Thursday, 1 August 2013

"of Trolls, trying hard critics, and those who add fire to a certain topic"

"of Trolls, trying hard critics, and those who add fire to a certain topic"

At first, It's nice to see activists, and to some extent, social critics these days engaging in social Media as a form of expanding Agitation-Propaganda.

As this writer had used to call these as "Agitation-Propaganda" meets "Pop Culture" or "AgitPop", the use of social media sites, same as those of contemporary music, and other forms of plastic and visual arts, had been utilize to invoke not just expression, but reality in educating the people.

However, some, if not most, people care not to understand the idea, usually seeing them trolling around, harassing rather than debating as social media sites had been a forum for discussion, dialogue, and what been usually sought for: debate.

But despite all these trolling and harassments, the use of social media as a tool for agitation invokes idea and the urge to create things within the impossible; of course, those all at first based on realities especially those of the pictures, facts and figures taken in a way one cannot make a light rail transit for the sake of invoking the future but of providing mass transport and to lessen traffic in major roads.

Let's take "Pixel Offensive" for example, known for its politically-charged pop-art and a variety of memes, that page had been usually equated to those of the Left simply because of its "anti-system" sentiment different from those of "Showbiz Government" whose intention is to criticize the present Aquino administration using social media. Of course, both had been trolled, harassed by those who speak indirectly on behalf of the system, yet PxO had been suffered enough for being "Left" in a way trolls or critics had to equate Thomas van Beerzum to any kind of undesirable for being a "Left-winger", or in their common parlance, "Communist."
Yet despite the trolling and far from the topic, personally-charged criticisms, PxO continues to utilize social media as a form of AgitPop with its politically-charged visual art as its forefront, in a way "Showbiz Government" and others got used into "Political Incorrectness" such as describing a person like President Aquino as "Abnormal."
But come to think of this: Does these trolls and online harassers offer alternatives in a way PxO had offered a solution that is, "Left inclined?" No matter how Disciplined, Persevered, Orderly people are yet the crisis remains, still, what was given is all but a facade, an illusion to hid the stench creeping; remember Marcos? Most of the infrastructures were made first to impress (such as invoke modernity) then purpose second (like providing services) yet Landlords remained dominant in their fiefs, in their provinces.

And if PxO had to endure the taunts, may as well the Center-Right "Showbiz Government" and other sites cirtical of the system. As a writer, so much for "Political Incorrectness" over writeups made everyone afford to comment to the extent of trolling, harassing certain writers critical regardless of having facts and figures posted as evidences,
Furthermore, they aren't really productive after all especially in regards to their "criticisms", what the heck are they anyway on the first place after getting "butt hurted"? Thinking that how wonder these trolls and mere critics had to add fire to the topic, yes; that in the perspective of a "swagger" (used to describe a person within the swag subculture), "they 'love' as do they 'hate.'"

But despite all these, of making people agitated and informed by those seeking truth from facts, no matter how modern it is, contenting everything in "Social Media" isn't enough to make people inform! Go out and vent rage, bring the "good news of the people" against the system that brings a silent death in your barren mind!