Sunday, 25 August 2013

"Of Lumpens in Barongs... People's protest against pork... and a desire for an oil bomb to be thrown"

"Of Lumpens in Barongs...
People's protest against pork...
and a desire for an oil bomb to be thrown"

Roman Catholic priest Fr. Robert Reyes, second from left, prepares to run blindfolded 
along with supporters to protest the pork barrel scandal Friday in Manila. AP

At first, this writer would say that he is against Pork Barrel, however, being against Pork Barrel does not mean the issue itself alone, but also the system who had "nurtured" it, hence, this writer is himself against the system.

That, as news reports had continued reporting about issues regarding individuals, such as Congressmen, Senators, and certain scrupulous individuals squandering people's money for their personal desires, it's not surprising that the "Development Fund" they tackled much about is about to face the end.

...Or rather say, let it come to an end that allocating budget to those who supposedly not to carry over should be abolished, knowing that they're making their priorities, such as being called as legislators as secondary while prioritizing themselves what local government units or government departments should do.

In fact, in noticing every event involving corrupt officials, fake Non-Government Organizations, and individuals behind, it's all but wrecking that cripples the economy and distorts the moral fiber of the government as keeper of people's rights and welfare. Knowing that these people behind are carrying the money that is, coming from every cash, coin, paid as taxes- that is supposed to be for building roads, bridges, subsidies for state universities and colleges, even modernization of the country's very own defenses that somehow felt contented in second hand junks presented as "brand new" by the media.

Furthermore, it is a decades-old issue wherein patronage, profit, had been emphasised and still at large thanks to Napoles and her clique, as well as other nameless individuals who suddenly "stopped" as investigations over this hell-of-a-kind scam being commenced after.

But, in regards to the people who are nowadays felt the anger over these corrupt personages, seems that most of these people, especially those whom presenting themselves as "concerned individuals" reacted "late" while militant groups had constantly dealt with it, branding the corrupts as "Bureaucrat Capitalists" simply because of their profiteering and their "wrecking" activities affecting the society and its economy.
Sorry to say this, but since they had been angry over Napoles, as well as the legislators trying to keep their pork, and calling for for fund's abolition, how about much serious issues, especially earlier ones, that really involed the money of the people?

Come to think of this: during the Arroyo administration, we heard about reports about the World Bank implicating then-"First Gentleman" Mike Arroyo and his contorversial act such as rigging of biddings for WB-supported projects that costs millions of pesos, and had to be paid as well as part of the National Debt; so was the controversial Fertilizer scam that implicated JocJoc Bolante and much earlier Venable deal that involed lobbyists and former National Security adviser Norberto Gonzales.
There are other controversies that had to be unearthed aside from the existing ones that had to be resolved by the will of the people. The pork barrel scams are simply decades-old issue that nowadays been "revived" thanks to the faux-NGOs led by Napoles and her clique that carried over hundred million pesos in every account and property; 
and since this writeup tackle about bureaucrat Capitalism with those of corruption under the present administration, then how about the existing Coco Levy funds that still not given directly to the farmers struggling, as well as officials of the Armed Forces forcing innocents to act as rebel surrenderees with the amount of money given, supposedly for the latter end up goes by the former and its itchy hands? Racketeering at its finest so to say.

Well, would say that corruption, or Bureaucrat Capitalism in general, is plain and simple wrecking if to use Soviet terms. That today's Bureaucrat Capitalists, Oligarchs, and the like are much likely to be degenerated as Lumpenbourgeois thanks to their illegal activities justified further by their prestiege and position. And what these people behind these controversial issues, such as Napoles, President Aquino, Dinky Soliman, Ging Deles and her Peace Bonds, and even earlier ones like Danding Cojuangco, JocJoc Bolante, and the Arroyo clique can be accused of economic sabotage not because of their pork barrels involved, but rather they are carrying the coffers of the so-called "state" as if "theirs" and can be spent discreetly whilst presenting an illusory "righteousness" and "morality" these politicos taking about;
and if persisted, aggravated further by some nameless officials hiding, then the sovereign people themselves, especially who are now preparing for later's protest at Luneta Park, with all their peaceful mood to carry upon their stand, also carries a personal, yet radical idea, vented by their outmost hatred and disgust, of burning the edifices of the rotten social order, just like what V in "V for Vendetta" did.

