Piotrowski and Van Ryzin, 2007).

"We need a return to transparency and a system of checks and balances, to a president who respects Congress' role of oversight and accountability."

-Sen. Hillary Clinton, candidate for US president, 2008

And even this:

"A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps, both."

- Pres. James Madison, August 4, 1822

Perhaps it makes no sense for the right to justify their opposition other than equating things "just" as socialist or communist, also to think that freer societies lies free flow of information, that the sovereign people has the will to gather no matter what it is for the sake of informing and acknowledging inconvenient truths and matters thereof. That the America they lean much had acknowledge the sovereign's right to gain information same as those of free speech, press, and association; right or wrong.

Or perhaps, seems that the use of "national security" as a clause had gone too much as it become an excuse for exploitation and murder like what happened at Maguindanao, while access to information as all but a privilege simply because "the Constitution had stated it," strangely thinking as well such as those who had been saying:

"so the public will have access na on strictly confidential files sa Law Enforcement Offices?"

Then what is the purpose of Writ of Habeas Data that orders the court for the people to know files that are confidential on behalf of the victims? Habeas Data is somehow tends to justify the people's right to inform, but not enough as it depends on the court's order to open it; the families of those who had been killed at Maguindanao had still continue yearning for justice and also thinking that the statements aren't enough to justify, so are the families of those who had been disappeared because of their beliefs, that their names had been part of the "order of battle" no matter how innocent they are or simply because they are opposing something the state tend to insist; thus, Habeas Data isn't enough to think it had to be depend on the courts to gain an order to access such as what that commentator from above ought to complain such as "strictly confidential."

"Do we have a responsible and mature media? We should be given ample elbow room to protect (ourselves)!"

Perhaps, that quote, stated by then House minority leader Danilo Suarez, was seemingly personal in opposing, as well as insisting a "Right to Reply" clause such as in a proposed bill like the FoI. But, since the Philippine legal system had relied on to those from the United States, perhaps one should read this (U.S. vs. Bustos, G.R. No. L-12592, March 8, 1918), the Supreme Court points out:

"The interest of society and the maintenance of good government demand a full discussion of public affairs. Complete liberty to comment on the conduct of public men is a scalpel in the case of free speech. The sharp incision of its probe relieves the abscesses of officialdom. Men in public life may suffer under a hostile and an unjust accusation; the wound can be assuaged with the balm of a clear conscience. A public officer must not be too thin-skinned with reference to comment upon his official acts."

Or in a layman's idea: why have to be onion skinned? On the first place, legislators, state officials are public personalities and thus must be accountable in their actions, especially in accordance to ethics, morals and principles!

"A Call for another Glasnost"

Sorry to use a Russian term, but Glasnost, meaning "Openness" lies the people's need for transparency such as in every government department, and to some extent, in the armed forces, that the people, being the sovereign, has the sovereign right to overseer, assess, and criticize what their elected and appointed officials had been doing. 

Right was James Madison that without transparency lies farce and tragedy. What is Democracy if it was closely abide by its Greek roots such as those of limiting to a some privileged group and not ought to expand such as those of the common people? Or in Marcos's terms (sorry to use his'), "Of what is Democracy if it is not for the Poor?" Government transparency, just like calls for redistributing arable land, need for a decent wage and a good standard of living, as well as preserving cherished freedoms should and must be a people's call the way Robespierre, Danton, Mirabeau, or Rizal, Del Pilar, and Luna had wanted. 

“In the interim, I don’t think we have been hiding anything. We have not avoided any question that has been thrown our way. So even in the absence of any Freedom of Information Law, we have been trying to be transparent to the utmost level possible. But, of course, there are times when, especially in a raw state, we cannot discuss (the information) lest we might have apprehensions raised that are not necessary. We’re still fine-tuning exactly how it will be, the details, of this Freedom of Information Bill.” 

These are the words president Aquino stated last 2011 prior to his so-called "support for the FoI bill." Dubbed by TV5's "Interaksyon" as "Transparency even without FoI", Aquino himself had stated that even without FoI the government has to try to be transparent as possible. 

