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"Party!" Assessing a sample of Quotations from Jeane Napoles


Assessing a sample of Quotations from Jeane Napoles

At first, it seems that the people couldn't stop venting their rage against the system, especially the present Aquino administration, with all the controversies unraveled such as the latest issue about the "Billion" peso Pork Barrel scam.
The said issue affected both the administration and the opposition due to the transactions by both sides with the people's money end up carried away by the wreckers of state-that somehow made people felt the rage over the said "fund" that's supposedly allocated for local development such as roads, bridges, granaries, irrigation, and other stuff what most project makers, or rather say, legislators afford to"earn" along with private profiteers engaging.

These set of quotes, mostly came from Jeanne Napoles' Tumblr page, reflects the bourgeois decadence made by this modern-day Bitch, along with her mother who had used the people's coffer for their personal extravagance, yes, that from the parties they've officiated to the diamond-stidded shoes and expensive stuff, all at the expense of the suffering people who had wanted peace, land, and bread.
Napoles, like any other oligarch, landlord, and corrupt bureaucrat, would say that they should be deemed as LumpenBourgeois due to their eagerness to manipulate to support the existing system, often turning to crime such as swindling governmetn funds for their personal benefit; yes, there may had been some token contributions to brag of like roads, bridges, irrigation and others, but these are made primarily to impress as if they are trying to appease the people with their trying hard acknowledgement of their aspirations.

That somehow this writer, as well as others, felt the disgust for they, alongside others who are steadfastly defending the order, are the refuse of a past that is ought to dismantle and forgotten.

1.) the one with the party quote…Life is a PARTY and you are my VIP

Like any other bourgeois that had lived in decadence, Napoles may had not noticed that she's squandering the money of the people. That once, the former Queen, Marie Antoinette had not noticed that she's the spouse of the head of state, and in every party she organized, every extravagance she had done, every gold, silver, livre being spent were those taken from the people whom working hard and ought to pay for it; so were the nobles who had afford to do the same as Marie Antoinette did.
Yes, life is indeed a Party for the elite, but as for the laborers and even some of the middle class, it isn't-especially with the truth unveiled, what kind of party Napoles did? Was she mocking the third world that she can afford the millions coming from the coffers of the people?

2.) I always loved fashion but ever since I started going to FIDM, I just fell in love with it even more. Christian Louboutin shoes are definitely my favorite, right after YSL shoes because they are my comfiest heels! But these shoes are my favorite :) i love sparkly things and I love swarovski on my shoes <3 nbsp="">

Like Marie Antoinette, that spoiled lady who afford to brag that she loved Swarovski crystals in her shoes is as if everyone afford to buy it; like Imelda Marcos, as if that shoes Ms. Napoles afford to brag can be justified as a guiding light for a developing country thanks to those diamonds and expensive crap whether it was been given by friends or spent using the cash coming fron the blood and sweat of the masses. 
And since Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat Cake", then that bitch of today can afford to say "let them wear shoes" thinking that most of the people whose taxes end up in her wallet can't afford to buy those Yves Saint Laurent's, or Christian Louboutin's the way Imelda Marcos afford to buy Salvatore Ferregamo's thanks to the Tantoco's with the money coming from NASUTRA (National Sugar Administration).

3.) I am actually quite happy that Manny Pacquiao won his fight against Shane Mosley but when you tell the public you are going to wear yellow gloves as symbol to fight poverty, don’t let your wife wear 7Million worth of yellow diamond earrings then. 
Hhhhhmmm but then again the color yellow in the Philippines is so political and I don’t want to get into that :D that’s why I’m in the fashion industry! :)

Made years ago during the fight of Manny Pacquiao against Shane Mosley, her comment seemed to be that as if she sympathize with the poor by telling Mr. Pacquiao's wife not to wear 7 million worth of yellow diamond earrings on that bout.
But, for Chrissakes, how about her mother who afford to get at first, a billion out of fooling the military with Taiwan, or rather say US made, Plastic, Or rather say Kevlar helmets? And the recent events involving billions of pesos coming from congressmen and senators through her pseudo-Non-Government Organizations?
It's not sympathy, but a mockery out of it as this writer sees of. She may had been in the fashion industry as if she can afford to escape the inconvenient truth how politics, economy and culture are interconnected with each other!

