Friday, 27 September 2013

"My Dear, Darling Miah"

"My Dear, Darling Miah"

My Dear, Darling Miah,

At first, thanks for everything all despite our differences we had. Been much into the pen whilst you enjoying with your friends, especially with Marina; with the latter whom brings colour into every work this writer had.

However, for quite some time, you had been a good character reference not because of your charm and friendliness, and instead, your wit that oftentimes worth remembering in a way this person had watched his favorite cartoon and comparing you always to one of the major characters featured sometime.

But, admittingly speaking, despite all the differences had, this writer ought to say that you've been a guiding light for some time, not to mention that some of my works lies my yearning for you; mentioning that you've been "giving life" to those as to inspire this person who has to pay tribute.

Strange isn't it? Being inspired from a party girl, a model, rather than a typical intellectual? Who loved fashion while the youngest sister of her's chose books and business matters? Perhaps, despite that, or rather say all after noticing your wit may also worth imagining to consider you for someone studying from one of the halls in Diliman, will it be from Benitez? Malcolm? Palma? Plaridel hall as different from what you are in the gothic-esque edifice?; and instead of Uniform, seeing you wearing shorts, shirt, sandals and carrying a backpack if not a shoulder bag and a book in hand.
Well, just find it abit easy to imagine, perhaps you had made me happy no matter what this writer has, and if you are absent in their company seems that this person makes abit sad for you aren't there. 

But seriously, out of many people this person had met, few such as Yna, Jeanne, as well as you, who, somehow add colour and smile to a person who had been lonesome and estranged by most, if not many; yes, this person may not enough handsome, yet he showed sincerity and willing to apologize in every mistake given if not choosing to remain silent in matters ought not to intervene. 
Call it weirdness, but if one cares to know who this writer is, why not? If people dare to judge and scorn this person, who are they anyway aside from joining in the fray and talking at this person's back, to the extent of giving threat and blood? Anyways, been tired and sick of arguing and instead conveying through writing rather if not getting serious at work thinking it's a minor matter to deal with.
Or perhaps, despite changing times, all but trying to be a gentleman regardless of their nonsense just like the good old days where class as worth better than a dozen of styles not to think or perhaps brag of, lessening spending as much as possible after the past of make believe and delusions made this person had to stop; and instead enjoy having a few company with people "good enough" as to provide inspiration other than having a chitchat.
Not to mention that the way you see people somehow true, and give charity to them, especially all after seeing some of your pictures, all reminds of this person seeing the mass and fighting for their needs in joining every demonstration other than expressing through blogwork and stuff; that somehow showed the difference yet carries the essence of serving, one by giving them gifts, the other by acknowledging their struggle and fighting alongside them knowing that one has to give a fair share of the hardship not just living by crumbs alone. 

And despite all these somehow lies the bottomline that, both of us caring yet having different paths in showing with if that's the case, and this person has to give a snappy salute for this! Knowing that you showed beauty, but for this writer rather say that you carried the mind that guides the heart and everything you have. 

That somehow made as well, again thinks you're worth to be cherished as a friend, if not a "lover".

As time goes by and you are finishing your studies at that old Gothic school, perhaps this writer again bid thanks, same as your friends that somehow made this person happy in times of his loneliness. 

And if we meet again, make sure that we have a long time to talk and reminisce back. 

Comradely greetings,