But, as time goes by, and none of the FoI bills had been passed out from 1992 to this year, while Aquino himself had afford to say that the government is "practising transparency without the need for a law concerning", then how come that same government, with the controversial issues given, had failed to justify further what the fundamental law had stated? Is the access to government information, described as "right" by the law as all but "privilege" for the few such as a court order to gain access to certain information? Millions worth of taxes, government funds had been squandered by corrupt officials such as the recent pork barrel scams and Pseudo-Non-Government Organizations benefiting; that more and more people had been threatened by those who takes the law in their hand and justified further as a matter of national security and other alibis to speak upon.
Or let's say, if the Constitution had said a sentence, why not expand it further by an enabling law? 

While those who dare to oppose, with their very own words shows that they are reducing their so-called clamour for freedom, democracy, and the like as a mere bannering activity thinking that they are opposing something what the people, being sovereign in its own country, should do such as the right to inform they way these people, especially those who are scared of someone looking after their suspicious activities, have the right to oppose with their onion-skinned statements. 

That somehow would like to ask this:

"If they are against FoI, then how to curb corruption without the need for gathering information?"

Thus, no matter what it takes, it will always be a time for the people, being the sovereign in its own country to call for another "Glasnost," a time for a people-oriented openness, transparency in a government that preaches yet fails to practise freedom and democracy.


Thanks NUJP for at least trying to make research happen.
And thanks to Miah Llanes for idea.

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At first, this writer expresses his sympathies especially to those who had opposed, or rather say constantly opposed to the policies of the system such as the "Priority Development Assistance Fund" been discussing about.

And in regards to the title of this writeup, it's better to be direct and incorrect this time such as in venting rage, for chanting "junk pork", "abolish pork", and the like is not enough-seeing that the present Aquino administration is both washing its dirty linen while justifying the "fund" they're speaking.

And the fact that the system, such as Aquino and his clique, along with his supporters and her followers in and out of Malacanang, Congress, and even the Supreme court had speak through and through in spite of their worries, the people, the "bosses" mr. Aquino had said during his "Inauguration" had rather felt dismay, rage, all thinking that the "righteous path" as all but an illusion, a killer highway, all but shit guised as gold so to say;
And with the events such as marching at Luneta, and others leading to Mendiola as its proofs of a growing popular mistrust, will these people on high, from both Malacanang and Batsasang Pambansa care not to think and continue doing the usual denial and justification? Perhaps, like any other administration who promised prosperity, progress, stability, peace, it's all but giving an illusion, that in practise they failed to meet the aspirations of the people, particularly the farmers wanting land be redistributed directly, of workers for good standards of living and decent wage; or worse, the corruption prevailing, alongside repressive anti-people policies had aggravated class struggle especially what militants described their society as a "semi-feudal" and "semi-colonial." Where was the unity they've speaking of when in fact the gap between rich and the poor continue to widen? So much that since 1986 and 2001 these people on high had hijacked and making fools especially those who had promised an agenda such as Land, Jobs, Justice, Freedom and Peace; not to mention that they've unearthed devils that put everyone into peril and benefited those who had put money upon. How come Napoles, according to the news got millions by selling to the military 500, inferior plastic helmets from Taiwan and had re-described as Kevlar helmets from the U.S. in exchange for a in exchange for a P3.8-million contract? So much for the P500 million of pork went to fake NGOs and P10-billion pork barrel scam involving the scammer and her clique, along with lawmakers from Senate and Batasan.

And now, (to use some of paragraphs from Mao Zedong's writeup) as these people on high, whether they're from Malacanang, Batasang Pambansa, Senate and even at the Supreme Court at Padre Faura have stood facts on their heads and juggled "black" and "white", fooled people with a series of promises, half-truths and to some extent, false flag operations, stifled opinions differing from their own like those from the communications group describing the protesters as "Hypocrites", imposed both silent and noisy terror in the cities and in the countryside, and felt very pleased with themselves as they enjoy in their bidding and someone else gaining in having a share of pork in their itchy hands. Yes, they all have puffed up their arrogance as they fooled the people and deflate their morale all after given promise such as a "righteous path" like yesteryears of "strong republic" and a "new society".
"How poisonous!" As the late Mao Zedong stated in his writeup that this person had ought to use the title as his!

Anyways, since this writer had heard their chants of "abolish pork", "oink...oink...oink...oink..." and other chants pointing directly against Aquino and his retinue, or even those who are affected and doing the same procedure of deny and justify; why not instead realize what Simoun Ibarra, Elias, and Kabesang Tales had awaited for?

Let the Nitroglycerine lamp raise in the name of the poverty-striken people!
Let the flood of tears, blood, and sweat of the oppressed masses and dismayed taxpayers give threats
to the corrupt imbeciles discreetly doing wrecking for their self gratification!
Enough of illusory peace!

