Friday, 13 September 2013

"When will the people break their Peace and start carrying the sword?"

"When will the people break their Peace and start carrying the sword?"

All after seeing continuous protests against Pork Barrels,
Corrupt Bureaucrats, and the LumpenBourgeoisie

by Kat Ulrike

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Luneta, Mendiola, Katipunan, EDSA, up to the provinces, the protests keep spreading. As the latest controversy regarding corrupt officials and their funds accelerates, their issues continue to pile up. That from pictures, bureaucrats trying to act innocent, consistently denying to the extent of being forced to acknowledge after being pushed by their so-called consciences such as Drilon, and Aquino himself alongside the Lumpenbourgeoisie like the Napoleses.
Yes, as the system, in its decomposition, regardless of their promises, and its half-realizations, had nearly dragged the people into the abyss, had again consistently trying to make their subjects ignorant such as so-called rebels taking over the city where the LumpenBourgeois came from; as well as other scandals in which trying to make a pile out of it just to create conditions.
But despite all these, the people of the Philippines, particularly the laboring people are now indifferent to see such issues been given. If possible, willing to end that goddamn nightmare as what Quezon said about running a nation like hell but can be changed.

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Seeing Collegialas again protesting,
of Clergymen disfellowshipping
of a system "struggling"
Oe'r a people raging

Well, as people seemingly getting annoyed on what's going on in the society, would like to say that most, out of judaeo-christian moralities had to oppose immoral moves made by an antiquated bureaucracy that tries to present as "new." That the prayer rallies at EDSA shrine last September 11 and the protest at Luneta last September 13  tends to invoke their spiritual side to counter the carnal desires people on high had engaged upon, with some knowing that some of the ranks in habits are also colliding with the corrupt that should be ostracized, and even disfellowshipped because of colliding with them. Remember the bishops who were given SUVs? Of then-President Arroyo supported by a Bishop despite clergymen calling for her resignation?

Anyways, what this writer still sees is that the church had been divided in terms of their opinions regarding the present administration or the system that controls every administration, that one speaks on behalf of total change as what Deogracias Iniguez do, while others prefered to be silent- not to mention that some had been once collaborating with the late Cardinal Sin during the two EDSA revolts of 1986 and 2001.

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But still, the good thing is that they are indifferent in regards to the controversy, regardless of their backgrounds and their stances such as out of their moral convictions while the masses out of being disenfranchised in the distribution of social services.

Not to mention that this writer, personally would say that it was quite nice to see Knollers (from Maryknoll), direct from their classrooms taking the streets out of their opposition against the controversial scam and the fund itself, that they afford to take pictures of themselves opposing that goddamn pork barrel and making some noises at Katipunan, making a concert into a party of rage with some new wave or rock bands, ethnic-esque musicians playing in a makeshift stage as a support; not  also to mention that there are certain personalities like Juana Change, one of the "opportunistic" personalities some, if not people used to say, afford to take stage and give shit against those who speaks of change yet failed to do so.

But, aside from the catholic-run schools and clergymen, how about the protestants who chose to seek truth from facts?
True to their heritage that they protest against a corrupt system such as what Martin Luther and other reformists had been given, they had to take stand and oppose as the faithful felt the outrage by serious plunder made by certain officials, as well as misuse of public funds that are supposedly for national development; again, the LumpenBourgeois had silently doing sabotage that brought a tremendous wreck in the society for their own gratification.
As what the statement from the National Council of Churches of the Philippines said:

"We demand the abolition of the pork barrel system and the direct allocation of taxpayers’ money and other public funds to public hospitals, schools, public housing and other social services. We must remove the discretionary power of individual politicians and government officials over such funds for greater transparency and accountability."

"When will the people break their Peace and start carrying the sword?"

But as far as this writer hath noticed, like any other protest against this hell of a kind issue being shown on live TV or printed in a newspaper, still quite strange that there are people who are against that goddamn Pork Barrel, to Napoles, the legislators involved, and Aquino himself, and yet despite opposing these personalities, why not the entire system that had brought these controversies happen? Especially who can't even give land to the landless, peace for the war-ravaged, and bread, justice for the hungry and still opposing the unjust?
Well, again, all despite their promises had rather left it as mere sheets of paper than to be realized through actions; people had noticed Aquino's clumsiness in curbing down corruption, of Estrada, Enrile, and other affected legislators trying to wash their dirty hands in front of an angry mob denying their corrupt actions made by Napoles and her clique,  of failure to control prices of commodities and low purchasing power of peso. Yes, people had been fooled, coerced, suffering for decades as the corrupt and the oppressor satisfy whipping the backs of the common man. 
Also to remember that modern things often side by side with the old problems, that modern roads, bridges in the provinces are side by side with the haciendas and other large estates farmers wanted to till for themselves and not for their masters; so is Privatization, Public-Private Partnerships, Technocracy, side by side with Kickabacks, Pork Barrels, and a corrupt Bureaucracy.
And no matter how modern the facade yet the system as rotten, still the people will always clamor for the better. And one will dare to break their peace and start carrying the sword as what Christ had stated in Matthew 10:34.

Anyways, as the proceedings continue, there will be more disgusts to unleash from these affected yet denying crooks and the nameless ranks of the LumpenBourgeoisie; and with seeing protests coming alongside a prevailing socio-economic crisis, sorry, but this writer may ought to say that one after another will break its "peace" and willing to take the "sword", to the extent of sacrificing their life and limb just like what news reports consistently report with.

Or let's say, willing to sacrifice themselves as Crisostomo Ibarras and start becoming Simouns willing to support the Eliases and Salmones of the present-day generation.

A las Barricadas! A Lucha Continua! El Pueblo Armado Vencera!

Thank you.