4.) the one with the Royal Wedding…
I remember when I was 9 years old, my first time in London, I saw magazines with articles saying who can Prince William marry… Most of them are his distant relative, well thank god it was not one of them. haha
I have to admit Kate Middleton’s dress was timeless and classic, but I still don’t know if I like the fact that it is way too similar to Grace Kelly’s dress. I guess all the hype of the wedding made me expect a lot more, I mean Princess D had 1,000+ pearls sewn onto her dress. thats #winning! hehe :) 
She still looks stunning though, I can’t believe she is a Duchess now!

Sadly, Princess Katherine chose to be simple, even the designs made by Kim Kardashian been thrown for it looked too silly for a sovereign; Prince William rather chose to focus on the affairs of state such as the military, not to mention that he's better than his father, who's too old to be the King and people would look for a young but fitting to rule, although symbolical in its role.
And since Jeanne Napoles had reminded of a typical Filipino who had loved to watch beauty pageants, of trying hard to get posh, she's far from what she idolises for, for Chrissakes, she's more of Marie Antoinette, rather than the British Royal Family who afford to brag everything while the vast mass, her fellow Filipinos are languishing in Poverty! Queen Elizabeth even ought to pay her personal taxes as well being a British citizen and hence obeisant to the laws given.
Furthermore, what Napoles aspired had been done already. Remember Irene Marcos and her wedding to Greggy Araneta at Ilocos Norte? Or even the attempt to wed Imee Marcos to Prince Charles according to rumors? 
"That's winning!" as what Napoles said, yet the church had been crumbled months later and the people complain about spoiled food from Via Mare! Such extravagance wanted by The thief's daughter had wanted to emulate those on high, but still she fail to show the value of nobility such as acknowledging an inconvenient truth with humility.

5.) Everywhere I go, there’s bound to be something with this kind of technique. Even Nike has it. More designers are beginning to harness the power of technology, this versatile and directional trend will become increasingly prevalent in the coming seasons. 

Um, well, since Jeane is a designer, and trying hard to get involved in the high culture scene with her lumpenbourgeois decadence, would say that the quite given is close to her so-called profession than the decadences she had involved in; yes, that designers had to be techie enough to modernise their talent such as in designing this and that, from shoes, dresses, even the comforts of every houses has to design in accordance to everyone's desires. 
But, these people who had harnessed the power of technology had emphasise purpose over form. Every creator, no matter how he/she designs bullshit has to emphasise "for whom?" And "why?" As its question given, and not just make and make for the sake of making, or rather say making just to impress and nothing at all; that somehow becoming prevalent thanks to mass production and people getting access to those manufactures in every outlet.
Even the Shoes made by Nike, other than being true to its name has to make a wearer victorious enough by making designs fit for agility, speed, everything what an athlete ought to and not just designing it for the sake of impression just like the earlier statement about diamond-studded stilettos.

6.) Amazingly, I don't give a shit <3 i="" nbsp="">

A typical commentary of those who are trying hard to be rich and famous so to say. Like the latest comments made by the so-called "rich and famous" (such as that goddamn Miley Cyrus perhaps,) yet uncomparable to those who had made better contributions, Jeane had tried to be herself and even trying to dissassociate with her mother's such as living in America and trying to make prestige of herself as a promising fashion designer- but if she doesn't give a shit and trying to make her own, then how come she had to hid her Instagram, Facebook, Wordpress and other social media sites she've registered? 
Perhaps, compared to Gretchen Barretto would say that Greta doesn't really give a shit in regards to the issues involving the Baretto family compared to Jeane who, despite affording to say such a word to quote with end up hiding as her name became synonymous with the current controversy people discussed about.
Or let's say, if you don't give a shit about the issues given, why not ignore and continue posting? 


Well, here are other quotes this writer ought to get but for now these are the least to be given. All ranging from glorifying extravagance in a debt-ridden society marred by poverty, these LumpenBourgeoisie had nothing to think except escape from the wrath of the people simply because of the latter felt being robbed of their hardship that is, supposed to be for developing what they wanted. 

And instead of roads, bridges, why diamond studded stilettoes and expensive food that reminds of former President Arroyo and her one million peso dinner at New York? Not to mention that some of the money used in that goddamn Pork Barrel  are also used to pay debts ordered by IMF and World Bank! 

Anyways, right is the words of Lourd Ernest de Veyra:

"Sonofabitch! There are so many starving people in this world yet you're still a Fashionista!?!"

No matter she tried to be rich and famous, of trying to emulate the Kardashians and other "high society" people, still, she's a third world crap who tries to act like those who end up being killed during the reign of terror
-not to mention that the French people of the past didn't fight against the Monarchy out of "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" alone, but of "Bread, Land, and Peace" that until today, Filipino people still fighting for.