And sorry for the anti-Chinese people reading this, but at least give them some these:


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"Of Lumpens in Barongs... People's protest against pork... and a desire for an oil bomb to be thrown"

"Of Lumpens in Barongs...
People's protest against pork...
and a desire for an oil bomb to be thrown"

Roman Catholic priest Fr. Robert Reyes, second from left, prepares to run blindfolded 
along with supporters to protest the pork barrel scandal Friday in Manila. AP

At first, this writer would say that he is against Pork Barrel, however, being against Pork Barrel does not mean the issue itself alone, but also the system who had "nurtured" it, hence, this writer is himself against the system.

That, as news reports had continued reporting about issues regarding individuals, such as Congressmen, Senators, and certain scrupulous individuals squandering people's money for their personal desires, it's not surprising that the "Development Fund" they tackled much about is about to face the end.

...Or rather say, let it come to an end that allocating budget to those who supposedly not to carry over should be abolished, knowing that they're making their priorities, such as being called as legislators as secondary while prioritizing themselves what local government units or government departments should do.

In fact, in noticing every event involving corrupt officials, fake Non-Government Organizations, and individuals behind, it's all but wrecking that cripples the economy and distorts the moral fiber of the government as keeper of people's rights and welfare. Knowing that these people behind are carrying the money that is, coming from every cash, coin, paid as taxes- that is supposed to be for building roads, bridges, subsidies for state universities and colleges, even modernization of the country's very own defenses that somehow felt contented in second hand junks presented as "brand new" by the media.

Furthermore, it is a decades-old issue wherein patronage, profit, had been emphasised and still at large thanks to Napoles and her clique, as well as other nameless individuals who suddenly "stopped" as investigations over this hell-of-a-kind scam being commenced after.

But, in regards to the people who are nowadays felt the anger over these corrupt personages, seems that most of these people, especially those whom presenting themselves as "concerned individuals" reacted "late" while militant groups had constantly dealt with it, branding the corrupts as "Bureaucrat Capitalists" simply because of their profiteering and their "wrecking" activities affecting the society and its economy.
Sorry to say this, but since they had been angry over Napoles, as well as the legislators trying to keep their pork, and calling for for fund's abolition, how about much serious issues, especially earlier ones, that really involed the money of the people?

Come to think of this: during the Arroyo administration, we heard about reports about the World Bank implicating then-"First Gentleman" Mike Arroyo and his contorversial act such as rigging of biddings for WB-supported projects that costs millions of pesos, and had to be paid as well as part of the National Debt; so was the controversial Fertilizer scam that implicated JocJoc Bolante and much earlier Venable deal that involed lobbyists and former National Security adviser Norberto Gonzales.
There are other controversies that had to be unearthed aside from the existing ones that had to be resolved by the will of the people. The pork barrel scams are simply decades-old issue that nowadays been "revived" thanks to the faux-NGOs led by Napoles and her clique that carried over hundred million pesos in every account and property; 
and since this writeup tackle about bureaucrat Capitalism with those of corruption under the present administration, then how about the existing Coco Levy funds that still not given directly to the farmers struggling, as well as officials of the Armed Forces forcing innocents to act as rebel surrenderees with the amount of money given, supposedly for the latter end up goes by the former and its itchy hands? Racketeering at its finest so to say.

Well, would say that corruption, or Bureaucrat Capitalism in general, is plain and simple wrecking if to use Soviet terms. That today's Bureaucrat Capitalists, Oligarchs, and the like are much likely to be degenerated as Lumpenbourgeois thanks to their illegal activities justified further by their prestiege and position. And what these people behind these controversial issues, such as Napoles, President Aquino, Dinky Soliman, Ging Deles and her Peace Bonds, and even earlier ones like Danding Cojuangco, JocJoc Bolante, and the Arroyo clique can be accused of economic sabotage not because of their pork barrels involved, but rather they are carrying the coffers of the so-called "state" as if "theirs" and can be spent discreetly whilst presenting an illusory "righteousness" and "morality" these politicos taking about;
and if persisted, aggravated further by some nameless officials hiding, then the sovereign people themselves, especially who are now preparing for later's protest at Luneta Park, with all their peaceful mood to carry upon their stand, also carries a personal, yet radical idea, vented by their outmost hatred and disgust, of burning the edifices of the rotten social order, just like what V in "V for Vendetta" did.

