Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Revive! Lift them up the way what the Lord does

Revive! Lift them up the way what the Lord does

(Or a message this "raped, distorted 'Christmas'")

At first, it is all but nonsensical to celebrate the day that is supposed to be the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As most people had equate the celebration with material gifts, and intentional hypocrisies, the spirit of Christmas had end nothing but an event devoid of of its original meaning and significance and replaced with a a mere illusion such as those being shown and peddled for many. 

And since people had rather chose to content how systems reduced the occasion into a mere consumerist event, are they accepting things that came from those who should give thanks such as those who create toys, food, anything that makes Christmas and other holidays special and meaningful? Obviously, people had forgot the crisis as the season being treated as a mere escapist tool than a time to liberate the way God's chosen people had waited for a man to redeem from their repression!

Yes, everyone had gave gifts, but few care to understand the value behind giving gifts, going to evening and midday mass, or why Jesus Christ was born! Everyone had celebrated the occasion and saying holy names and stuff, but how come they are the same individuals who are much aloof with the widespread repression such as hunger, dispossession, unfairness? So were those who afford to distribute old stuff for the victims of Yolanda, whose real reason is not to share but to lessen the clutter from their cabinets, of old clothes and stuff for new ones; certain personalities afford to make rummage sales of their old goods that even Kim Kardashian afford to use the tragic events and had the large share of profits under her hands instead of those for the need, how un-Christianlike if that's the case to see people emphasising their self gratification than virtue in giving away the old "for the sake of new."

That somehow for others, such as this writer would see how the system reduce Christmas as a season of spending, squandering for themselves than sharing. Personally, spending a lot especially in a country where crisis is predominant makes one's self forgetting the reality, and eventually realize that you are becoming vulnerable to a possible inconvenience. Everyone had chose to see the occasion and perhaps the months involving preparation be distorted thanks to mainstream media, of empty promises and illusions of faux-prosperity and peace! Sorry for those who are contented in what they are doing.

Anyways, despite all the nonsense manifested by the present, then right is Pope Francis, in his latest Christmas sermon regarding today's attitude that manifested especially today, as he said:

“You are immense, and you made yourself small; 
you are rich, and you made yourself poor; 
you are all-powerful and you made yourself vulnerable.”  

So was Pedro Casaldaliga, whom justifying the birth of Christ not just a spiritual but also a material one. And it is up to everyone not just in this season to revive what is nearly lost such as a liberative one.

"What road will you take to heaven, other than earth? "We are person of body and soul in indissoluble unity: we are not "pure" spirits. Christian spirituality is not a fleshless spiritualism .It is the following of the Word incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth; the most historical and "material" of spiritualities, in the biblical line of creation, exodus, prophecy, incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection of the flesh."

Everyone had chose to squander for their self gratification, forgetting virtue, reducing hope into an illusion, aspiration into imagination, all despite seeing glass and steel, concrete facades and rising GNP and GDP rates the system afford to brag, then how come most people remained poor and dispossessed, oppressed and suffering? so-Unchristanlike Anyways to see poseur Christians whom afford to "celebrate" as a form of escapism compared to Atheists who had the virtue to share what comes from them; even a smile can be a charity so to speak.

Not knowing that what they are celebrating is the man who not just bring peace, but a sword to destroy the exploiters, who heals the blind and lame, resurrects the dead, criticizing the high priests with their corruption and forcing to let out moneylenders from his father's house.

That perhaps even today he assails the order whom made his people exploited especially from those who had afford to celebrate yet failed to understand the value of celebrating it, or perhaps the man himself.

Anyways, if one has the will to revisit the true spirit of Christmas, then It's better to show it to everyone the way nature unravels its cold wind and snow this final month of this year. In this season of struggle, revive! Lift up everyone the way the way what the lord does!  

Merry Christmas, that's all, thank you.