Friday, 20 September 2013

A simple message this September 21...

A simple message this September 21...

Well, it is pretty much obvious for this writer to make a simple message in commemoration of Martial Law.

That despite all seeing facades of glass and steel, of bridges, roads, and other contributions made by the Marcos regime, the scars, bruises, threats, even the corpses of those who dare to oppose continues to cry justice against the perpetrators, both living and dead, as their cruelty continues to haunt and justified further by the generations of those who carried on their repressive actions.

That despite all seeing reforms, old tensions continue, and aggravate further as the struggle for land, jobs, bread, and justice continues while the old order continues to whip the masses' backs with policies detrimental for their well being; most reforms, both past and present are rather pieces of paper and some quite lucky to be enacted, and circumvented thanks to the politics of patronage and corruption.

Yes, this simple examples somehow showed that despite modernity, there are barbarians who are still in power trying to underestimate the people. Everyone may have seen the contributions of the so-called "New Society" such as roads, bridges, modern facilities, yet the so-called Oligarchs and Technocrats aggravate old tensions that made "New Society" as same as the "Old", with modern trappings served as toppings for continuous repression.

Quite strange, but true for most people to see; and in this day, in commoration of this day of hatred, everyone ought to swore never again to a period, no matter how "disciplined" the people were, wanted something that is based from their aspirations and not those what is presented yet failed to fulfill because of their degeneracies.

Thank you.