That somehow, sorry to say so, is the outmost, extreme idea, if not expression of anger not watered down by faith that keeps them not doing it; remember the 1905 actions in Russia? People had been lobbying for a constitution and a parliament as they marched, facing the policemen guaring the palace at St. Petersburg and even singing "God save the Tsar", yes; the Tsar had approved a constitution and a parliament, yet at the same time ordering his troops to fire their Mossin Nagants at those who had lobby upon-replacing a moderate feeling of change with a radical one that was, out of digust against the order.
Or in Rizal's works, that involves a transition from a reform-minded moderate like Crisostomo Ibarra into a revenging radical named Simoun, not to mention that Rizal himself, though his works had toyed those ideas such as peaceful reforms and violent Revolutions, that somehow people had taken the latter knowing that the colonizer, being racist, would disregard and continue in their own repression. 

Admittingly speaking, sometimes, it is easier to say, especially out of disgust against the system and its corrupt, repressive activities that both the Senate and the House of Representatives, and even Malacanang, are ought to be burned in the name of those who are victims of events, people that made the country failed to fulfill its wildest desires such as good standard of living and land for the landless.

And speaking of burning, bombing, and other malicious semtiment brought about by disgust over corrpution and other anti-people activities, would say that is this person just simply kept on listening to Varg Vikernes's Burzum and think about chaos as an answer to an established chaos? Well, for years, every headline had shown the people's clamor that resprted to violent reaction. No wonder why the people, particularly those who oppose the state had the fist to raise and a petrol bomb, lit to be thrown. Athens, Istanbul, Rio, Madrid, even Paris had been much into headlines signifies the real mood of the people such as hatred and not a watered down one, or rather say a trying hard Ghandiite with its pseudo-satyagraha.
Even the EDSA revolt has its own casualties, of killed soldiers and wounded rebels, with a reaction itself to the revolts of 1986 and 2001 that carries the stigma of violence such as brawls and wounded masses revolting, not to mention that there are those who had reached the palace compound and scavenge on the remains, or at the march towards Mendiola, trying to pull down the barricades, both against regimes that described both as "glorious" and "repressive."
But today, it would say that it's all seemed peaceful, controlled as not to prevent a certain event from getting worse, but also expect that despite their self-control in their feelings, would say that not all people who are ought to participate are "just simply" calm, peaceful, Ghandi-like enough to show opposition against the system that coddles corrupt officials, and certain individuals who made waste out of government funds such as what this writer had stated earlier.

Not to mention that there are even text messages and rumors, possible false flag operations made by the system's very own spin doctors, and its cohorts speaking about armed uprisings and other "devlish" stuff from the protesters that would say, "impossible to happen"; "impossible" so to speak that as if people who are enraged by that single issue can afford to take bottles, make Molotov from the gas station and march a la Athens and Rio de Janeiro? It can be easier if instead of an impending revolt said via text would be a mutiny leading to a coup d' etat like what happened in Thailand years ago; but despite all the prevailing impossibilities thanks to their control of their very own hatred, would say that these can be possible enough if the mood of the people comes from bad to worse, from speeches and marches comes molotovs and the deed of expropriating this and that, those from the exploiters on high, such as scrupulous officials and the like.

Just like what a supposed people power ought to be: fun, free, rebellious, avenging, wild.

Well, anyways, here's the video, the one featuring Burzum's "Lost Wisdom" and the other controversial Jeanne Napoles and her Pork Barrel-funded debut; and again, this writer would say that that few, if not some, if not most, people who ought to oppose the system so much, are thinking about fire and brimstone and not just chanting "abolish," "junk," or even "oust";

Especially against the newly-emerging, if not existing, lumpenbourgeois and the system who had coddle for generations.

Friday, 16 August 2013

"The Lament" and other "Russian-inspired" poems

"The Lament" and other "Russian-inspired" poems

It was yesterday when this writer, abit inspired, went to the library to read certain Russian work, and in reading that book, mostly consists of poems made by well known Russian writers, had brought to his mind memories that somehow brought inspiration, illusion and delusion that somehow it end conveyed in those works being written and posted.

Yes, it can be deemed weird, strange, nonsensical, but obviously those who deemed may had shown ignorance for in fact unveils their intention not to understand and insist in their subjective impressions this writer had felt those times. Yes, he had been inspired, as if getting numb by the promises and end lamented as he woke up and sought nothing but delusions, illusions, dreams left unrealized. 

