Saturday, 12 October 2013

Minds gone Twerk'ed, (or All after seeing Miley Cyrus gone Degenerated)

"Minds gone Twerk'ed" 

(or All after seeing Miley Cyrus gone Degenerated)

It's all but strange nowadays to see a once-known pop star for tweens and teenagers had gone degenerated with her antics shown both in TV and featured in social media. Knowing that she was known much for her bubblegum pop appearance as "Hannah Montana", she had been well known for Disney-watching children, enjoying her songs and stints, only to end herself nowadays appearing as a controversial one known for her dance moves, her hairstyle, and a change of music that made everyone, including her fans criticize as an artist or perhaps as a person in general.

That includes certain artists that made Miley Cyrus described as her Character references.

At first, this writer may ought to say that her "change" isn't expressive contrary to her justification as an artist.  Knowing that it involves popularity, of course lies transitions that includes the music, the appearance, everything what a manager has to insist rather than the artist who had justified her "change." And although the song "Wrecking Ball" is quite good, as in trying to convey emotion as a pop ballad, as well as trying to relate on everyone, most of her songs nowadays would say all but trying hard to get "in" and again justified by telling "she shows her real self."

Showing her real self? Nay, she's like any other today's singer who speaks "Nigga" for the sake of saying it- that somehow far from her Character references whom she tries to emulate (and end exaggerate)

Justifying 'Nigga' for the sake of saying it

Mentioning the word "Nigga", Miley Cyrus tries to desensitise the term like any other singer who had professed to say it, "about having fun and getting chill" as what she said in an interview weeks ago (with the picture featuring the said quote stated); that also somehow, especially African Americans, felt dismayed, puzzled or having a facepalm in listening to the stated quote -thinking that "Nigga", like "Swag" and other terms used by today's generation of artists whom tend to make derogatory terms appealing; not knowing that are still people who showed concern to those who had just "joined the flow" and speak what comes from the radio.

Such as these comments being posted in Facebook.

According to "Wytboi Tony",  he expressed dismay knowing the term "Nigga" is as same as the term "Nigger", "Negro", or much derogatory ones likee "Coon" and "Mud", and with Miley Cyrus  as well as others whom  tend to glorify it, rather showed nonsense that is, all for the sake of being in the charts and of course, profits from the producers who cares about those who can listen, buy and enjoy:

"We have allowed a once derogatory and demeaning word to be glorified to the masses through entertainment and packaged for commercial distribution."

Even "Renayka Boyd" shared the same thoughts as "Wytboi Tony" said, knowing that prejudice becomes fad, and her friends, especially black ones had afford to say "Nigga" for the sake of saying it, made prejudice as color blind unlike before:

"I think common sense is not so common and being and idiot is so much more than color also. I had to drop one of my white friends who thought he had a free pass to use that word. If none of my others friends use it, even my black ones what gives you the right? Ignorance is color blind!"

So is "BL Gaillard Prioleau" who, after reading the quote and its justification, had expressed the reality what a "Nigga" is with its a community full of poverty and crime, that is far from being "Cool", "Chill", and "Trendy" as most singers tend to say it:

"Drop Miley off out here in Memphis, or to another urban area with a lot of poverty & crimes. She'll wish she never knew what a "nigga" is."

These commentators who had expressed concern over through those quotes posted are mainly Blacks, African-Americans, people what singers like the person being featured had to describe them much as "Niggas" and to glorify their degradation as "having fun and getting chill". The quote given by "BL Gaillard Prioleau", for example somehow relates the sickening truth of an African American living in depressed conditions, that made Tupac Shakur made rap music related to the truth that is far from what today's artists tend to say that is, for the sake of saying it and make famous; same as "Renayka Boyd" who had expressed concern over prejudice as a mere form of expression.

Famous yet Degenerated?

Being famous comes with a price. Knowing that today's culture is all but based on consumption of ready made goods, most artists had to preserve their prestige in order to survive, including those of making themselves altered in pursuit of being applicable to the audiences such as today's youth who spend time watching in social media or downloaded their songs in the computer. Not to mention MTV or any other music channels shown in the flat-screened "idiot box".

However, since this writer had stated that today's culture as all but based on consumption, then that culture had negated its quality all for the sake of producing more, worse, it had degenerated with its nature altered "just" for the sake of popularity.
It can be "expressive" for others but altered by those who care about ratings, as what Lourd de Veyra said:

"The Dumber the TV show, the Higher the Ratings."

Thus, the distortion and degradation of quality in art for the sake of ratings and popularity lies the degeneration.

Admittingly speaking, to say "degenerated" lies on the grounds that the nature of today's art isn't expressive, but instead impressive all for others to see, all made for the sake other than gaining followers per se; yet on the other hand, it becomes so corrupted and enfeebled, especially with today's lifestyles that they have lost the self-control needed to produce coherent works, as well as its persona replaced by what is been ordered by others, "just to gain fame" as one of its basic reasons.
And knowing that she has to keep popularity well and making it further, it seems that things had gone different, noticing that with Miley Cyrus's  "expression" becomes more of "impression" so as to make herself popular than others in the field of music and entertainment; and if so, then right are the words coming from those who criticize her, especially Sinead O'Connor.

O'Connor, known also for her controversies involving the way she sings during the 90s, rather described ms. Cyrus's antics as "pimping" rather than making an expression. Not to mention that she had afford to show an earlier picture of O'Connor's  ripping a picture of the late Karol Wojtyla.
And since she ought to justify it, then fine, knowing that the controversial singer had afford to show to Ms. O'Connor as a reply from the latter's criticism, but then, those issues are quite different from today's. That the singer from Ireland had made that part of ripping the late pope's picture as to invoke her opposition to the church, that is somehow radically different from the one who as if afford to say "she invokes her true self" by sporting a new hairstyle, having a twerk, or rather say "making herself more applicable to today's generation" -that is, "eaten by the flow."

That made the so-called Parents Television Council expressed disgust, after sought the degeneracy and of course the exploitation of women through its depiction in today's culture:

"This is unacceptable," a spokesperson for the group said in a statement. "MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate 'twerking' in a nude colored bikini."

furthermore, the statement also said:

"How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds..." 

And like any other artists whose intention is just to gain fame, then sorry to say so, what kind of expression is that nowadays whose primary objective is just to gain fame than to express what comes from its own persona? The ideal being imbued would been described instead as cretin and whorish both word and style, so much as to appease today's audience and the managers who love to earn using an appearance that is "artificial" (made primarily to earn, to gain fame) rather than "natural" (made to express what comes from its own, from the realities being sought) in invoking especially in the field of music. 
Worse, they themselves are being eaten by the flow being joined; sorry to use Lu Xun, but he's right to say that today's culture becomes cannibalistic and degenerated that benefits the few than everyone who supposedly tends to enjoy with. 

And if that's the case, then sorry for the fans, better Pussy Riot for they convey what really comes from theirs. Same as Sinead O' Connor and Lady Gaga for her anti-bullying stances and defiance against the establishment.


By the way, when was the time everyone listens to real music instead of today's autotune and far from reality lyrics? 

For now, here's a cover of "Wrecking Ball" from Mira Fana, that somehow last brought least "justice" to the song not to the one who first sung.

And thanks for that fling who made this writeup happen!