Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"Rectify the errors of media exaggerators"

"Rectify the errors of media exaggerators" 

Reading papers and magazines, or browsing every important article on the internet these days had been found having enough shortcomings that has to be corrected.

At first, these are primarily made not just to inform the realities but to broaden as to enlight reader's minds generally. That one has to made familiar with what goes around what the present order ought trying to impress, same goes in understanding Geography, History, or any kinds of facts and figures as to attain a good level of consciousness.

Unfortunately, most care nothing except what is worth buying.

In a way news reports about Syria been negated in favor of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, of exaggerating topics such as Thomas van Beerzum and his actions, they do little, no matter how prevalent they are, in seeking the reality other than exaggerating, if not hiding the real truth as to condition people that "theirs as legitimate" over the other.
That somehow violates ethics in favor of economism that creeps over the Media profession.

In fact, it's all but strange that, in stating Kardashian or Beerzum as examples, in seeing how cool Mrs. Kardashian with her husband, or how bad Mr. Beerzum as a foreigner confronting a cop, such articles exaggerating those matters showed evenly the perspective of the ruling class in stating their reports, heavily shown and stressed in every site or freshly printed and shown for a week, that somehow make people care not to think about seeking truth from facts intentionally (unless a few, if not one can able to read based from a perspective of a victim such as those from Syria).

And to think that most mediapeople had been eager in seeking truth from facts costs their lives, people no matter where they came from should at least understand and develop consciousness contrary to what the system (and its technocrats within the media sector) offered much in a way how Mr. Beerzum, despite his Dutch citizenship, afford to know what comes behind the class and steel facades and made him compel to speak strongly to a riot policeman?
Well, one need not to be a Filipino of a brown type to understand inconvenient truths such as poverty and exploitation in the countryside same as those of the city. In a way Mr. Beerzum, or any other foreigner deemed as radicals, terrorists, or whatsoever had the sympathies similar to those of Blumentritt, Paua, Sun YatSen or Jane Fonda, even the Phil-Am Billy Begg who end riddled with bullets during the Martial law period.

And the fact that, in seeing articles found in papers, or reading comments found in social media sites, most deemed exaggerated in its sensationalism, foolish and stupid as most of its writers, driven by money, hath to join the bandwagon without understanding and clarity in seeking truth from facts.
Personally, this writer expects most people, whether they're writer or just a simple reader or viewer care less about what they wrote or read for "it is none of their lives" in a way one commentator posted in a Facebook account regarding Gretchen Baretto over Claudine, Charice Pempengco for being a lesbian, or the ones posted in Pixel Offensive about Henry Sy as an exploiter of peoples (especially the one who said "haters gonna hate" as if acting in sympathy to Mr. Sy himself); otherwise, those examples what this writer stated had been subjected to uber-personal attacks by people simply driven by political incorrectness to join the bandwagon, writing and posting shitty statements against one's persona or even trying to justify all kinds of shit, creating trials by publicity without understanding.
Or in layman's term "butthurt", rather than "constructive criticism" just like what Karen Davila, a well known Journalist, commented (or rather say reacted) about Mr. Beerzum as a person who "should been deported" without knowing there are provisions stated by the United Nations that foreign activists also have the right to speak criticisms in countries sympathized. "Butthurt" as she, like any other people who felt dismayed in seeing a Dutchman speaking strongly to a policeman in the middle of a rally making a "joyride" of jumping to the conclusions, misunderstood interpretations and a variety of ad hominem attacks by these keyboard warriors and trying hard commentators.

And since they afford to do that on Mr. Beerzum or in any other individual opposing the policies of the system, how about the issue on foreign mining companies having their businesses in the provinces with their so-called "treasure" of gold, silver, copper or any other precious metals being exported? They even exploited every mountain or hill without considering the lives of the inhabitants such as what happened in Cordillera or in Marinduque, yet some, if not few, dare to care about having an exploited environment made by these profiteers in a way they afford to do "joyriding" in a topic heavily broadcasted by mainstream media and by social networking sites?
Or perhaps did these people complain about the exaggeratness made by mainstream media such as emphasising "high class personalities", sensationalized crime reports and other stupid stuff rather than seeing serious yet informative issues? Or articles that is bound by ethics?

Well, this lies the inconvenient truth that today's mass media, as an institution, is more of a mind-conditioning tool that if not seeing exaggerated articles, writeups that made people bound to escape from the reality than confronting it. And to think that people, driven by political incorrectness had resorted to make comments, or writeups, why not as well expose annd rectify the errors of media exaggerators whose priority is to generate income than to bring forth truth? Profiteers guised as mediamen tends to exaggerate than to invoke that is clear and direct thinking that most people are irrational and making exaggerated writeups can invoke feelings in a way Hearst, et al. had used the press in creating reactions far from the actual incidents, the description of the Filipino as similar to the African American, for instance is an example of an exaggerated piece that made some, if not most Americans mistakenly tend to describe Filipinos even today. After all, as what the late Deng Xiaoping said:

"When people's minds aren't yet emancipated and their thinking remains rigid, curious phenomena emerge.
Once people's thinking becomes rigid, they will increasingly act according to fixed notions..."

And because of the exaggerations contrary to certain realities, one has to emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, and rectify the errors of profiteers, that is, media exaggerators.