That somehow, sorry to say so, is the outmost, extreme idea, if not expression of anger not watered down by faith that keeps them not doing it; remember the 1905 actions in Russia? People had been lobbying for a constitution and a parliament as they marched, facing the policemen guaring the palace at St. Petersburg and even singing "God save the Tsar", yes; the Tsar had approved a constitution and a parliament, yet at the same time ordering his troops to fire their Mossin Nagants at those who had lobby upon-replacing a moderate feeling of change with a radical one that was, out of digust against the order.
Or in Rizal's works, that involves a transition from a reform-minded moderate like Crisostomo Ibarra into a revenging radical named Simoun, not to mention that Rizal himself, though his works had toyed those ideas such as peaceful reforms and violent Revolutions, that somehow people had taken the latter knowing that the colonizer, being racist, would disregard and continue in their own repression. 

Admittingly speaking, sometimes, it is easier to say, especially out of disgust against the system and its corrupt, repressive activities that both the Senate and the House of Representatives, and even Malacanang, are ought to be burned in the name of those who are victims of events, people that made the country failed to fulfill its wildest desires such as good standard of living and land for the landless.

And speaking of burning, bombing, and other malicious semtiment brought about by disgust over corrpution and other anti-people activities, would say that is this person just simply kept on listening to Varg Vikernes's Burzum and think about chaos as an answer to an established chaos? Well, for years, every headline had shown the people's clamor that resprted to violent reaction. No wonder why the people, particularly those who oppose the state had the fist to raise and a petrol bomb, lit to be thrown. Athens, Istanbul, Rio, Madrid, even Paris had been much into headlines signifies the real mood of the people such as hatred and not a watered down one, or rather say a trying hard Ghandiite with its pseudo-satyagraha.
Even the EDSA revolt has its own casualties, of killed soldiers and wounded rebels, with a reaction itself to the revolts of 1986 and 2001 that carries the stigma of violence such as brawls and wounded masses revolting, not to mention that there are those who had reached the palace compound and scavenge on the remains, or at the march towards Mendiola, trying to pull down the barricades, both against regimes that described both as "glorious" and "repressive."
But today, it would say that it's all seemed peaceful, controlled as not to prevent a certain event from getting worse, but also expect that despite their self-control in their feelings, would say that not all people who are ought to participate are "just simply" calm, peaceful, Ghandi-like enough to show opposition against the system that coddles corrupt officials, and certain individuals who made waste out of government funds such as what this writer had stated earlier.

Not to mention that there are even text messages and rumors, possible false flag operations made by the system's very own spin doctors, and its cohorts speaking about armed uprisings and other "devlish" stuff from the protesters that would say, "impossible to happen"; "impossible" so to speak that as if people who are enraged by that single issue can afford to take bottles, make Molotov from the gas station and march a la Athens and Rio de Janeiro? It can be easier if instead of an impending revolt said via text would be a mutiny leading to a coup d' etat like what happened in Thailand years ago; but despite all the prevailing impossibilities thanks to their control of their very own hatred, would say that these can be possible enough if the mood of the people comes from bad to worse, from speeches and marches comes molotovs and the deed of expropriating this and that, those from the exploiters on high, such as scrupulous officials and the like.

Just like what a supposed people power ought to be: fun, free, rebellious, avenging, wild.

Well, anyways, here's the video, the one featuring Burzum's "Lost Wisdom" and the other controversial Jeanne Napoles and her Pork Barrel-funded debut; and again, this writer would say that that few, if not some, if not most, people who ought to oppose the system so much, are thinking about fire and brimstone and not just chanting "abolish," "junk," or even "oust";

Especially against the newly-emerging, if not existing, lumpenbourgeois and the system who had coddle for generations.