Those dreams may had happened once and never to be happen again if that's the case. So is the idea of having few people who are gold, real gold amongst the fake ones that tries to invoke its luster. And hopefully speaking, these people may lament, glee, and perhaps willing to help someone who tries to break the illusion what their colleagues had brought over in it. 

Or perhaps, was this writer just felt compelled after remembering those times and getting inspired by reading pieces made by Pushkin or Solosub?

Anyways, here are the poems posted:

"The Lament"

To you  o maiden you hath opened my eyes
You red rose blooming, a blessing in disguise
You came from a place of cherry blossom and snow
Yet you are the red rose blooming from the throrns

You may be with the hordes of hell yet you have the conscience
Honoured blood of the Valkyries. rose among the thorns
And this person sought poisons you thine carried the antidote
That draws the poisons of the norm

Yet on the other perhaps this person draws to delusion
Is he inspired or perhaps given an illusion?
As the pen puts your name, and the pencil creates image
You bring fire that brings a barren mind a deadly rage

Walking in the sidewalk
Seeing strangers with all the noises
Of showbusiness and rumors
Corruption charges and pork barrels
Living tabloids scattered all over.

And as he sees you, alongside your friends
Having chitchat, smoking cigarettes
Filling fumes for a smoggy air
Can't see him, can't care
Can't call him, who cares?

Well, quite strange to see that day
And therefore, where shall he call out of his pain?
For all those times who will weep for sake?
You my maiden! The way he drew you!

He may weep abit, sing aloud
That perhaps may fell on your deaf ears of today
Unlike the pasts where understanding
Even few tones of each being heard
Seeing scattered manuscripts and sketches o'er barren roads
And paved ways.

Perhaps, you find it strange
Especially to a person imprisoned in the cell of time
Enduring the taunts and foolish promises
And you, joining into the flows of the so-called present,
Dominated by the illusions such as frivolties of life
"Live while you're young," "You only live once,"
Words people compelling to escape the realities sickening and fright!

Otherwise, being inspired for a long time, is he under delusion?
As he end inspired by yours and possibly woke up in a state of illusion?

Well, he hopes it isn't you,
He hopes you're a blessing,
A rose among the thorns
An antidote amongst the poisons
Than a curse others may think of you.

"The lament of Paul to Marina"

Red roses blooming in once bloodshed
As red as thine blood, as red as love
The fragrance seems quite remembering
As I alone, remembered once

Who will be my friend, my other?
For as you left me, and so my heart?
Who can be my heart's maiden
A loving dame, cherished, remain?

You may have left this world alas!
Yet your love has grown in mass!
The roses once can't grow had bloom
The reign of past fears end doom!

How can I felt not all the sorrows
Leaving in blankness, eternal dark
Yet your roses are sudden blooming
Riping as tears fell, fear fades its mark

"You only live once?"

You only live once
Live whilst you're young
Quotations of the bourgeois
Words of none
Trying to compliment the sickening truthg
Escaping the inconviniences
With booze, pot and rhum

O sadness, trying to be ridden from everyone's hands
And barren minds with concoctions
Listening to techno
Taking pictures that end with hashtags

Whose backgrounds speaks of relationships
Of friends, whose in fact potential foes
Trying to do "Carpe Diem"
Of making hell over joys and graces

Still trying to escape as he sees you
Trying to crossover the shadows of death
Who is liningering even in the disco halls
Underestimating their quotes and brags
Despite acknowledging their second, third, forth chances
Coming from their barren yet lucky lives

And now as he still sees them, all in their illusions dominating,
Still of escapism whilst bragging the rest
With their "faith",

This person will reply with screams
Splash faces with their rhum
Break their laughters with anger
Burn with bitter lines and full of reason!

"Enough of YOLO, for we will die together!"

Silence never stop at Tomas Morato
Hearing techno to the wails of beggars
Car engines and leaders of Sindikato
Adding ideas to the works of Dan Brown
No matter how butthurted keyboard warriors are

Hearing corruption charges
Privatization attempts and pork barrel scams
Others trying to escape realities with games
Squandering money from their bank accounts
Salaries from their overtimes from Technohub and Ortigas Center

Despite the frivolities of joys
The reality is all but coal black
Right was the words of Fyodor Solosub
So is Karl Marx and Freiderich Nietszche
Class Struggle for the Ubermensch
Shantytowns built by the tower and hometown builders
Neglected by money squanderers
Who vent "YOLOs" full of "SWAGs" to the raging poor

Yes, "YOLO" said to the poor from the filthy rich
The way they said "There's music in every bar at Tomas Morato"
And the poor ought to reply
"No matter you are rich,
No matter you may young
Yet you poop and pee
In the comfort rooms and toilet bowls
We may live once, but never o'er me
But instead we will die together
The way I struggle to get free!"

