Saturday, 14 September 2013

"Let us protect brotherhood and unity like the pupil of our eye!"

"Let us protect brotherhood and unity like the pupil of our eye!"

At first, this writeup was made out of certain issues regarding the standoff at Zamboanga made by a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front and the Aquino administration. That conflict, resulted to deaths of both sides, somehow undermined relations that had gone near-strained thanks to the territorial conflicts in a scandal-ridden country.

Obviously, people, with their comments in social media sites had started to rally on the side of the government simply because of "national unity" against those "separatists" simply because of never-ending differences, chauvinism, and even equating Muslims to terrorists and other issues that puts a certain national minority into a bad light, and hence liable to be ostracised.

However, that said issue is also meant an eye opener not just because the Moro issue is a prolonged problem, mentioning that these Moros, whether they're Maranao, Tausug, Badjao, Sama or Yakan, like any other national minorities had its unique culture, way of governance, life in general that should been given consideration; but sadly, people care to undermine it, especially by the system and its cohorts who falsely preach unity yet with its chauvinism had end failed to win hearts and minds by these people.
Not to mention that these minorities had situated in areas known for its natural wealth. That the Moros had its oil, pineapples, seafood; or with the Cordillerans and its gold, silver and even rice grown from its terraces.
But again, people treated them as minorities, and like others in the Philippines, being deemed as victims of the majority's own chauvinism and its near-meaningless expression.

Everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, have shed a sea of blood all for brotherhood and unity of all ethnic-communities, of nations, and people themselves had to go beyond their communities all to create a greater society not to mention that in a  Filipino dictionary includes every unfamiliar word from a certain dialect, that in every culture shows a strong, woven one that ideally signifies the unity of peoples in midst of issues prevailing; yes, it cannot allow this brotherhood and unity to be destroyed or undermined or within. 
Not to mention that there are certain individuals or cliques that pushed exploitation for their own benefit without any respect to the people. That the warlords in Muslim Mindanao and Cordillera whom, collaborated with the present system had intensified Moro's and Cordillerans struggle for self-rule, well-cannot blame the latter for their struggle, simply because they're minority and thus should be disregarded while exploiting the resources coming from their community?

No! says the minorities and others who demand respect for their communities, as well as struggling for genuine unity amongst peoples! If everyone really demands peace, so should be respect and equal treatment in a way observers speak about the system should acknowledge agreements made by the MNLF and the MILF. Why disregard the MNLF that brought this kind of standoff? Just because the government treats the group as a spent force to be disregard while focusing on another? The Moro issue should been taken seriously not as a purely military one as the system do if that's the case- mentioning that the Moros are themselves a community similar to the Basques and Catalonians in Spain and not as a mere subjects of a castilian majority; and yet people, with all their chauvinism had disregard and at the same time exploit the resources found in their communities, that somehow meant anger and hatred for those people living! Yes, true that self determination is the call of these people for they're exploited and bereft of respect, that somehow made justified though the use of violence as Cordillerans over the lowlanders and the Moros over the so-called "Christians" who failed to walk what they're preaching! 

But at the same time, these affected minorities had yearning for genuine unity amongst others who showed a face that is human and deserve of respect as a stepping stone for a lasting peace, unity and brotherhood of all peoples.  That togetherness ought to genuine, and not a short term nonsense that is, built merely on sand as what the system and its supporters usually presents of- thinking that those who really yearn for unity are those who are being exploited, disenfranchised, affected by the issues and willing to dismantle their respective systems in favor of an order that is genuine,  just, principled, and progressive; that regardless of their differences they are  equal groups that wanted to coexist peacefully in a growing, thriving society they aspire to build upon, there promoting their similarities and interdependence in order to overcome national conflicts and hatred. 

Again, it is indeed difficult and treated much as figments of imagination. Personally, during this writer's college days, had sought groups willing to break the barrier such as activists speaking amongst fraternities and varsitarians and setting up councils that often used to settle disputes; yes, that idea somehow meant forging unity beyond differences, for let's just say "for the sake of attaining peace" within the university, and if so, but how about the country itself with a population of 98,215,000, and speaking major languages and dialects?

Well, as the system had benefited in dividing the nation, of repressing the laboring people, of disenfranchising the masses whilst benefiting from its sweat and brow, then it is the latter who's willing to forge back and create a real unity and brotherhood based from realistic aspirations both past and present; willing to traverse the sea of blood if possible;

and in its realization, will never be destroyed or undermined from within.

That's all this writer ought to say, just because he borrowed terms from the late Marshal Tito simply states that the issue of National Unity should be on the basis of respect and solidarity as communities binded together.

Thank you.