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"Rectify the errors of media exaggerators"

"Rectify the errors of media exaggerators" 

Reading papers and magazines, or browsing every important article on the internet these days had been found having enough shortcomings that has to be corrected.

At first, these are primarily made not just to inform the realities but to broaden as to enlight reader's minds generally. That one has to made familiar with what goes around what the present order ought trying to impress, same goes in understanding Geography, History, or any kinds of facts and figures as to attain a good level of consciousness.

Unfortunately, most care nothing except what is worth buying.

In a way news reports about Syria been negated in favor of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, of exaggerating topics such as Thomas van Beerzum and his actions, they do little, no matter how prevalent they are, in seeking the reality other than exaggerating, if not hiding the real truth as to condition people that "theirs as legitimate" over the other.
That somehow violates ethics in favor of economism that creeps over the Media profession.

In fact, it's all but strange that, in stating Kardashian or Beerzum as examples, in seeing how cool Mrs. Kardashian with her husband, or how bad Mr. Beerzum as a foreigner confronting a cop, such articles exaggerating those matters showed evenly the perspective of the ruling class in stating their reports, heavily shown and stressed in every site or freshly printed and shown for a week, that somehow make people care not to think about seeking truth from facts intentionally (unless a few, if not one can able to read based from a perspective of a victim such as those from Syria).

And to think that most mediapeople had been eager in seeking truth from facts costs their lives, people no matter where they came from should at least understand and develop consciousness contrary to what the system (and its technocrats within the media sector) offered much in a way how Mr. Beerzum, despite his Dutch citizenship, afford to know what comes behind the class and steel facades and made him compel to speak strongly to a riot policeman?
Well, one need not to be a Filipino of a brown type to understand inconvenient truths such as poverty and exploitation in the countryside same as those of the city. In a way Mr. Beerzum, or any other foreigner deemed as radicals, terrorists, or whatsoever had the sympathies similar to those of Blumentritt, Paua, Sun YatSen or Jane Fonda, even the Phil-Am Billy Begg who end riddled with bullets during the Martial law period.

And the fact that, in seeing articles found in papers, or reading comments found in social media sites, most deemed exaggerated in its sensationalism, foolish and stupid as most of its writers, driven by money, hath to join the bandwagon without understanding and clarity in seeking truth from facts.
Personally, this writer expects most people, whether they're writer or just a simple reader or viewer care less about what they wrote or read for "it is none of their lives" in a way one commentator posted in a Facebook account regarding Gretchen Baretto over Claudine, Charice Pempengco for being a lesbian, or the ones posted in Pixel Offensive about Henry Sy as an exploiter of peoples (especially the one who said "haters gonna hate" as if acting in sympathy to Mr. Sy himself); otherwise, those examples what this writer stated had been subjected to uber-personal attacks by people simply driven by political incorrectness to join the bandwagon, writing and posting shitty statements against one's persona or even trying to justify all kinds of shit, creating trials by publicity without understanding.
Or in layman's term "butthurt", rather than "constructive criticism" just like what Karen Davila, a well known Journalist, commented (or rather say reacted) about Mr. Beerzum as a person who "should been deported" without knowing there are provisions stated by the United Nations that foreign activists also have the right to speak criticisms in countries sympathized. "Butthurt" as she, like any other people who felt dismayed in seeing a Dutchman speaking strongly to a policeman in the middle of a rally making a "joyride" of jumping to the conclusions, misunderstood interpretations and a variety of ad hominem attacks by these keyboard warriors and trying hard commentators.

And since they afford to do that on Mr. Beerzum or in any other individual opposing the policies of the system, how about the issue on foreign mining companies having their businesses in the provinces with their so-called "treasure" of gold, silver, copper or any other precious metals being exported? They even exploited every mountain or hill without considering the lives of the inhabitants such as what happened in Cordillera or in Marinduque, yet some, if not few, dare to care about having an exploited environment made by these profiteers in a way they afford to do "joyriding" in a topic heavily broadcasted by mainstream media and by social networking sites?
Or perhaps did these people complain about the exaggeratness made by mainstream media such as emphasising "high class personalities", sensationalized crime reports and other stupid stuff rather than seeing serious yet informative issues? Or articles that is bound by ethics?

Well, this lies the inconvenient truth that today's mass media, as an institution, is more of a mind-conditioning tool that if not seeing exaggerated articles, writeups that made people bound to escape from the reality than confronting it. And to think that people, driven by political incorrectness had resorted to make comments, or writeups, why not as well expose annd rectify the errors of media exaggerators whose priority is to generate income than to bring forth truth? Profiteers guised as mediamen tends to exaggerate than to invoke that is clear and direct thinking that most people are irrational and making exaggerated writeups can invoke feelings in a way Hearst, et al. had used the press in creating reactions far from the actual incidents, the description of the Filipino as similar to the African American, for instance is an example of an exaggerated piece that made some, if not most Americans mistakenly tend to describe Filipinos even today. After all, as what the late Deng Xiaoping said:

"When people's minds aren't yet emancipated and their thinking remains rigid, curious phenomena emerge.
Once people's thinking becomes rigid, they will increasingly act according to fixed notions..."

And because of the exaggerations contrary to certain realities, one has to emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, and rectify the errors of profiteers, that is, media exaggerators. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

"of Trolls, trying hard critics, and those who add fire to a certain topic"

"of Trolls, trying hard critics, and those who add fire to a certain topic"

At first, It's nice to see activists, and to some extent, social critics these days engaging in social Media as a form of expanding Agitation-Propaganda.

As this writer had used to call these as "Agitation-Propaganda" meets "Pop Culture" or "AgitPop", the use of social media sites, same as those of contemporary music, and other forms of plastic and visual arts, had been utilize to invoke not just expression, but reality in educating the people.

However, some, if not most, people care not to understand the idea, usually seeing them trolling around, harassing rather than debating as social media sites had been a forum for discussion, dialogue, and what been usually sought for: debate.

But despite all these trolling and harassments, the use of social media as a tool for agitation invokes idea and the urge to create things within the impossible; of course, those all at first based on realities especially those of the pictures, facts and figures taken in a way one cannot make a light rail transit for the sake of invoking the future but of providing mass transport and to lessen traffic in major roads.

Let's take "Pixel Offensive" for example, known for its politically-charged pop-art and a variety of memes, that page had been usually equated to those of the Left simply because of its "anti-system" sentiment different from those of "Showbiz Government" whose intention is to criticize the present Aquino administration using social media. Of course, both had been trolled, harassed by those who speak indirectly on behalf of the system, yet PxO had been suffered enough for being "Left" in a way trolls or critics had to equate Thomas van Beerzum to any kind of undesirable for being a "Left-winger", or in their common parlance, "Communist."
Yet despite the trolling and far from the topic, personally-charged criticisms, PxO continues to utilize social media as a form of AgitPop with its politically-charged visual art as its forefront, in a way "Showbiz Government" and others got used into "Political Incorrectness" such as describing a person like President Aquino as "Abnormal."
But come to think of this: Does these trolls and online harassers offer alternatives in a way PxO had offered a solution that is, "Left inclined?" No matter how Disciplined, Persevered, Orderly people are yet the crisis remains, still, what was given is all but a facade, an illusion to hid the stench creeping; remember Marcos? Most of the infrastructures were made first to impress (such as invoke modernity) then purpose second (like providing services) yet Landlords remained dominant in their fiefs, in their provinces.

And if PxO had to endure the taunts, may as well the Center-Right "Showbiz Government" and other sites cirtical of the system. As a writer, so much for "Political Incorrectness" over writeups made everyone afford to comment to the extent of trolling, harassing certain writers critical regardless of having facts and figures posted as evidences,
Furthermore, they aren't really productive after all especially in regards to their "criticisms", what the heck are they anyway on the first place after getting "butt hurted"? Thinking that how wonder these trolls and mere critics had to add fire to the topic, yes; that in the perspective of a "swagger" (used to describe a person within the swag subculture), "they 'love' as do they 'hate.'"

But despite all these, of making people agitated and informed by those seeking truth from facts, no matter how modern it is, contenting everything in "Social Media" isn't enough to make people inform! Go out and vent rage, bring the "good news of the people" against the system that brings a silent death in your barren mind!